The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 90 – Mrs. Yin’s Strategies

“Xixi is pregnant now, and there are many things she can’t do. If you don’t mind, then let us, husband and wife, do it together.” Yin Sichen smiled implicitly. “You won’t mind me showing my affection to Xixi, right?”

Mo Zixin laughed suddenly, “Mr. Yin is sure to make a joke! Okay, then it’s a deal!” After the negotiation with Mo Zixin was over, Yin Sichen drove back to the Yin family mansion.

As soon as Yin Sichen entered the door, he went straight to his grandma’s study.

“Master, you can’t go in, the old madam is still busy now.” Next to Old Madam Yin, the assistant tried to stop Yin Sichen, but Yin Sichen strode behind him.

“Master…” Seeing that he couldn’t stop Yin Sichen, the assistant could only remind Old Madam Yin in the room loudly, “Master, Old Madam is…”

“Let him in!” Old Madam Yin’s majestic voice came out from the study, the old lady’s assistant was relieved and stepped aside.

Yin Sichen pushed through the door directly. Before Old Madam Yin could speak, he sat in front of her and said, “Grandma, why do you have to make me agree to cooperate with the Mo family? Our Yin family consortium can use other methods to achieve this goal! The Yin family holds energy from the Middle East and Africa. It is not only the Mo family that wants to cooperate with the Yin family in China!”

“But the other collaborators have no military and political background. If I hadn’t called you early in the morning, you would’ve already refused this cooperation, right?” Old Madam Yin put down the pen in her hand, took off her glasses, and calmly looked at her grandson and said, “Sichen, tell me, why are you so opposed to cooperating with the Mo family? Are you upset just because you see Mo Zixin?”

Yin Sichen was instantly dumb!

Old Madam Yin calmly looked at him and said, “If it wasn’t because of Mo Zixin, was it because of Gu Xixi that you didn’t want to discuss this cooperation? If I remember correctly, you used to hate her very much a month ago. Your wife is also very opposed to this marriage.”

The anger in Yin Sichen’s eyes disappeared instantly.

With just this sentence, Yin Sichen knew that grandma must know everything, and she also knew what he didn’t know!

As the chairman of the Yin Financial Group, she had been in power for decades, what can he hide from her eyes?

“Mo Zixin’s fiancée Yun Ye is exactly the same as Gu Xixi, isn’t it?” Old Madam Yin said softly, “Don’t you ever wonder what is the relationship between Gu Xixi and Yun Ye?”

Yin Sichen quickly looked up at her, “Grandma, do you know other things I don’t know?”

Old Madam Yin smiled lightly.

“She’s a stunningly beautiful girl!” Old Madam Yin did not answer his question and said softly, “She rarely shows up in public, but only a few stunning glimpses are enough to amaze the world.”

Yin Sichen stopped speaking decisively, just looking at his grandmother like that.

He came here just to ask for an explanation.

He also knew that grandma would definitely give himself a reasonable explanation.

He even knew that the cooperation between the Yin’s and the Mo’s was already a certainty.

He just wanted an explanation.

“Sichen, do you know why I insisted you on marrying Gu Xixi?” Old Madam Yin sighed softly and said, “The moment I saw Gu Xixi in the hospital, I was stunned. I thought I was dazzled. But when someone told me that her name was Gu Xixi, I immediately guessed something.”

“Grandma, that’s ridiculous! That’s impossible!” Yin Sichen obviously understood what her grandma meant. “The Yun family has only one old lady, and there is no second lady at all!”

“Yes, the Yun family only has one daughter. But they are so alike!” Old Madam Yin smiled calmly. “There is such a coincidence in the world, so whether she is related to the Yun family or not, we just have to marry her and take her home! If she is related to the Yun family, then it is similar to tying the Yin consortium with the Yun family. Even though we cannot see the little power of the Yun family, it has been passed down for hundreds of years. After all, there is no harm for the Yin family in giving birth from a mother who is tied to the Yun family. On the other hand, if Gu Xixi has nothing to do with the Yun family, then you can do whatever you want to her after the child is born. 

Old Madam Yin had said so thoroughly, and Yin Sichen had nothing to ask.

“A woman you have never cared about. Whatever the ending is, do you care about it?” Old Madam Yin said indifferently, “What made you hurry back and question me? Do you have any other questions?”

“Grandma…,” he had calmed down at this time, “but, how can you know that Gu Xixi has nothing to do with the Yun family?”

“It’s simple, just let Mo Zixin investigate it. Is there anyone in this world who cares more about this matter than him?” Old Madam Yin’s eyebrows flashed wisely, “Sichen, you have never been such an impulsive person before. Why are you…”

Yin Sichen’s mouth felt bitter.

How did he explain that because he was afraid that Mo Zixin would deceive gu Xixi? How did he explain that he didn’t want to let go of Gu Xixi?

“Nothing.” Yin Sichen lowered his head, no longer looking at Old Madam Yin’s gaze.

“Although the ancestors of our Yin Consortium are not allowed to engage in politics and military service in China, they were the ancestors from many years ago. Now that the times have changed and the country is stable, it will hinder the development of the Yin Consortium if we stay out of the way.” There was an unquestionable look in the old lady’s eyes, “The Mo family took the initiative to hand over the olive branch, and there is absolutely no reason to refuse! If the Yin Consortium refuses, what do you think some upper-level people would think? With the Yin Consortium in the palm of their hands, they can sit back and relax.”

“For so many years, the development of the Yin Consortium has been seen by anyone. What’s more, although the headquarters of the Yin Consortium is in S City, the real core of the Yin Consortium is abroad! Sichen, your burden is very heavy! You must do your best!” Old Madam Yin sighed and said, “Don’t underestimate the Mo family. The Mo family will be a good springboard for the Yin family consortium! I believe you are a capable one! The one who can put the overall situation first and distinguish the interests!”

“Grandma, I understand,” Yin Sichen replied boredly.

Yin Sichen could also see clearly what grandma said.

Seeing clearly was one thing. Real acceptance was another matter.

“Sichen, I heard that you have met Lin Xiaoya again?” Old Madam Yin asked inadvertently.

Yin Sichen frowned.

“I don’t mean anything.” Grandma said softly, “This woman is not right, so you know it in your heart.”

“I know.” Yin Sichen replied calmly, “I won’t ruin anything.”

“That’s good,” Old Madam Yin nodded and said, “It’s already noon, let’s eat here “

After Yin Sichen went out, the assistant could not help but ask, “Madam, why do you tell this to the Young Master?”

Madam Yin sighed, she reached out, rubbed her temples, and replied, “My grandson grew up in a self-respecting manner. Some things have to be done in reverse to make him willing. It’s on the set. It seems that someone should take care of him well.”

“Old Madam, you are very wise.” The assistant suddenly realized that he had taken the initiative to rub the acupuncture points for Old Madam Yin.

While eating, Yin Sichen suddenly thought of Gu Xixi. She should still be in the company now, right?

What would she eat for lunch?

Just when the thought was transferred here, Yin Sichen immediately cut off the thought.

She was not a child, so he didn’t need to worry about her at all!

Indeed, Gu Xixi was indeed not a child and did not need to be controlled by others.

Because even if she were in the company, she would not starve herself.

The previous orders issued by Yin Sichen had been effective, and the food in the office couldn’t be stopped.

However, at noon today, Gu Xixi did not have a meal at the company.

Lin Xiaoya called Gu Xixi and asked her out.

“Xixi, I’m going to the hospital for chemotherapy, can you come out and talk to me?” Lin Xiaoya’s voice was very low on the phone, and Gu Xixi couldn’t bear it for a while.

“Okay.” Gu Xixi looked at the time, now it was off work time and immediately agreed to Lin Xiaoya’s request.

Gu Xixi took her assistant and a bodyguard and calmly appeared in front of Lin Xiaoya.

Lin Xiaoya saw the assistant and bodyguard behind Gu Xixi, a trace of crazy jealousy flashed through her eyes.

All this should have belonged to her…

Gu Xixi, shouldn’t you have enough to occupy the magpie’s nest(1)? Everything you have now will be returned to me sooner or later!

Lin Xiaoya tried her best to suppress the jealousy and anger in her eyes, and when she raised her eyes again, she had restored the image of that gentle and sweet good friend.

“Xixi, I know I can count on you.” Lin Xiaoya took the initiative to hold Gu Xixi’s hand and said affectionately, “I don’t have anyone familiar in N City, so I can only ask you to come and talk with me!”

“Xiaoya, I’m so sorry! I was busy just now.” Gu Xixi sat in front of Lin Xiaoya and asked with concern, “Would you like me to accompany you to the hospital for chemotherapy?”

Lin Xiaoya instinctively refused, “No need!”

Seeing Gu Xixi’s expression condensed, she immediately rolled her eyes and said, “I mean, you are pregnant now, you should reduce your mobility. I can go alone! I’m just starting now. The treatment is not that serious.”

Gu Xixi heard Lin Xiaoya say so without any doubt.

“Ah, by the way, Xixi, when I was waiting for you here just now, I heard that the Yin Consortium is going to cooperate with the Mo Family?” Lin Xiaoya asked expectantly.

“Yes. The news spread quickly, but the intention was not reached, and the specific cooperation regulations have not been negotiated.” Gu Xixi did not intend to hide it from Lin Xiaoya. “I will also be responsible for this cooperation case. I will be there all morning, learning how to do cases. You know, I used to only work in the logistics department, and I am familiar with the Ministry of Commerce. Therefore, I have to make up for this knowledge these days.”

Translator Notes

(1) Chinese idiom: to occupy the magpie’s nest means to occupy other people’s places or residences.

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