The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 92 – Lin Xiaoya mixed in

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The next day.

Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen had breakfast in silence at home.

The two did not say a word, and each person ate their own food.

Last night, Yin Sichen did not return to the room to rest, and the two resumed their habit of sleeping in their respective rooms.

Gu Xixi’s heart was relieved.

It was better to sleep separately, otherwise she really didn’t know how to face him.

“You are pregnant, don’t play golf today.” Yin Sichen suddenly said, and when he said this, his brow could not help but wrinkle gently, “Besides, can you play golf?”

Thinking about Lin Xiaoya, Gu Xixi deliberately said in a hurry, “I can go and watch it! Although I can’t do too vigorous exercise, it’s good for my baby to stay active.”

Yin Sichen paused lightly with the chopstick in his hand.

His narrow and long eyes raised slowly, and then he looked at Gu Xixi with inquiring eyes.

Gu Xixi thought that Yin Sichen knew she was taking Lin Xiaoya and suddenly avoided his sight uncomfortably.

Her action became Yin Sichen’s interpretation: She had to go to see Mo Zixin, regardless of her pregnancy. Does she like Mo Zixin that much?

Yin Sichen’s fingers slowly tightened, and the chopsticks in his palm snapped into two pieces!

The housekeeper’s face changed slightly, she immediately stepped forward and whispered, “Master, I’ll give you a new pair….”

“No need.” Yin Sichen interrupted the housekeeper’s words coldly, “I’m full!”

Slap! The chopsticks in his hand were slapped fiercely on the table, and Gu Xixi’s eyes jumped.

Yin Sichen, I’m sorry!

Xiaoya had a brain tumor, and her life was only one month left. I wanted to accompany her well.

Since childhood, I grew up with her, and I really can’t watch her leave the world with regret.

I’m sorry… I won’t hold you back by talking about these things, and the golf course is so big, I just want to simply accompany Xiaoya…

Yin Sichen stopped eating, and Gu Xixi was shy to continue eating and quietly put down her chopsticks too.

Yin Sichen didn’t look at Gu Xixi and directly let Xiao Ah go to prepare the car.

Gu Xixi followed him nervously.

Xiaoya was supposed to be at the golf estate already.

If she didn’t hurry up, Xiaoya would be anxious.

Yin Sichen really ignored her. The two people were sitting at the back of the car, one in each corner, and no one paid attention to anyone.

Golf Estate was one of the industries of Yin’s consortium in N city.

This was one of the few estates in this city and even in this province where all the lawns were shipped from Britain. It was said that it cost hundreds of million dollars to build it.

After the estate was put into use, many well-known figures in the local province liked to talk about business matters here.

When they talked about confidential things in such a big place, they would not be afraid of being heard.

Secondly, the environment here was indeed beautiful, and the hardware facilities were in place. Regardless of the success or failure of the business talks, it was always a pleasure to be there.

When they arrived at the estate, Gu Xixi really saw Lin Xiaoya mixed in the crowd, waiting for her with expectation.

Gu Xixi immediately took out her mobile phone and told Lin Xiaoya about the area where she and Yin Sichen were today.

Otherwise, the estate was so big, and it would be difficult to search for them in every area.

After the team stopped in the area dedicated to the Yin family, Gu Xixi got out of the car with the help of an assistant.

She looked around, the area was so lush.

The Golf Estate was divided into eight areas, the Yin family owns one area, and the other seven areas were leased to others.

Each area had a separated leisure area and golf area, as well as ancillary facilities such as hot springs, catering, massage and relaxation.

There were tour buses going back and forth between the eight areas, so it was very convenient wherever you went.

As soon as Gu Xixi entered the lounge, she saw Lin Xiaoya coming in from behind the door.

She saw Lin Xiaoya really wearing the golf course staff’s uniform.

Lin Xiaoya was originally a runway model. No matter what clothes she wore, she had this unique style.

Gu Xixi immediately took her hand and said, “Xiaoya, you look good no matter what you wear, even if it is a set of work suits. I won’t be able to do it. In a few days, my stomach will be revealed, and I dare not stand with you.”

Lin Xiaoya’s eyes fell on Gu Xixi’s stomach and she took a few deep breaths, which restrained the jealousy and anger in her heart.

“Come on, I still envy you for not being able to do it! The young lady of the Yin family, you are comfortable and tough, aren’t you?” Lin Xiaoya did not suppress her anger any longer.

Since Gu Xixi had forgiven Lin Xiaoya, she naturally did not hide it from her.

Gu Xixi smiled bitterly, “What young Lady of the Yin family, I’m just a fertility machine! I have no feelings for Yin Sichen. It’s just because of this child that we had to get married. When the child is born, I will leave the Yin Family. Xiaoya, you have to cooperate with the doctor for your treatment. Maybe I will go to you.”

Hearing what Gu Xixi said, at first Lin Xiaoya thought Gu Xixi was deliberately showing off to provoke her.

But she knew Gu Xixi very well. She knew that Gu Xixi had never been a person without a target.

Was it true that their marriage was really messy?

Was it true that Gu Xixi was really willing to give up the status as the young lady of the Yin family?

This kind of thing was absolutely impossible for other women!

But if this person was Gu Xixi, it could be possible!

Lin Xiaoya’s eyes lit up suddenly, and the anger in her eyes instantly disappeared.

With that said, she still had a chance!

If she succeeded in getting into Yin Sichen… Then, she could replace the young lady position!

Lin Xiaoya regretted that she didn’t give herself to satisfy Yin Sichen’s lust at that time.

If she gave it that day, things would be different today!

However, it was not too late!

Everyone would be staying at this golf estate today, she would definitely find a chance!

Gu Xixi looked at the time on her wrist, and immediately said, “Oh, it’s getting late, you can rest here for a while. I’m going to receive today’s guests first, and you can play by yourself, I’ll be right back!”

Lin Xiaoya’s eyes fell on Cartier’s blue watch on Gu Xixi’s wrist, and she suddenly gritted her teeth.

Since she married Yin Sichen, Gu Xixi’s life level had leapt dozens of grades!

She used to only wear a one hundred dollar watch!

The former low style person seemed to have become more graceful under the influence of time.

The Yin family had a lot of heritage.

A piece of messy stone could be covered into a beautiful jade!

If it was Lin Xiaoya, she would definitely help Yin Sichen in his business!

Gu Xixi didn’t bother to greet Lin Xiaoya anymore, and left quickly after changing clothes.

Therefore, Gu Xixi didn’t notice Lin Xiaoya’s resentful eyes at all.

Yin Sichen had also changed clothes.

Wearing a white golf jacket, he set off against the wind and flew free. He was so handsome that none of the women in the audience looked at other people. They all looked at him.

Yin Sichen had been waiting for Gu Xixi.

The moment Gu Xixi appeared in his sight, he couldn’t help but peek from the corners of his eyes.

He never thought the little mole would have such a nice figure…

Of course, after trying it in person, it felt better…

“Sorry, I’m late.” Gu Xixi immediately said apologetically.

Yin Sichen’s eyes were drooping, his long eyelashes were clearly rooted in the rising sun, and his eyes were full of mysterious emotions.

Seeing Gu Xixi’s surprised expression, Yin Sichen immediately recovered, and quickly turned around, “Mo Zixin will be here in a moment. Since you are pregnant, you can just walk around.”

“Okay.” Gu Xixi didn’t dare to play golf.

In fact, she really couldn’t.

After a while, a very low-key Bentley was driving over.

The reason for calling it low-key was because Yin Sichen’s team was so arrogant.

It was just a golf trip, but he brought eight cars.

Of course, they brought all the food for Gu Xixi to eat and drink.

She was indeed pregnant now but the Yin family treated her like a giant panda.

Mo Zixin’s assistant opened the door for him.

The moment Mo Zixin stepped out of the car, the attention that was originally reserved for Yin Sichen was instantly divided by half!

Sure enough, he could compete with Yin Sichen!

Regardless of ability or value, they were equally important.

“President Mo seems to be in a good mood today?” Yin Sichen took the initiative to greet him.

Mo Zixin stretched out his hand and gave a soft grip, “With President Yin and his wife entertaining, my mood is naturally beautiful.”

Mo Zixin let go of his hand and extended his hand towards Gu Xixi, “Miss Gu, this suit suits you very well.”

Gu Xixi was a little embarrassed, but she still reached out and shook hands with Mo Zixin, “Thank you.”

The moment Mo Zixin held her finger, her best smile suddenly stiffened.

The touch of this finger… it’s clearly…

However, Mo Zixin really deserved to be the best among the new generation of the Mo family. She immediately calmed her emotions and released her fingers.

Yin Sichen was watching the two of them the whole time. When he found out that Gu Xixi didn’t seem to have the obsessive look he had guessed when he met Mo Zixin, he was a little relieved.

However, he suddenly remembered that Gu Xixi had never shown an obsessive look to him either, and suddenly he was a little displeased.

Besides the scumbag Zhao Zegang, who was the second person in the world who could take Gu Xixi’s heart?

Gu Xixi’s current identity was the president’s wife, so naturally, she was the host.

Therefore, Gu Xixi asked directly, “The sun is just right and not very scorching now. Do you want to warm up and play two games first? I heard that President Mo has a very good skill, so you can compete with Sichen. Sichen has been boasting all these days and no one has the competence to fight him!”

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