Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 52 – Master, I Understand

Heavenly Mist Mountain, Daoless Sect.

There was silence within the Hall of Dharma Transmission. From time to time, the sound of the book’s pages flipping sounded. Only Zhang Han was seen sitting in the corner, quietly holding a book in his hand.

Compared to the Zhang Han of more than three months ago. At this moment, Zhang Han’s body has some more charm. It was impossible to say where these charms come from.

But these charms made the gentle aura on Zhang Han’s body even more apparent, making him seem to be transformed into a Confucian immortal, not eating the smoke and fire of the human world.

“I’ve almost finished reading this Advanced Formation Book, and the accumulated energy should be enough for me to break through to the Nascent Soul realm in one go!”

Zhang Han slowly put down the book in his hand and murmured a few words in a low voice.

He was born with a natural formation heart, no need to cultivate. He only needs to study formations and set up formations to plunder energy from heaven and earth for his own cultivation breakthrough.

The more formations you study, the faster the breakthrough will be. But Zhang Han did not do so. He plundered the energy from the research formation and stored it in the formation center.

Stored but not sent!

Waiting for the right moment to break through to a higher realm with a single blow.

Don’t ask why he did this.

The answer was just to surprise the master!

Zhang Han deeply remembered the kindness of his master to him. All the time was thinking about repaying the master. And wanted to repay the master in the best way, there wa no better than his own cultivation become stronger so that the master feel pleased!

He was still a mortal on the surface.

When the time comes to make a breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm God Transformation realm, or even the Crossing Calamity realm! He believed that by then, the master would be greatly pleased!!!

When Zhang Han thought of that day, those bottomless eyes were flooded with a hint of anticipation.

Just at this time.

A misty and illusory voice outside the hall, seemingly far and near.


Hearing this voice.

Zhang Han’s body shook violently and came back to his senses, putting the book in his hand back to the corner carefully.

After putting it away.

Only then did Zhang Han stand up and look outside the hall.

He saw Chu Yuan coming on the clouds, and his robe was hanging out, his black hair fluttering, his face indifferent, like a supreme exiled immortal, slowly walking in.

“Disciple Zhang Han pays respects to the master!”

Zhang Han’s heart was on fire, and with a surging heart, he bowed deeply towards Chu Yuan and performed a great salute.

Without the Master, he would not be who he was today.

Perhaps he would still be inside that mortal family, acting as a ‘waste material’.

Perhaps after his death, the family would also discuss whether to remove his name from the family tree so as not to tarnish the reputation of the family ……

What he can have today was thanks to the gift of the master! In terms of gratitude, there was no doubt that Master was in the first place!

He, Zhang Han, said that in this life, he must repay the master well!!

Chu Yuan, who walked into the hall, didn’t know that his second apprentice had so many dramas in his heart, so he walked in casually.

“Han’er, no need to be polite, seeing you staying in the dharma hall day and night as a teacher, I would like to remind you that although reading is good, you must put your body and mind first. ”

“If you waste your body because of reading books, it’s not worth it.”

“Han’er, you may understand?”

With his hands behind his back, Chu Yuan walked up to this disciple and said in a serious manner.

As soon as this sentence came out.

Zhang Han was even more moved.

Look, look.

What is a Master?!

This is called a Master!

He came to me specifically just to make me pay more attention to my body.

With this kind of master, I have no regrets in this life!

“Master! I understand! It’s just that the books in the Dharma Transmission Hall are all obscure and difficult to understand, so if I want to understand them, I can only make more effort to watch them.”

“Master’s concern for my disciple, I know, I would like to thank you for your concern!”

Zhang Han strongly suppressed his surging heart, bowed, and said in a refined manner.

Chu Yuan, who was standing there, froze for a moment when he heard the words.

The books within the Hall of Dharma Transmission was all obscure and difficult to understand books?


A pound or two of books, you actually say obscure and difficult to understand?

But that’s right.

The books written blindly are all fake, so it’s no wonder that they can be understood.

It is normal to say that it is obscure and difficult to understand.

However, Chu Yuan’s concern was not whether he could understand it, but that he was afraid that this honest apprentice would read too many fake books and make him stupid.

Chu Yuan thought for a while, took out a book from his arms, and handed it to Zhang Han.

“You can take this book, and if you have nothing to do on weekdays, you can study this book more.”

The book Chu Yuan gave to Zhang Han was a treasure to Chu Yuan.

It is the book “Explanation of Basic Cultivation Methods in the Early Stage of Qi Refining”.

No way.

Chu Yuan was distraught that this honest apprentice had read too many ‘fake books’ here, making him stupid.

I can only give this book that I have treasured to this honest apprentice.

Anyway, this honest apprentice has no spiritual roots and cannot practice.

It’s okay for this honest apprentice to study more real books.

Zhang Han honestly took the book, picked it up, and took a look. At once, he was dumbfounded.

What, what the hell.

Explanation of the basic cultivation method in the early stage of Qi refining??

The most important thing is that I can’t read all the powerful books here, but the master told me to read this kind of book?

Zhang Han wanted to ask something else.

However, Chu Yuan directly waved his hand, indicating that Zhang Han did not need to speak.

“This book, I let you read it more, just read more.”

“In addition, my sect Divine Armament Pavilion has opened, if you are free, you can go there to see. The weapons that are stored in the Divine Armament Pavilion were all handed down by my Daoless Sect.”

“If you have the chance to get the approval of one of the divine weapons to follow you, it will also be of great benefit to your immortal cultivation path.”

Chu Yuan slowly opened his mouth and said.

Finished speaking.

He turned around and walked towards the outside of the Dharma Transmission Hall.

He came in a hurry and went in a hurry. It’s just that compared to the pleasure when he came, the mood when he left was not very good.

After a trip, I lost a copy of the cheats I bought for money.

Blood loss.

Chu Yuan was depressed and intended to go to the back of the mountain to lie down and sunbathe to ease the mood.

As for Zhang Han.

He was standing in the same place, holding this book “Explanation of Basic Cultivation Methods in the Early Stage of Qi Refining” in his hand in a daze.

Master ……

What does the master mean by this?

The Dharma Transmission Hall had a pile of top-secret books, and they didn’t even refer to the secret level books that were not passed down.

The master did not let him go to read more of those books, but let him read more of this “Refining Qi realm pre-basic cultivation techniques explained” what is the meaning of this.

With a confused mindset. Zhang Han opened this book and read it once. For a book of this level, there was no pressure on him. It only took a while for him to read the complete book.

Only Zhang Han still did not understand. What exactly does the master mean. There was nothing strange about this book.

Oh, the only strange thing is that there is actually an explanatory version of this kind of book of basic cultivation methods in the early stage of Qi refining.

Isn’t it okay to read this kind of book if you have normal eyes? Do you need the explanatory version?

If you use the explanatory version, what kind of waste material does it have to be?

Zhang Han was confused for a moment, looking at the words on the book’s cover.

Explanation of basic cultivation methods in the early stage of Qi refining……

Basic ……

Foundation ……


Suddenly, Zhang Han’s mind shook and shot up to the ground.

“Master! I get it!!!”

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