Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 54 – So the Daoless Sect Has Been Passed Down For 30,000 Years

In the city inn.

Looking at the panting Patriarch Qian Yuan in front of him, Ye Luo felt speechless for a while.

The former master of the Eastern State Holy Land, although he did not have cultivation, he was definitely stronger than ordinary people.

Going to ‘take’ a piece of clothing and actually still be discovered.

He was also chased and beaten by a group of people. If he hadn’t stepped in, God knows what would have happened.

Thinking of this, Ye Luo couldn’t help shaking his head helplessly.

“Patriarch Qian Yuan, this clothes matter is out of reach, why don’t we continue to the Eastern State border now?” Ye Luo opened his mouth and said.

When these words came out, Patriarch Qian Yuan shook his head in a hurry. He looked down at his own clothes. Let him go out in these tattered and torn clothes. He was really agitated.

“No, no, why don’t you go for me, little friend Ye?”

After Patriarch Qian Yuan finished speaking, he looked at Ye Luo with bright eyes, expecting Ye Luo to agree.

Let him go and ‘get it’ by himself, he really couldn’t get it, and he was discovered in minutes.

“No way!!!”

Ye Luo decisively refused.

“Little friend Ye! As long as you agree, I will immediately teach you one of my untold secrets!” Patriarch Qian Yuan gritted his teeth and said.

When Ye Luo heard this, he shook his head and smiled.

“Patriarch Qian Yuan, do you think my sect will lack the secret methods? I’m not exaggerating, the heritage of my sect’s Dharma Transmission Hall is enough to rival the entire Eastern State.”

“What secret spell that I cannot learn, it only lies in whether I am willing to learn it or not.”

Ye Luo said slowly.


His sect’s Dharma Transmission Hall, what spell he wants that would not be available.

Patriarch Qian Yuan sitting on the side, obviously did not believe in this evil. In his opinion, even if the Daoless sect had a more profound heritage, it was impossible to have all aspects of cultivation methods.

There must be flaws in some places.

No matter how you say it, The Empyrean Dao Sect was a holy land in the eastern state.

There must be some aspects of the Empyrean Dao Sect that were superior to the Daoless Sect.

“Little friend Ye, my Empyrean Dao Sect has the secret of speed writing technique, which belongs to a secret sequence that is not passed down. Only successive generations of patriarch can learn this method, and it’s very profound ……” Patriarch Qian Yuan said in detail.

Obviously, he wanted to tempt Ye Luo.

When Ye Luo heard this, he was taken aback for a while and looked at Patriarch Qian Yuan.

“What you said is the secret of speed writing? Is it such a paragraph at the beginning that the speed is extreme, and can also destroy the sky and the earth…”

Ye Luo opened his mouth with doubts.

This time it was Patriarch Qian Yuan’s turn to be stunned.




Isn’t this one of his Empyrean Dao Sect’s untold secrets?

How did this Ye Luo know about it?

Patriarch Qian Yuan was confused.

“Little friend Ye, how did you know the secret of speed writing? ”

 Patriarch Qian Yuan asked rhetorically.

“There is a copy of this secret book in my sect’s Dharma Hall, it’s in the corner to the west,  so I just left this book. ”

Ye Luo said casually.

Patriarch Qian Yuan, “……”

The Empyrean Dao Sect untold secrets, the Daoless Sect also has it?

Moreover, it’s still the kind of things that were left to dust in the corners??

This is too much!!!

Patriarch Qian Yuan gritted his teeth and opened his mouth in disbelief.

“My Empyrean Dao Sect has a method called the Great Fall and Burial Technique. This method is extremely powerful and is regarded by my sect as a secret that is not passed down. Only because of this method, there is no life within a hundred miles radius, and it damages the sky…”

“This one, our Daoless Sect also has it, and it’s stuffed in the south corner. ”

“My Empyrean Dao Sectt has a martial arts named Fallen Immortal Sword Art, which is ……”

“There is, there is …. and I have all of them in the Daoless sect, all of them are stuffed in the corner.”

“My Empyrean Dao Sect has a spellbook ……”

“Oh oh oh, this one we also have it.”

Patriarch Qian Yuan, “……”

Why do you have everything?

Patriarch Qian Yuan was in a mess.

He had some doubts whether the predecessor of the Empyrean Dao Sect was not from the Daoless Sect, in fact, the Daoless Sect was the ancestral court of the Empyrean Dao Sect, right?

“Little friend Ye, dare I ask you how deep the history of the Daoless Sect is?” Patriarch Qian Yuan said with a reluctant smile.

Ye Luo on the side frowned at his words. He didn’t know anything about the history of the Daoless Sect. He also did not know about how radiant the Daoless Sect was in ancient times.

“In fact, I do not know much about the history of the Daoless sect. I only know that the sect elders have all ascended, Master is the last person of my Daoless sect, and he’s not far from ascension. The sect comes out of the world just to find an heir to inherit the Daoless sect.”

“Of course, if there is no accident, I am the Daoless sect master in the future.” Ye Luo slowly said.

“Then, little friend Ye, do you have anything that your venerable master has rewarded you with? I can appraise artifacts quite well, and if I were to take a look, maybe I can see the history of the Daoless sect.” Patriarch Qian Yuan clenched his teeth and said.

Hearing these words, Ye Luo was slightly taken aback. 

Did the master reward him with something?

The master had always taught him to enlightenment, rarely rewarded him with things, right?

No, that key!

Ye Lu pulled out the ancient key from his arms and handed it to Patriarch Qian Yuan.

“Patriarch Qian Yuan, this is the only item my master rewarded me with. Master once said that it was the item of a supreme being, and master fought with it and won slightly to obtain this key!”

“When my master gave this key to me, he said that this key contains a great opportunity and told me to comprehend it well.”

“I wonder if you might see the origin of this key, Patriarch Qian Yuan?” Ye Luo inquired.

On the other side, Patriarch Qian Yuan’s entire body froze when he saw this key. The next moment, with trembling hands, he took the key and rubbed the key with his worn-out sleeve.

“This …… is the key to open the relics of the Sword Emperor of the Ancient Times. ……”

“I have searched hard for this key for no less than fifty years and have not received any news, and I never thought that I would actually see this key here today!!!” Patriarch Qian Yuan finished speaking, and suddenly his expression stiffened.

Wait, wait! What did you say just now?

This key is an item of the most powerful person? The key was obtained by the Daoless Patriarch, the master of Little Friend Ye, who fought with him.

Patriarch Qian Yuan once heard a rumor. Rumor has it that in ancient times, this key was once always in the hands of the powerful of the generation, Daoist Void Breaker.

Thirty thousand years ago, Daoist Void Breaker was seriously injured for some unknown reason. Then he could not recover from his serious injury, and the strongest of the generation fell.

The key to open the relics of the Sword Gods of the past was also lost.




Patriarch Qian Yuan inwardly took a deep breath, he thought of a thoughtful thing!

Could it be that ……

The Daoless Patriarch was the one who defeated Daoist Void Breaker 30,000 years ago, was he?

It was because of the serious injury that the key fell into the hands of the Daoless Sect ……

If it was an ordinary person, Patriarch Qian Yuan must have thought that the other party was just lucky to find it. But if it were the Dao-less sect, Patriarch Qian Yuan would never think so. If this was true, then the Daoless sect had inherited at least ……

The first time he saw it, I was in a hurry. Patriarch Qian Yuan was inwardly terrified. He seems to see that Daoless Patriarch standing in the void looking down on him now ……

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