The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 155: You Broke My Arms

“Not only the Nine Heavens, but I also heard that even the Barefoot Twin Monsters of the Lifeless Sect of the Prison of the Underworld have come!”

“What, the two barefoot monsters! This is a terrifying supreme demon of the Warring Heavens era, and they’re all here!”

“More than that! I heard that the Lifeless Sect has come with an even more terrifying existence than the Barefoot Twin Monsters, but who it is, we don’t know yet!”

On the mountain path in front of them, several sect masters were talking while walking and frothing at the mouth.

The overlords of the Holy Demon Era were already rare, and it was usually difficult to see one. But recently, even many old monsters from the Warring Heaven era kept popping up.

Those were the old monsters of the Warring Heaven Era, ah, such a person, if a hair was plucked from his body, it could crush a large number of Heavenly Gods, so, when the people talk, they all had an excited face, as if they were the sons and nephews of these old monsters or at least their disciples.

“How come the Lifeless Sect also wants to surround and kill Lu Yi Ping?” Someone asked.

“You don’t know this, right? I heard that a few days ago, Lu Yiping interfered with the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom and the Lifeless Sect and killed Lord Sun Haiyin of the Lifeless Sect!”

“What, even Lord Sun Haiyin was killed by Lu Yiping?” The other people were surprised.

The Misty Pavilion deliberately suppressed this matter, so it didn’t spread, not many people knew about it.

“Lu Yiping is simply a god of killing! First, it was the Zither God, Fu Zhuo, then it was the Thunder Ancestor, Lei Yu, the Devil of Qin, Jie, Zheng Shangqing, and now even Sun Haiyin has been killed!”

“And the Painting Saint Lord Liu Ruisheng!”

The crowd said one name after another. Hearing these names, they could not help but tremble in their hearts. These names were all characters that were enshrined in the Nine Heavens, the Divine Canon of the Prison of the Underworld.

Recently, they were all dead!

Especially Painting saint Liu Ruisheng, he was the warring heavens era’s strongest figure!

After all the discussion, the crowd fell to a silence.

At this time, a voice rang out, “Some people are saying that the Barefoot Twin Monsters of the Lifeless Sect have now come to the Nine Heavens?”

Some of the people looked, only to see that there were three more people behind them at some point.

The one who opened his mouth was a young man in a blue shirt.

A True God realm expert nodded his head after being stunned, “Not bad, I heard that they have arrived at the Kunpeng God Sect now and are at the Kunpeng God Sect’s main hall.”

The people who came were none other than the three, Lu Yiping’s.

“Oh, I wonder how many experts have come from the Lifeless Sect this time?” Lu Yiping asked.

“I don’t know, I heard that nearly a hundred people came, and all of them are Plane Lord giants.” The True God realm expert said, then he looked at Lu Yiing and said, “Are the three of you also going to attend the Kun Peng Divine Sect event?”

Lu Yiping laughed and said, “We are indeed going to the Kun Peng Divine Sect. He didn’t say that he was going to attend the grand event either.

“Since we are fellow travelers, let’s join together?” The True God Realm expert laughed, “It’s more lively with more people on the way.”

Lu Yi Ping hesitated for a moment.

“Does brother have other business?” The other party asked.

Lu Yiping shook his head: “No, I don’t think so.”

“No?, then tehre’s no problem.” The True God Realm expert laughed and said.

Lu Yiping finally nodded his head. There was no hurry to get to the Kun Peng Divine Sect anyway. So, he walked with them together.

Through the introduction, Lu Yiping learned that they were from two sects.

The True God realm expert who had just started came from the Daoist Question Sect of the Great Void Domain, named Lin Ze.

The other three who came from the Heavenly God Domain, were all from the True God Realm.

On the way, Lu Yi Ping saw that many Divine Spirit realms were also heading in the direction of the Kun Peng Divine Sect and asked, “Can everyone participate in this Kun Peng Divine Sect event,?”

Lin Ze said, “Almost so, the Kun Peng Divine Clan said that as long as one is a True God realm expert or above, no matter which sect or family, all can participate.”

Then he said, “I heard that the Tai Qing Sword Sect’s Jade Supreme, the Heavenly Beast Sect’s Beast Ancestor, and the Hundred Transformation Sect’s Illusionary Devil Ancestor are also coming.”

Lu Yiping was not surprised that the Tai Qing Sword Sect wanted to kill him, but he did not expect that the Heavenly Beast Sect and the Hundred Transformations Sect would also participate.

Earlier, he killed the ancestor of the Heavenly Beast Sect, Pan Hongping. Did the Heavenly Beast Sect want to kill him because of that?

nd the Hundred Transformation Sect, he did not offend them, right?

After asking, Lu Yiping learned that the Heavenly Beast Sect and the Hundred Transformations Sect always follow the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

Theya all walked and travelled together and two days later, the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s mountain gate was finally in sight.

“Brother Lu, up ahead is the Kun Peng Divine Sect.” Lin Ze pointed to the continuous mountain range in front of him, and above the mountain range, there were groups of palaces and a constant stream of experts.

Although it was still far away, but you could still feel the power of the Kun Peng Divine Sect, the first sect of the Nine Heavens!

In this Kun Peng Divine Sect event, strong people from the Nine Heavens, came from all directions, but, at a glance, most were still the disciples of the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

The experts of all sects together were not as many as the disciples of the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

In the distant crowd, the son of the Golden Light Lord, Jin Tianhong, was hanging out with a few elders of the Kunpeng Divine Sect.

The original patriarch of the Kunpeng Divine Sect, Fei Jie, was his aunt, this Kunpeng Divine Sect event, he accompanied his aunt Jin Meijuan and his father, Lord Jin Guang, came to participate, and had arrived the day before.

Jin Tianhong was walking along when he suddenly saw a blue-shirted figure.

“It’s this kid!” Seeing that it was Lu Yiping, Jin Tianhong’s eyes were murderous.

“Brother Tianhong, what’s wrong?” Kun Peng Divine Sect Elder Shi Wei asked when he saw this.

Jin Tianhong angrily pointed at Lu Yi Ping, “The other day at the Six Eyes Mountain, I had my arms cut off by this man’s lackeys!” His eyes landed on Huang Jiu, who was beside Lu Yi Ping, “It was that dog lackey who cut my arms off!”

Although his arms had been reattached by his aunt Jin Meijuan, after the reattachment, they were ultimately not as good as before, and every time he channel his divine power on his arms, they were more or less uneven, not operating as freely as before.

“Oh!” The Kun Peng Divine Sect’s elders listened to this and looked at Lu Yiping and Huang Jiu. They all looked at each other in an unkind manner.

Shi Wei smiled fiercely and said, “I didn’t expect them to dare to come to the Kun Peng Divine Sect!”

Jin Tianhong said, “I did not reveal my identity, so they do not know my identity. If they knew, give them a hundred guts still they would not dare to make a move.”

Shi Wei laughed, “Brother Tianhong, how do you want to execute them? I’ll go over and bring them over now!”

Jin Tianhong reached out to stop them and said, “They are not weak, his lackey is like me, is an early Heavenly God, but very strong in battle, let’s go call the experts first!”

Several elders of the Kun Peng Divine Sect laughed.

“This is the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s mountain gate, it’s their fault for not daring to fight back.” Shi Wei laughed, “Unless they want to be exterminated.”

Even in other domains, there weren’t many who dared to make a move against the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s elders.

Let alone now at the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s mountain gate. Several elders of the Kun Peng Divine Sect walked towards Lu Yi Ping. Jin Tianhong hesitated for a moment and also followed.

Lin Ze saw an acquaintance in the crowd and was about to go up to say hello when he suddenly saw several elders of the Kunpeng Divine Sect walking over and then blocking in front of him and was startled.

Jin Tianhong came in front of Lu Yiping and said coldly, “I never thought that you would meet me here.”

“Last time at Six Eyes Mountain, you guys broke both of my arms. These days, I have always kept that in mind!”

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