The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 91 – Bring Lin Xiaoya

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Lin Xiaoya didn’t really care about these things.

What she cared about was that when talking about cooperation, it was certainly not in the company.

If she was outside… Could she just follow her in the name of accompanying Gu Xixi?

It was said that men were lower body animals.

Lin Xiaoya was a model in Milan, a sexy stunner. As long as she seized the opportunity to let Yin Sichen realize her beauty again…then everything that belonged to Gu Xixi would come back to her again!

“Come on, Xixi…,” Lin Xiaoya carefully asked, “Did President Mo do anything to you?”

Gu Xixi looked blankly at her, “What are you talking about? What can he do to me! He is so handsome, and there is no shortage of women around him.”

Lin Xiaoya rolled her eyes and continued, “Come on, I stopped working during this time, it’s so boring! Can you stay with me more when you have time?”

“Okay,” Gu Xixi agreed.

“Then… When you need to talk about things, when you are playing outside, can you take me with you?” Lin Xiaoya finally raised her ultimate goal. “Don’t worry, I will never eavesdrop when they talk about things. I also know the importance of business secrets. I’m just too bored by myself. You will definitely be very busy responsible for this cooperation case and you will not have time to accompany me. I will be really lonely…”

Looking at Lin Xiaoya’s tearful eyes, Gu Xixi really softened.

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand, held Lin Xiaoya’s back, and said with guilt, “I’m sorry, Xiaoya. I’ll try my best, okay? After all, I don’t care about this matter anymore!”

“It’s alright, I understand you.” Lin Xiaoya wiped her tears and said, “I don’t blame you! You have your own difficulties, how can I bother you more?”

The more Lin Xiaoya said the more she felt guilty.

Gu Xixi thought that Lin Xiaoya might only have one last month left and that she had not been able to spend time with each other. The guilt in her heart was getting heavier and heavier.

Lin Xiaoya really knew Gu Xixi. She knew that the more she said this, the more guilty Gu Xixi would be.

“When we were young, we were together every day. We went to school together, we ate delicious food together, and were punished by the teacher together. We were really simple at that time, but also very happy! Because no matter what we do, we were all together! Even after we went to college, we were separated, but we never broke up. When you were in love with Zhao Zegang, I would be the first to be told.” Lin Xiaoya continued to take strong medicine, “I still remember when you first dated Zhao Zegang, you were so nervous that you asked me to put on makeup for you. Thinking about us at that time, it was really full of beautiful memories!”

Sure enough, Gu Xixi couldn’t sit still anymore when she heard what Lin Xiaoya said. 

Gu Xixi gritted her teeth and said, “Well, Xiaoya, Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin will play golf at the suburban golf villa tomorrow. We can go together then.”

Lin Xiaoya finally got what she wanted and immediately released Gu Xixi’s hand and said, “But, I am not an employee of the Yin’s Consortium, is it appropriate for me to come along?”

“When the time comes, I will say that you were with me.” Gu Xixi gritted her teeth and said, “If necessary, don’t let Yin Sichen know that you are pretending to be my assistant. Anyway, I have many assistants now! It doesn’t matter if I have another one!”

Lin Xiaoya hugged Gu Xixi all at once, “Xixi, you are still the best to me! From childhood, only you have loved me the most.”

Therefore, don’t blame me when you get kicked out again and again!

Lin Xiaoya would not tell Gu Xixi if she was manipulated.

After lunch, Gu Xixi returned to the company and began to work frantically.

Because this cooperation case between the Mo family and the Yin Consortium was second only to that of the Korean companies, Mo Zixin also asked Gu Xixi to take charge, so she must not let him fail.

So naturally, she had to seize all the time and learn the knowledge about negotiation.

When Yin Sichen returned to the company, he saw such a scene.

Gu Xixi kept taking notes while asking colleagues who knew or talked about similar cases.

Yin Sichen had seen her working hard.

Even if he saw this scene again, Yin Sichen’s heart was still a little shocked.

During lunch, Grandma said a lot to him.

He knew that everything Grandma did was for the Yin family.

He also knew that between himself and Gu Xixi… maybe it was really just a contractual relationship.

But when thinking that Gu Xixi would leave his side one day and stand beside other men with a smile on her face, Yin Sichen felt flustered.

He couldn’t stand it.

When he saw the picture of Gu Xixi smiling at Mo Zixin, he felt that he was about to explode.

Why was there such an emotion?

Didn’t he always hope the women around him would leave him alone?

Gu Xixi had done it now, but why was he not happy at all?

“President!” When people in the office saw Yin Sichen, they stood up and greeted him.

Yin Sichen just nodded slightly, his eyes stuck to Gu Xixi all the time.

Gu Xixi brushed away the broken hair scattered on her forehead, revealing a white and slender neck, and then looked up at Yin Sichen.

Gu Xixi saw Yin Sichen’dimmed and uncertain eyes and didn’t know what was happening this time. She could only say hello like everyone else.

“Come with me!” Gu Xixi had no time to say a word, and Yin Sichen grabbed her wrist and dragged her into the lounge inside!

Gu Xixi was pushed to the wall.

She didn’t know why she thought about last night…

Her ears were red, struggling for a moment, “What are you going to do? We’re in the company!”

Yin Sichen’s body pressed over, and he firmly controlled Gu Xixi between himself and the wall, leaving no room for her to move.

“How did you agree with grandma?” The big hand directly touched her face, and the delicate and tender touch made her heart inevitably sway gently, and she thought of the touch last night…

But the next second, Gu Xixi’s answer completely pulled back Yin Sichen’s sanity.

“Don’t you worry, I won’t bother you.” Gu Xixi looked at his eyes calmly. He was so nervous, maybe he was afraid that she would rely on him for giving birth to the Yin’s descendants? Haha, then he could rest assured.

“What are you talking about?” Yin Sichen’s words almost squeezed out from between the teeth, and his narrow eyes couldn’t hold back the anger.

Gu Xixi looked at him calmly. She didn’t understand why he was angry.

Shouldn’t he be so happy that she answered that way?

In the past two days, what he did was just worried that she would fall on him.

Yes, he was really considerate and caring about her some time ago.

But this still couldn’t change the fact that the two were only contractual couples.

“Let me go!” she felt Yin Sichen’s fingers getting harder and harder and stretched out her hand to pat off his hand.

He squeezed her chin again, lifted it hard, and controlled her eyes to align with him.

Gu Xixi couldn’t break his fingers no matter how hard she tried. Under his pressure, she could only answer, “Yin Sichen, what’s the matter with you? When we got married at that time, you obviously said we were just contract couples and not interfering with each other…cough cough cough…”

Yin Sichen let go of her all of a sudden, and his voice froze a little bit, “It seems that you can’t wait to leave.”

Before Gu Xixi had time to speak, he continued to say, “Do not interfere with each other? Hmm? Is there such a thing? Why can’t I remember? As the wife of the Yin’s Consortium, you have to do something that meets this status! My wife, it is also your responsibility to serve your husband in the same room!”

This was a big one!

What was it about?

Gu Xixi was afraid that Yin Sichen would do that kind of thing in the company and reached out her hand to resist his chest.

She just felt the heat beneath her palm, and the man’s temperature passed along the fingertips to the bottom of her heart.

Yin Sichen was the type of man with a fleshy body, thin clothes, and delicate touch. And this touch made Gu Xixi tremble.

“You… you are crazy! We’re at the company!” Gu Xixi blurted out nervously.

Yin Sichen smiled, instead of being pushed far away, he pressed her more intimately, “Oh? You can’t do it at the company? Then can you do it at home?”

Gu Xixi only felt that her face was all burning. Damn it!

Suddenly, Yin Sichen lowered his voice and said in Gu Xixi’s ear, “I just remind you! If you do something sorry for the Yin family during the marriage, you should know that I can let your mother live, or let her die!”

After saying this, Yin Sichen let Gu Xixi go all at once, turned around, opened the door, and left.

Gu Xixi’s face turned pale in an instant.

Yes, Yin Sichen could really do it.

He had never been a good man!

Yin Sichen, what do you want? What should I do to make you satisfied?

Gu Xixi leaned weakly against the wall.

Since last night, Yin Sichen had become very abnormal.

What the hell happened that made him so terrible all of a sudden?

When he was in her hometown, he was so gentle and calm, even running around for her affairs.

He was so kind to her that she naturally remembered it.

How did he think that she would covet the wealth of the Yin family and that she would still rely on the Yin family by the time the contract ended?

Gu Xixi was in the lounge, and she went out after she had completely adjusted her emotions.

When she went out, she realized that Yin Sichen had already left.

Gu Xixi couldn’t help but feel a bit of bitterness in her heart.

Did he come and go like the wind, just to humiliate and warn her? It turned out that she was in his heart, but that was it…

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