The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 93 – Open Fight Between Two Men

Translator: Aprilie

No matter how bad the relationship between the two people was, they had to act reasonably in front of outsiders!

This was what Yin Sichen told her when he was taking care of the Gu family.

Now she finally learned.

Yin Sichen’s eyes slightly slanted, and his eyes looked at Gu Xixi with a hint of playfulness.

You learned fast! Little mole!

However, the most essential thing in front of people was cooperation!

Especially in front of Mo Zixin!

“Yeah, Xixi is pregnant now and she can’t accompany me.” Yin Sichen stretched his hand intimately and scratched the tip of Xixi’s nose, pressed his body down, smiled at her, and said flatly, “I’ve told you before, I’ll just come by myself. Don’t worry about it! You’ve been preparing the cooperation case for me overnight, what else do I have to worry about?”

Gu Xixi’s eyes fell on Yin Sichen’s handsome and enchanting face, and she stared at him, almost losing her mind.

Gu Xixi’s smile was gentle and amiable, but she almost cursed Yin Sichen in her heart!

With such a wicked face, he smiled and laughed!

Fortunately, she hadn’t fallen in love with this demon, otherwise, she couldn’t hold it!

Mo Zixin didn’t seem happy to watch the two people show their affection very much and immediately said, “Okay, I haven’t played for a long time, and I can just exercise my muscles today.”

Gu Xixi immediately stepped aside, and the assistant followed her.

She sighed and asked, “Have all the projects been completed?”

“Yes, Young Lady.” The assistant replied immediately, “However, the president said that he will not talk about projects today. He will talk about it after relaxing with President Mo.”

Gu Xixi nodded, and she would not participate in the battle between men.

In fact, she couldn’t participate.

She was not Mu Ruona, and she did not have that skillful wrist and the ability to cope with ease.

While the two of them were playing golf, she went to accompany Xiaoya.

Xiaoya must be bored to be here alone. Since Gu Xixi was worried about being discovered by Yin Sichen, she would like to take Xiaoya somewhere else.

Back in the lounge, Gu Xixi pushed the door in but found no sign of Lin Xiaoya.

It’s weird, where did she go?

Gu Xixi called Lin Xiaoya, but the phone was turned off.

She suddenly worried about Lin Xiaoya.

She must have been fragile because she had just finished her chemotherapy yesterday.

Was she too selfish? Without worrying about Lin Xiaoya’s physical ability, she brought Lin Xioya here as soon as that girl begged her. 

Gu Xixi started to worry about Lin Xiaoya wholeheartedly. Still, she didn’t know that at this moment, Lin Xiaoya had already found a quiet corner, changed into a sexy three-point swimsuit, and swam back and forth in the indoor swimming pool.

Lin Xiaoya knew Gu Xixi, and she also knew Yin Sichen.

She knew that after Yin Sichen finished playing golf, he would come to the swimming pool for a few laps.

She didn’t need to go anywhere, and she just needed to wait here.

Gu Xixi couldn’t find Lin Xiaoya, and she had to give up, hoping that she would not run around, otherwise she would be in danger.

While Gu Xixi was still worried about Lin Xiaoya, the phone rang. It was Mu Ruona’s number.

“Hello, Ruona.” Gu Xixi spoke softly.

“I heard that you came to the golf estate today,” Mu Ruona said, “I am also here with my boss, in the second district! Are you coming here?”

Gu Xixi was startled, “You’re also here?”

“Yeah, I’m in the second district! The boss is playing with our clients. I’m so bored and I remember that you came here today. I assume that Yin Sichen would not take you, so you might as well come to me.” Mu Ruona said innocently.

If someone really believed that she had no brains, then it was really wrong!

How could a person who can sit as a vice president of Odysseys have no brains?

This was just Mu Ruona’s disguise.

“No, I’m still here.” Gu Xixi thought for a while and refused. If Yin Sichen came over for a while to find that he couldn’t find her…

“That’s okay, then I’ll come to find you! The boss’s clients today are a group of old men, so boring!” Mu Ruona said weakly. “I have said that I can’t come today, but he insisted on taking me !”

Gu Xixi suddenly became a little curious about this Odyssey president.

She always felt that this style of depiction was a little strange, and a person who could tolerate such an arrogant vice president was definitely not an ordinary person!

“Okay, as long as your boss agrees, I have no comment.” Gu Xixi answered with a smile.

Yin Sichen didn’t seem to object to her closeness to Mu Ruona. On the contrary, he appeared to be a little happy to see it…

Mu Ruona really was fast enough, and after a while, she came by the tourist car in the manor.

Gu Xixi saw her coming in a tight jersey from a long distance.


No matter what clothes she wore, it revealed a strong aura of a junior high student, and her figure was too hot! Weren’t the junior high students all hot?

No wonder the spouse of those customers all looked at her bitterly.

If Lin Xiaoya and Mu Ruona stood together, they could be thrown out of the street!

The model’s figure was good, but all of them were too skinny.

Visually, Mu Ruona won properly!

“Xixi…” Mu Ruona didn’t stop swaying her posture even though she didn’t wear high heels. Several men around her shivered when they heard her voice.

Gu Xixi’s heart sighed, no wonder she was beaten as a junior! Such a whining voice was the most hated existence of all spouses!

“Cough, do you want to drink something?” Gu Xixi diverted Mu Ruona’s attention, “The red wine that was just airlifted from France at four in the morning.”

“Yin Sichen actually agreed to let you drink it?” Mu Ruona stood in front of Gu Xixi, and she was a little taller than Gu Xixi even though she didn’t wear high heels. 

“Of course I don’t have the right to drink it, but since you are a partner of the company, I can share it with you.” Gu Xixi beckoned, and someone immediately came over with a glass of red wine and a glass of milk.

Mu Ruona picked up the glass and placed it under her nose, sniffed it gently, raised her head to look at the color of the liquor, and immediately sighed, “Yin Sichen will really enjoy it! This is the favorite of the French nobles!”

“Well, I heard that a bottle is worth two hundred thousand dollars.” Gu Xixi answered quietly.

After staying with Yin Sichen for some time, Gu Xixi finally learned to be honored or disgraced.

There was no way Yin Sichen was burning money all the time, and he would calm down.

Gu Xixi took two hot sips of fresh milk.

“Doesn’t it matter if you just ran over like this?” Gu Xixi asked suspiciously, “You’re the vice president of the company anyway, and you just ran away like this…”

“It’s okay, my boss can handle it! There is no difference whether I was there or not.” Mu Ruona replied carelessly, “You should’ve cared more about yourself than thinking about my affairs.”

“What can I care about?” Gu Xixi was puzzled.

“Gu Xixi, I don’t have many friends. You count as one, because you have seen me being chased and beaten, and you helped me.” Mu Ruona was straightforward and said directly, “Not many people can make me look right, but you are one of them. So, I regard you as a friend. How about you?”

Gu Xixi didn’t expect Mu Ruona to say so, and suddenly she was taken aback.

Looking at Gu Xixi’s blank eyes, Mu Ruona put the glass in her hand back, “Since you don’t want to, then assume that what I just said is nothing.”

Gu Xixi saw that Mu Ruona was about to get up and leave. She stretched her hand and pressed Mu Ruona’s back and said anxiously, “I didn’t say I didn’t want to!”

Mu Ruona turned her head to look at Gu Xixi and couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Gu Xixi looked at Mu Ruona blankly.

“I finally know why Yin Sichen likes you.” Mu Ruona said enthusiastically, “You are really interesting!”

Gu Xixi smiled bitterly.

How did Yin Sichen like her?

All he liked was only the fourth generation of the Yin family.

After Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin finished playing golf, they really felt refreshed.

The two then met in the swimming pool to relax. 

Well, this meant to play in another place.

Because in the golf game just now, no one seemed to have won the opponent.

The two soon changed into their swimming trunks and were ready to compete in the water!

Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin wanted to use the swimming pool, so they had to clear the place.

The first district was initially exclusive to the Yin family, so the place was cleared quickly. The staff quickly retreated and left the space to Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin.

“Mr. Mo, don’t be too reluctant. My a hundred-meter swimming record is forty-eight seconds.” Yin Sichen smiled treacherously, “And this is my record five years ago.”

Mo Zixin was unwilling to show his weakness, “Really? It’s a coincidence, my record ten years ago was forty seconds!”

What was forty-eight seconds?

I reached it ten years ago!

“Then give it a shot?” Yin Sichen raised his eyebrows and looked at Mo Zixin.

“Okay.” Mo Zixin nodded.

The two beautiful men with excellent peak values ​​were standing by the pool, and the aura alone was enough for others to kneel.

Yin Sichen called a staff member to press the timer for them. When they were ready, the game was about to start!

The staff did not dare to blink his eyes, pressed the timer, and yelled, “Get set! Go!”

As soon as the voice fell, the two men entered the water at the same time.

The two bodies, swimming like a fish, rushed out instantly!

They were very fast, almost in no particular order.

At this time, Lin Xiaoya, who had been holding her breath under the water, suddenly rushed out of the water—


Lin Xiaoya screamed, and her body quickly sank to the bottom!

What happened?

Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin stopped at the same time!

Yin Sichen felt like he had just hit something…

Someone screamed just now… Did he hit someone?

Damn it! Who was there!

Now, regardless of his accountability, the other person was hit hard by him and obviously was injured!

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