It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 312 – I’m going to Golden Crow City

“Okay, I know everything. I spare your life for the time being! ”

“However, you must remember, if you dare to leave Phoenix City half a step away, your Divine Elephant clan don’t need to exist in this world!”

After speaking, Sun Hao stepped forward and walked away quickly.

“Yes…… yes, my lord!”

Xiang Tiejun nodded his head repeatedly.

After leaving the Divine Elephant King’s Mansion, Sun Hao brought Blood Wolf and arrived outside of Phoenix City.

“You don’t want me to go, and I have to go!”

“This Lie Shang must be afraid of me!”

“Since that’s the case, I’m going to see, just how much are you capable of?” In Sun Hao’s eyes, killing intent rose.

“Hum ……”

With a thought, the immortal boat flew out and landed in front of Sun Hao. He held Blood Wolf and walked inside the immortal boat. Coming to the control room, Sun Hao took out the carving knife.

“Then I’ll set up some hidden formations so that Lie Shang won’t easily find me!”

“Also, play a few more tunes for the Big Wolf! ”

“The stronger it is, the safer we are!”

After some thought, Sun Hao made a decision.

Then, he took the carving knife and engraved the immortal boat.



Demon Ancestor Mountain, Golden Crow City.

Huang Rumeng came from outside the city gate and looked coldly ahead.

Only to see.

In the Golden Crow City, blood-colored mist enveloped in all directions.

If there were no bloody smell, it would rush into the nasal cavity from time to time.

“Howl ……”

In the city, monsters roared in low voices from time to time.

The dull atmosphere adds a bit of depression.

“Stomp ……”

Huang Rumeng’s speed did not decrease, step by step towards the city. The blood mist came quickly and was blocked outside of her body. It looked as if a shield had been put up on her body.


“Phew ……”

A sound of breaking through the sky sounded.

A golden crow hurriedly scampered in, extending its sharp claws and grabbing towards Huang Rumeng.


Huang Rumeng coldly snorted, and with a thought, a strand of flame floated in front of her body.

Aiming at the golden crow, it shot out.


There was a dull explosion.

The Golden crow fell directly to the ground, twitching a few times, and then was no movement.

A mass of flames, from the inside out, began to burn.

A few moments later.

On the ground, only three red fire feathers remained. Huang Rumeng did not stop and continued to walk forward.

“Phew ……”

Several hollow sounds sounded as several golden crows, scurrying towards Huang Rumeng.

Front, back, left and right, every position was blocked.

“Buzz ……”

The air was crashed with layers of air waves.

Where the air waves went, houses directly crumbled into pieces.

Huang Rumeng’s face was calm, and she stretched out his right hand in no hurry, and a ray of red flame moved from her fingertips.

“Buzz ……”

There was a tremor.

The flames split into four, and they shot in four directions.

“Boom ……”

Four dull explosions sounded at the same time. The four golden crows exploded as if bombs were buried in their bodies and fell to the ground, motionless. 

Flames burning from inside their body. What was left on the ground were only a few fire feathers.

“Stomp ……”

Huang Rumeng’s footsteps did not stop.

Along the way, all the golden crows that rushed forward, without exception, were burned to ashes. Along the way, all the golden crows that rushed forward, without exception, were burned to ashes.

Shortly after Huang Rumeng left.

A figure sneakily walked into the Golden Crow City.

This person was none other than Yu Guizi.

He hid behind a house and poked out his head, scanning the surroundings. He appeared to be very cautious.

Suddenly, his eyebrows raised, his pupils contracted, and his heart pounded violently.

“Golden Crow Fire Feather?”

Yu Guizi looked at the three fire feathers on the ground with an excited face and did not move.

Each Golden Crow there are three fire feathers. This thing was extremely fire resistant and excellent material for making defensive magic treasures. Each one of these was very precious and worth a lot of money.

This kind of good thing, just like this, was left here. Also, why was there not a single person in the whole city?

Conspiracy, it must be a conspiracy!

You want to lure me into a trap?

Hehe, it’s not that easy.

Yu Guizi thought secretly, lying in the corner, motionless.

A quarter of an hour passed.

A restlessness surged all over the body.

The three fire feathers on the ground, with extreme allure, attracted  Yu Guizi to step forward step by step.

Holding down the strong beating heart, Yu Guizi turned into a rapid afterimage, picked up the fire feather, and retreated with a flickering figure.

He took the fire feather and carefully sent it to the soul space.

“It looks like I was overthinking, there is no trap at all!”


Thinking like this, Yu Guizi continued.

Yu Guizi looked stunned and hurriedly ambled down without taking a few steps.

Not far away. There were twelve fire feathers that strongly stimulated his eyes. These fire feathers were obviously stronger than the three before.

However, the surrounding ground was moved to the ground, and the houses were blown up quite a lot.

Obviously, there has been fierce fighting here.

I must be careful.

After turning motionless into a statue for a quarter of an hour, Yu Guizi could no longer be calm. The thirst for treasures in his heart quickly burned what little sanity he had clean.

He walked like a zombie in front of the fire feather and picked it up with one hand. Finally, put them away in the soul space.

“There’s no danger! It looks like it’s totally because I overthought!” 

This time, Yu Guizi looked calm and continued to step forward.

Soon after.

He stood in front of a bottomless pit, his face full of shock.

In front of him, the houses fell to the east and west, all kinds of broken pieces scattered around. In the bottomless pit, hundreds of fire feathers strongly stimulated Yu Guizi’s nerves.

“Ruch, I’m rich ……”

His body trembled slightly with excitement. He didn’t have any hesitation and rushed over hurriedly. With a wave of his right hand, he collected all the fire feathers in his soul space.

“Haha ……”

“I never thought that my Yu Guizi’s time would come!”

“God really helped me! ” Yu Guizi muttered and almost laughed out loud.

Gathering his mood, he continued to search for his. After seeing pieces of fire feather, he rushed forward and picked up all of it.

“It’s really true! These fire feathers are obviously much stronger! At least it can be sold for a few dozen immortal crystals!”

“I’ll be able to build at least two magic treasures!” Yu Guizi breathed a long sigh of relief.

Just as he was about to move, he looked up, his pupils shrank, and his complexion changed drastically. He saw that a bright red light strongly stimulated his eyeballs in the blood mist.

This mass of light floats in the air.

“Such a bright fire feather, I’m afraid that is the immortal level fire feather!”

Yu Guizi’s heart seems to jump out of his throat. At this moment, he could no longer be calm. He rushed forward, grabbed it, and retracted it back without even thinking.

He discovered to his horror that the fire feather could not be retracted. Squinting, he could not help but his scalp numb.

Without thinking about it, he ran back.

However, before he could retreat a few steps, he found that his whole body was like being imprisoned, unable to move.


“Master, the disciples miss you so much!” 

A scalp-blasting voice rang in his ears.

At this moment, Yu Guizi’s body could not help but tremble.

“What do you …… you want?” Yu Guizi’s voice shivered.


Lie Shang appeared in front of Yu Guizi instantly with a smile all over his face.

“Master, I almost forgot about you, but unexpectedly, your old man ran to me again. ”

“In this disciple’s mind, I remembered those pleasant past events again!”

“Disciple is really grateful to you. Here’s a massage for you!”

Lie Shang smiled and came forward.

“No …… no, you don’t come over!”

“Boom ……”

“Ah ……”

“Don’t hit me in the face, ah…”

“You bastard, do you want the old man to cut off his children and grandchildren? Ah……”

Mournful and miserable screams kept ringing out.

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