It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 318 – The Powerfull Abyssal Demon Monsterl


The explosion continued to sound.

The Demon army rushed forward like a torrent and was constantly torn into dust by the sound of explosions.

In the sky.

Standing there were more than 500 immortals headed by Luo Liuyan.

Everyone exuded a thick aura.

They took turns attacking and kept slashing these demon armies.

“It’s addictive, really addictive!”

“I’ve never been this happy before!”

“I believe we finally have a day to raise our eyebrows like this!” Such voices kept ringing out in the crowd.



The demon monsters rushed forward frantically like a tide.


Every explosion will take away a piece of demon monster.

Knowing that they would die, they did not retreat.

“Leader Luo, I always feel something is wrong! “Chen Daoming said.

“I also feel this way. They must be accumulating some kind of big move to stop us like this! “Luo Liuyan said.

“Let me take two people to break through their encirclement and find out! “Chen Daoming said.

“Good! ”

Luo Liuyan glanced at swept her gaze and looked at Immortal Hua and Mu Bing, “Elder Hua, Elder Mu, you two, accompany Alliance Master Chen to pry into the situation!”


Immortal Hua and Mu Bing nodded their heads at the same time.

“Everyone else, give me your full strength to strike!”

With this cry, everyone made their moves in unison.

“Swoosh ……”

More than 500 rays of light quickly flew towards the demon army.

Every ray of light exuded the power of the immortal realm.

The surrounding air was constantly distorted and deformed.


The light fell, and a spherical wave of air exploded in the demon army.

Layers of shock waves spread rapidly.

Within a few miles of where the skill fell, all the demon monsters burst into pieces and disappeared without a trace.

“Good opportunity!”

The three of Chen Daoming nodded to each other, turned into streams of light, and disappeared instantly.

Not long after.

They came to the hinterland and looked at the scene before them, but they couldn’t help being stunned.

Only to see that there was a massive cave in front of a blood-colored hall.

“Hoo ……”

In the cave, the black wind was gusting.

“Howl ……”

Monsters kept rushing out of the cave.

“This…what is this? There is a steady stream of monsters? “Chen Daoming’s eyes were full of fear.

“This is the abyss!”

Immortal Hua seemed to think of something and exclaimed.


Chen Daoming and Mu Bing’s eyes were filled with doubt.

“The abyss is actually a world, the same as our three realms! ”

“However, that world is full of blood and violence, where the weak eat the strong, and there are no laws!”

“In ancient times, the abyss was opened once! ”

“The entire Three Realms are in chaos! ”

“That time is known as the Dark Age, also called the Age of Gods’ Destruction!”

“All the gods disappeared during that period, and they have not recovered until now. ”

Immortal Hua said a few words, Chen Daoming and Mu Bing’s expressions changed drastically.

“What? Even the gods have disappeared? ”

“Elder Hua, what should we do then? Now that the abyss has opened, can we be its opponent?” Chen Daoming asked

“There is no need to worry!”

“This is not really opening the abyss.”

“This must be a group of priests who can forcibly open the passage at their expense! ”

“The time generally does not last long, and the strength that can support monsters is also limited! “Immortal Hua said.

Hearing these words, the two people took a long breath and secretly wiped a cold sweat.

Elder Hua’s words were terrifying.

“Then let’s destroy this passage!” Chen Daoming said.


Immortal Hua and Mu Bing nodded their heads at the same time. The three of them were preparing to act.

“Howl ……”

A roar came from the abyss.

The whole world was buzzing and trembling.


A hand covering the sky leaned out of the abyss.

Half of which probed beyond the blood and mist, the hand was as big as a huge mountain.

“Swoosh ……”

A sound of air breaking sounded.

The whole blood mist kept whistling, and the roar continued to sound.


There was an explosion that shattered heaven and earth.

The great hand that covered the sky slapped on the ground at once, shattering a group of demonic monsters.

It grasped at the ground, and the whole earth shook violently.


Another loud sound, another great hand that covered the sky, reached out and landed heavily on the ground again.

The dust on the ground, seemingly unable to bear the pressure, exploded in rows.

Thousands of kilometers of dust enveloped the world.

“Howl ……”

There was a roar.

A giant horn appeared like a minaret.

A rhino-like head slowly surfaced on the ground.

Immediately afterward, a body of several thousand meters came out.

The body of the rhino monster, as if covered with thick rocks, looks indestructible.

In front of the rhino monster, Chen Daoming and others were as small as ants.

“This …… is an Immortal King realm demon monster!” Immortal Hua’s voice was trembling.

“What are you afraid of? I’m here!” A sword-shaped mark slowly appeared in the center of Chen Daoming’s eyebrows.

“Don’t be impulsive! ”

Immortal Hua hurriedly stopped, “This rhino monster is by no means an ordinary immortal king!”

“Looking at its appearance, it is at least a fifth-step immortal king!”

Hearing these words.

Chen Daoming’s figure stagnated and stopped quickly.

 “Fifth-step immortal king?”

Chen Daoming’s face was full of fear. A difference of one step was a difference of several times in strength. A difference of fifth-step was at least a few dozen times different.

Although his talent was monstrous and powerful, he was now only a first-step immortal king.

Against the third-step immortal king, there was still a winning chance.

Against the fifth-step immortal king, there was no chance of winning.

This was not comparable at all.


The three of them quickly retreated.

Returning to Luo Liuyan’s side, they told the situation just now.

Luo Liuyan’s face showed caution.

“We must solve it ourselves, and we can’t rely on the Young Master!”

“Does everyone have any solutions?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Lord Luo, I have a solution!” Zhong Lilang stood out.

“Elder Zhong, please speak!”

“I unintentionally obtained a technique that can connect everyone’s power and gather it into one person! It can explode into the ability to challenge a higher-level!”

“However, it requires the power gatherer to have an incomparably strong physical body! Otherwise, his or her body will explode and die.” Zhong Lilang said.

“I’ll do it!”

Chen Daoming stood up, his face full of confidence.

“Good, it’s up to Alliance Master Chen. Tell us the technique quickly!”


Zhong Lilang said the formula once, and after everyone heard it, they secretly remembered it in their hearts.

“Calm down, look inward with your mind…”

Under the leadership of Zhong Lilang, everyone began to call on their own strength and converged on Chen Daoming.

“Phew ……”

Chen Daoming closed his eyes and felt the violent power in his body.


His whole body was expanding rapidly, growing bigger and bigger.

Ten meters, twenty meters ……

He grew to a hundred meters tall in less than a few moments.

“Ah ……”

Chen Daoming let out a roar, and all the monsters that rushed forward exploded into dust.

“Boom ……”

The sound of cracking the earth continued to sound.

The rhino monster rushed towards him.

It looked at Chen Daoming and others, roaring with excitement as if it had seen the deliciousness of the world.

“Howl ……”

The heavens and the earth trembled, and the sun and the moon were without light.

A terrifying shock wave roared from all directions. Everywhere it went, all burst into pieces. All the monsters around it disappeared. In the entire world, only the rhinoceros demon monster was left.

It looked at everyone like a blood-devouring demon.

“Buzz ……”

The claws of the sky-covering hand burst out with incredible power and rushed straight at everyone.

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