The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 89 – The Meaning of Cooperation

“My boss said, there are not many opportunities to see President Yin deflate, and I have to watch it once. So I am here!” Mu Ruona replied with a smile.

Yin Sichen shook his head speechlessly.

Mo Zixin’s gaze fell softly on Gu Xixi’s body.

Although he had just seen her last night, he felt that a long, long time had passed.

Yin Sichen noticed that Mo Zixin was gazing at Gu Xixi, and he was a little unhappy, “Do you know my wife, President Mo?”

Gu Xixi was startled.

This was the first time Yin Sichen had admitted her identity to an outsider, hadn’t he always kept it secret?

Mo Zixin was also slightly startled, and then pretended not to know anything, and smiled lightly, “It turned out to be Mrs. Yin. She looked exactly the same as my deceased someone.”

Mo Zixin did not expect Yin Sichen to actually reveal his identity as soon as he started. Was this a blow to him?

So what if she was Yin Sichen’s wife?

He also made an investigation last night. Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen got married, only for the child who came to the world unexpectedly.

Not only did the two people have no feelings for each other, but there were even escaped marriage incidents.

If it wasn’t for Yin Sichen to threaten Gu Xixi, she might not marry him.

And if Gu Xixi were really the angel sent by Yun Ye to his side, he would never let go.

Since Yin Sichen took the initiative to post the war notice, he definitely had no reason to avoid it and directly mentioned everything.

Yin Sincheng’s words had a simple meaning in the ears of ordinary people, but in the minds of these three people, it meant hundred revolutions and countless meanings.

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi and said, “Sit next to me.”

Gu Xixi thought for a while. Now that she was the assistant leader of Yin Sichen, she naturally wanted to sit next to him, so she sat down next to him obediently.

In the eyes of other people, this action gave different meanings.

This was a warning to Mo Zixin that Gu Xixi was not Yun Ye. She was Yin Sichen’s wife, and he’d better be more respectful.

In Mo Zixin’s eyes, this behavior turned into a threat that Gu Xixi succumbed to Yin Sichen and had to obey his intentions.

In Mu Ruona’s eyes, that had become an epic love triangle drama.

As expected, Mo Zixin was a man who could share the same fate with Yin Sichen. He didn’t care about the gains and losses at this moment, and he pondered for a moment and said, “What do you think of my proposal, Mr. Yin?”

Yin Sichen’s eyes narrowed for an instant, and he couldn’t hold back the scrutiny from the corner of the slightly picky eye, “Mr. Mo, you’re really good at joking! The foundation of my Yin family is not in N city, but you want to cooperate with me. Aren’t you afraid the Mo family is going to suffer?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can afford it.” Mo Zixin smiled calmly, facing Yin Sichen’s scrutiny.

“Since you have said so, I don’t think it’s good if I refuse.” Yin Sichen smiled softly, “However, my Yin family can also afford it.” 

He just woke up this morning when grandma called. As soon as the phone was connected, her first sentence was that he had to have a good relationship with Mo Zixin! This was a good opportunity to intervene in domestic energy!

Mo Zixin was a recent big hit.

A project he was currently working on was said to be supported by a certain aspect.

With some support, one could imagine how encouraging it was.

Countless people wanted to take Mo Zixin’s ride, but this ride was not so easy.

Not everyone could see the people of the Mo family.

Just when everyone was watching, the Mo family took the initiative to join the Yin family consortium, which had an extremely good reputation, both domestically and internationally, and offered to cooperate with the Yin family consortium to develop this project.

Countless people were going crazy with jealousy.

This was not simply measured by money.

It was about status, absolute status.

The Yin Consortium had been working for so many years, spanning countless fields, but there were also areas that the Yin family couldn’t touch, such as domestic energy. And the cooperation brought by the Mo family this time was precisely energy.

This item could definitely fill the vacancy of Yin’s Consortium in domestic energy.

The reason why Mo Zixin cooperated with the Yin Consortium was naturally because of the Yin family’s power and status in the Middle East and Africa!

As a member of the Mo family, how could Mo Zixin not know the control of the Yin Consortium in the Middle East and Africa?

So this was a strong alliance, but it was also a very risky and bold attempt.

Once the cooperation fell apart, it was likely to cause changes in international politics.

Yin Sichen was naturally happy to see this cooperation succeed.

The Yin family had enough energy in Africa and the Middle East, which was one of the reasons why the Yin family was rampant on three continents.

In this world where the one in power had the right to speak, an investment decision made by the Yin family could affect drastic changes in several stock markets such as Nasdaq, Shenzhen, and Shanghai.

Yin Sichen disagreed with the reminder.

Although the Yin family had always been blank in terms of domestic energy because of the ancestral training, the Yin family had also been trying to get involved in domestic energy.

However, the Mo family was not the only one who controlled the energy sector in China.

As long as the Yin family was willing, countless people would take the initiative to discuss this business with him.

However, the words also made sense.

After all, there were military and political forces behind the Mo family. Sometimes, a strong dragon still had to have a good relationship with the ground snake.

Yin Sichen was not worried that this cooperation would fail. In fact, he had never failed.

He only cared about one thing, what exactly did Mo Zixin want to do to Gu Xixi?

So he didn’t mind playing with Mo Zixin, and Mo Zixin also looked confident.

Mo Zixin studied Yin’s consortium and Yin Sichen.

He knew that Yin Sichen had been coveting the domestic energy industry over the years but suffered from not having the right people to pave the way.

Now he took the initiative to hand over the olive branch, and the Yin family definitely had no reason to refuse.

Besides, with the support of the Mo family, did the Yin family dare to disagree?

On the surface, the two people were a light cloud and wind, but they were facing each other secretly. Although she didn’t talk much, Mu Ruona understood everything.

Only Gu Xixi alone, sitting next to her like a fool, completely unaware of what they were saying.

“What about the conditions?” Yin Sichen went straight to the subject, “The Mo family gave such a large piece of cake to the Yin family. Of course, it wouldn’t be unconditional, right?”

Mo Zixin’s gaze shifted to Gu Xixi’s body inadvertently, and he lightly said, “Mr. Yin is really a smart person! Since everyone is smart, I won’t talk nonsense. I do have an unsympathetic request.”

Yin Sichen’s eyes were already cold.

Gu Xixi still didn’t understand the situation at all.

She could handle all kinds of big and small matters in the company.

But negotiation… She really hadn’t done it.

Mu Ruona had already guessed something and waved to Gu Xixi and said, “Xixi, let’s go out with me!”

Gu Xixi was startled, turned to look at Yin Sichen, and saw him nodding. She stood up, smiled politely at Mo Zixin, following Mu Ruona, and left the meeting room.

As soon as she left the meeting room, Mu Ruona asked her first, “Xixi, do you know Mo Zixin?”

Gu Xixi was confused, “How is it possible? I only met him a few times.”

Mu Ruona said leisurely, “But he gave me the feeling that he has known you for a long time. I’m just telling you. Okay, my purpose for coming today has been reached, it seems that the Mo family and the Yin family are really going to cooperate. In the future, my boss is expected to hold Yin Sichen’s thigh. I will set it up with you first, and it will be easy to do things in the future!”

Mu Ruona finished this sentence, stepping on high heels and swaying away.

Gu Xixi looked at her back and suddenly felt that this woman was actually not bad at all.

Maybe her appearance and external conditions were so glamorous that others would misunderstand her, right?

In other words, what did the president of ODS look like? Facing such a swaying vice president every day… could she really be calm?

Meanwhile, the two people in the conference room had gone straight to the topic.

“What do you want?” Yin Sichen asked directly.

“I propose to let Mrs. Yin takes charge of this cooperation,” Mo Zixin stopped writing and directly replied. “It’s easy to talk about other conveniences such as the proportion of the partnership.”

“She is just a small assistant, and she can’t handle a big cooperation case like this.” Yin Sichen frowned, he didn’t like this way of cooperation very much!

As expected, he really came at Gu Xixi.

“It’s okay, as I said, the ratio of cooperation and other aspects are easy to say. My team has enough ability to do this thing well. It only needs the Yin family’s forces in the Middle East and Africa to cooperate.” Mo Zixin smiled innocently, “You are so nervous President Yin, are you afraid that I will take Mrs. Yin away?” 

Yin Sichen suddenly burst into laughter, “You can really make a joke, President Mo! It is a blessing to be able to make you fancy her! It proved my eyes even more.”

Yin Sichen crossed his fingers on his knees and looked at Mo Zixin so calmly.

This cooperation case was very important to the Yin family. This was the best opportunity to get involved in domestic energy!

The Yin family waited so long for this opportunity!

In spite of the death orders from the two leaders of the previous two generations, the Yin family consortium was strictly forbidden to get involved with the domestic military and politics.

But the situation at that time was completely different from now. In the past, the Yin family members in China were light-spoken and not enough to pose a threat, but now the Yin family group was strong enough to make any country’s regime vigilant.

If the Yin family did not hold them tightly in time and refused to cooperate with the Mo family, then the Yin Consortium was bound to fall into a bottleneck or even be suppressed! Within the regime, variables beyond control would not be allowed to exist.

If the Yin family wanted to retain its power distribution in the country, cooperation with the Mo family was inevitable.

As the new generation head of the Yin Consortium, he naturally had enough wisdom to see this through.

However, Yin Sichen didn’t want the Mo family to get their energy sources abroad so easily.

If they wanted to cooperate with the Yin’s, they had to show the energy and capital to cooperate!

But Yin Sichen felt uncomfortable letting Gu Xixi come into contact with Mo Zixin, no matter what he thought.

*Did you know that this novel is made into a drama? however the plot is different, but the characters naming and the incidents were mostly used in the drama or inspired it. The title is “Once We Get Married?”

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