Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 53 – Almost Caught As a Mount

Daoless Sect, inside the Hall of Dharma Transmission.

Zhang Han’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light, and his mind was clear.

He understood!

He understood what his master meant!!!

Explanation of basic cultivation methods in the early stage of Qi refining……

Basic cultivation!

Master asked him to pay attention to basic cultivation!

These days, he had been studying various advanced and complex formations as a way to gain a lot of energy.

There was not a wide range of formations from the ancient period among the formations he had been studying.

But he had not learned half of the foundation of the ancient period formations. He had been studying and researching the advanced formations.

Master was worried that his foundation was not strong, and the road ahead would not be long!

So this was why he gave him such a book to remind him to pay attention to the foundation of cultivation.

Otherwise, it can’t be that the master is going to learn more about the basic cultivation methods in the early stage of Qi refining, right?

No one really thinks so, right?

No way, no way.

How is this possible.

Obviously, it is completely impossible.

Zhang Han took a deep breath and put down this book, “Explanation of Basic Cultivation Methods in the Early Stage of Qi Refining”.

He turned around and searched among the books. Soon, he found the book about the foundation of formation cultivation in the ancient period.

Zhang Han didn’t care so much and dived into the books. As for what the master said about the Divine Armament Pavilion? Zhang Han did not even want to go. What divine weapons can be better than the book?

Zhang Han did not care to use the divine weapon or magic treasure!

As Zhang Han said, he would never go to see any divine weapons that were not divine weapons.

He only loved to read books in the Dharma Transmission Hall. He would never go to the Divine Armament Pavilion!

If he went? Impossible!

If he went, then he could eat the floor of the Dharma Transmission Hall on the spot!

Zhang Han silently inserted the flag, picked up the books, and once again indulged in them.


At the same time.

In an inn in a certain city, Ye Luo and Patriarch Qian Yuan were resting in Eastern State.

Ye Luo was still dressed in the same dress, green flowing crane cloud robe body, holding a long sword, and a few strands of hair on his eyebrows covered his eyes, making people unable to see his eyes clearly. His temperament was full of mystery and indifference.

Like a heavenly sword immortal, he stands proudly in the world.

Compared to Ye Luo, Patriarch Qian Yuan beside him was much more miserable.

The clothes on his body were in tatters, and many feathers were still stuck in his clothes. His face was dirty, as if he had just experienced a great battle.

Ye Luo looked at Patriarch Qian Yuan sitting beside him and moved away from him without a trace, with a look of disgust in his eyes.

“It’s not that I’m nosy, Patriarch Qian Yuan; what exactly have you done to your mount?”

“Why did your mount frantically resist as soon as it knew that you had lost your cultivation base? ”

Ye Luo opened his mouth slightly helplessly and asked.  He and Patriarch Qian Yuan were still riding a huge immortal crane. They intended to go to the border of the Eastern State to take a look first.

As a result, on the way, the two were talking about Patriarch Qian Yuan’s loss of cultivation and were overheard by that immortal crane.

That mount, the immortal crane flip on the spot, made it like the crane and Patriarch Qian Yuan had a deep hatred. It crazily attacked Patriarch Qian Yuan. Moreover, it tried to ride Patriarch Qian Yuan.

Suppose it were not for Ye Luo’s interference. I’m afraid that Patriarch Qian Yuan had now become an immortal crane’s mount ……

“I don’t know this either. This crane was the mount I forcibly suppressed and captured. I thought that after so long, he and I had a deep relationship. Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect him tried to catch me as his mount! ”

Patriarch Qian Yuan said with ragged clothes and a desire to cry. He himself was dumbfounded and could not believe it.

The former Patriarch of the Eastern State Holy Land Empyrean Dao Sect was actually almost captured by an immortal crane to be its mount.

“You ah you, karma is just karma.”

Ye Luo shook his head, too lazy to say anything more.

“Let’s not talk about that, little friend Ye, do you have the money?” Patriarch Qian Yuan said in an unusually awkward manner.

“No, the only one or two pieces of silver were left before. This silver has been given to this inn. Otherwise, how you and I can sit here? Besides, what do I do with the money? It’s you, what do you want money for?”

Ye Luo said strangely.

Buy clothes, ah, with my clothes like this, can I go out there?” Patriarch Qian Yuan helplessly said.

Sitting at a distance, Ye Luo looked down and sized up Patriarch Qian Yuan.

The clothes were ragged ……

Dirty and messy ……

Saying that the Patriarch was a beggar was probably believed by the people.

“You, the Empyrean Dao Sect’s Patriarch, have no money?” The corners of Ye Lu’s mouth twitched slightly.

“No money, who will carry money on the body of immortal cultivators. I have a lot of spirit stones on my body, but those are all in the storage bag. I set a ban on this storage bag. If I open it forcibly, the storage bag will self-destruct…”

Patriarch Qian Yuan said, once again wanting to cry.

As soon as this sentence came out. Ye Luo was silent sat there without saying anything.

The clear wind came.

A few strands of hair between his eyebrows blew.

The atmosphere was instantly frozen.

After a long time.

“So, what do you want to do now? “Be careful, just wear your clothes, and I will take you to the Eastern State border and then think of a way? ”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but take the lead in breaking this silence and said.

“No, no, I still want my face. Anyway, I have to change my clothes before leaving. ”

Patriarch Qian Yuan shook his head and refused.

“Then what are you going to do?” Ye Lu shook his head and asked.

Hearing these words.

Patriarch Qian Yuan did not speak, and his gaze looked at Ye Lu in a ghostly manner.

That look……

Ye Luo had goosebumps when he saw it.

“No, why are you looking at me with this look.”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but speak out.

“Now, there are only two ways, one is to rob some money, and the other is to steal… Ahem, go and get a better-looking dress. ”

Patriarch Qian Yuan stretched out two fingers and said in a serious tone.

His meaning was obvious.

Let Ye Luo go and think of a way for him.

Ye Luo decisively refused.

“I’m not going! If you want to go, you go yourself, I can’t afford to lose my face.”

Ye Luo sternly refused. If his master knew about it, he would break his legs. The great disciple of the secluded sect Daolest Sect actually went to do some theft.

Seeing this, Patriarch Qian Yuan could only helplessly wave his hand and sneak out himself.

Ye Luo also did not bother, he took out an ancient key from his arms and looked at it carefully.

This ancient key was the one his master had given to him last time. The master had explicitly said that the key contained some kind of great opportunity so that he could comprehend it well.

Because of his recent busy schedule, he did not have time to comprehend. Now he has found the time to take a good look at it.

Ye Luo could see that the key had a dao rhythm, but he could not see what kind of luck or opportunity was inside the key.

However,  this was his master’s own words. There must be a stroke of luck or opportunity inside the key.

Just when Ye Luo wanted to use the Heaven Observation Technique to take a look at the key.

There was a sudden noise from outside.

Ye Luo took back the key and walked to the inn’s entrance with his longsword in his arms and took a look. Only to see a figure fleeing in disarray, with several people chasing behind him.

This figure ……

Why does it look so familiar ……

Patriarch Qian Yuan?!

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