It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 316 – The Young Master’s Methods

“This… this is what you forced me to do! ”

“I promise you! ”

Lie Shang’s voice shook the entire cave, buzzing loudly.

With this sound.


The heavens and the earth trembled, time stood still, and space solidified.

A figure slowly condensed into shape.

This figure’s shape was like a great ape, with green hair all over his body and a very creepy look.

That kind of icy, gloomy breath came from the green-haired monster. Surging on everyone made their bodies cold and trembled violently.

“This …… this ……”

The Nine Heavens God Luan’s voice shivered. Her face changed significantly.

The look of jealousy was written all over her face.


Huang Rumeng’s lips trembled, and she stood still, muttering for a long time, without uttering a word. Her whole body was involuntarily trembling. The chill that was icy to the bones surged all over the body.

As for the others, they were crawling on the ground, trembling. Even Huang Youli was no exception.

“Such terrifying coercion, this is too terrifying, it…what the hell is it? ”

“Difficult to say. Is it also an Immortal Emperor level powerhouse?” Huang Youli murmured to herself, her face full of horror.

The green-haired monster ignored everyone and walked straight to Lie Shang.

“Have you thought about it?” The green-haired monster asked.

“Can I not think about it? Otherwise, I’m going to die!”

“Don’t worry, I will agree to your conditions!” Lie Shang nodded.


The green-haired monster stretched out his finger and flicked on Lie Shang instantly.

“Buzz ……”

A black vortex appeared on Lie Shang’s body.

“Ah ……”

As the vortex disappeared, what remained in place was only the echo of Lie Shang’s miserable scream.

“Hoo ……”

The green-haired monster swept its gaze. The icy breath rushed on everyone.

Everyone’s body trembled violently, and their hearts were in despair.

“Nine Heavens God Luan?”

The green-haired monster stared at Yingyou, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect that you would be this weak!” The green-haired monster spat out human words.

“Ai, is the tragedy going to repeat itself again?”

Yingyou’s gaze penetrated into the distance, showing a thoughtful expression.

The next second.

Her body flew out of control and landed in front of the green-haired monster.

“I advise you to let me go. Otherwise, you will die here!” Yingyou said.

“With that Godly Cunning Immortal?”

“He’s just …… now.”

The words had not yet fallen.

“Clang ……”

A zither sound poured down from the sky and flooded the entire cave.

“Boom ……”

The mighty pressure imprisoning everyone cracked in response to the sound.

“Stomp ……”

The green-haired monster retreated two steps in a row, his pupils contracted, and panic filled his face.

“Impossible, how can you be so strong?” In the voice, all the disbelief was shown.

“Clang ……”

The sound of the zither cascaded and kept coming. The five-colored light was like a galaxy pouring out, surging throughout the cave. Everyone is surrounded by colorful light.

At this moment, infinite, immortal power poured into everyone’s body.

Yingyou turned into a human form, closed her eyes and quietly absorbed these colorful rays of light, and the corners of her mouth rose.

The skin folds on her body disappeared at speed visible to the naked eye.

Her skin changed rapidly, watery and lustrous, looking like a 20-year-old girl, with a youthful aura rippling out.

On the other side.

Huang Rumeng closed her eyes, quietly attracting these colorful rays of light.

On her brows, the seal of Dao loomed.

“No, I don’t want to be an ordinary immortal king!”

“Only by becoming stronger will I be worthy of the Young Master!”


Huang Rumeng shouted softly and began to fuse the two Dao together. Her brows were furrowed tightly, and there was a look of pain on her face.

However, she did not give up.

Unlike Huang Rumeng, everyone else had a refreshing look.

“This …… is so fast, and I recovered?”

Huang Youli sat still in a daze, looking at the colorful light that was as strong as mist all around, and for a while, she was stunned in the same place.

“Which senior is it that is so powerful! ”

“Such a supreme opportunity cannot be missed!”

After speaking, Huang Youli closed her eyes and continued to absorb.

There was a look of comfort on everyone’s face.

“Ah ……”

The green-haired monster fell to the ground and kept screaming miserably. It struggled frantically and roared in anger. However, it was useless. It simply could not stand up.

The multicolored light around it was like the Qi of destruction, burning on his body.

The aura on it is getting weaker and weaker. Looking at it, the scars all over his body were terrible.

“Damn it, you have grown to this point! ”

“Next time we meet again, I will take your life!”

The green-haired monster stretched out its hand and claw and pressed forward.

“Buzz ……”

Around his claws, layers of ripples shook.

Seeing this, the green-haired monster was about to disappear into place.

At this time.

“Clang ……”

The sound of the zither was like a storm that came rushing in. All those ripples in front of the green-haired monster disappeared.

Following along with the disappearance, there was also the arm of the green-haired monster.

“This ……”

He looked at his arm blankly, and for a while, he forgot the pain.

After a while.


His screams shattered the sky. The green-haired monster fell to the ground, twitching frantically.

When the zither sound stopped, the multicolored light disappeared. The green-haired monster’s breath was like flowing silk, and it did not move.

That look as if a random blow could end its life.

“Hoo ……”

The first person to open his eyes was Yingyou. Her eyes lit up, and there was infinite joy on her face. She looked at the sky, her face full of gratitude.

“Master, I didn’t expect that you had grown so much at once. It’s wonderful!”

“My strength has recovered a lot, and it is enough to deal with it! ”

Yingyou looked at the green-haired monster with a murderous face.


At this time, Huang Rumeng also came to her senses. On her face, there was an uncontainable surprise.

This time, listening to the Young Master’s song, she had actually fused two dao!

Although she had not yet become an Immortal King, an ordinary Immortal King would never be a match for herself.

Only by becoming stronger can I be worthy of the Young Master!

“Madam, you have actually fused two daos!” Yingyou’s face was full of joy.

“Yes, all this is given by Young Master! ”

Huang Rumeng glanced over the sky, her face full of gratitude.

The two walked up to the green-haired monster, and their murderous intent showed without any concealment.

“Jie Jie ……”

Seeing the two people walking, the green-haired monster regained a trace of strength and let out a cold laugh.

“Say, do you have any last words?” Yingyou said.

“Last words? Hehe……”

The green-haired monster laughed, creepy.

“Don’t be proud, and you won’t end well! ”

“When my master awakens, it will be the time for your souls to fly away!”

“Your Godly Cunning Immortal is just food raised by the master!”

“When he grows up, the master will wake up!”

“Haha ……”

The green-haired monster looked up to the sky and laughed. On his body, a dazzling green light lit up.

“Boom ……”

There was an explosion.

The green-haired monster exploded. The terrifying power was about to sweep the entire cave.

“Hoo ……”

With a wave of Yingyou’s right hand, the shock wave exploded, which was controlled by her within two meters and did not hurt others.

“Seniors, such monsters have a master?”

“Ai ……”

Yingyou sighed heavily, her face full of dignity.

TN: I mad a mistake; mother emperor should be empress and turns out the duck is female…..will be back to fix it if I had the time…sorry

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