The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 154: Heaven-opening Axe and Earth-breaking Chisel

“This is a tree block for the Foundation trees?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull followed behind Lu Yi Ping and was taken aback when he saw the several-men-high tree block.

“No way, this is really a foundation tree block?” Having disbelief, he went up and touched it, then knocked it again.

With the strength of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, when he knocked on the tree block, there was no sound at all. The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was dismayed.

He was clear about his own strength; however, when he knocked on the tree block, there was no sound, the skin of the tree block did not even move a little.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull knocked again with force. The tree block still had no sound.

“No need to knock.” Lu Yiping said, “The tree body of the Foundation Tree is comparable to the hardest divine iron in Chaos time, and it can automatically absorb the attacking power, so there will be no echo whatsoever if you knock like this.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “A piece of tree block has such a defense. Back then, the Foundation Tree defense was too terrifying.”

Lu Yiping nodded his head.

“The Foundation Tree is so hard, what did Heaven Emperor old man use to cut the building tree back then?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was puzzled.

With the Foundation Tree’s hardness, even ordinary supreme treasures couldn’t hurt the Foundation Tree in the slightest.

Lu Yiping made a guess, “It might be a Heaven-opening Divine axe or an Earth-breaking chisel!”

Only the Heaven-opening Divine Axe and the Earth-breaking Chisel could cut the tree all over the universe.

Heaven-opening Divine Axe and Earth-breaking Chisel are Chaos supreme treasures just like the Jade Disc of Creation.

“Heaven-opening Divine Axe, Earth-breaking chisel.” The Dragon Horn Golden Bull’s eyes blazing, “Damn, if I have one of them, in this heaven and earth and the ten thousand worlds, I could walk sideways one with no worries.”

Lu Yiping said, “Then you try walking sideways a few steps.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull did not blush and laughed, “When I get the Heaven-opening Axe and the Earth-breaking Chisel, I will walk sideways again.”

Lu Yiping lifted the tree block with his hand, but it was so heavy that it was even heavier than a giant ancient mountain.

The few meters high tree block was so heavy, back then, no one knew how many thousands of feet and stood between heaven and earth, one could imagine how heavy it was. However, the Heaven Emperor cut the tree, and when the tree fell, it could be presumed that it could smash through many realms.

Lu Yiping put the tree block into the Universe Cauldron, then went back and saw if his previously grown tree could absorb the tree block and fuse it.

If it could, then he wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble of finding all kinds of chaos water later.

These days, he insisted on watering two bowls of Star Chaos Water every day, and it only took him a big bucket of Star Chaos Water.

After that, Lu Yiping found quite a few good things in the depths of the Zither Saint Palace’s treasure trove.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull also did not stay idle. When he spotted good things, he also all collected them.

A full day of scavenging.

After the Zither Saint Palace treasury was completely clean, they left the treasury and then went to the other palaces of the Zither Saint Palace to look at.

Finally, the crowd came to the Zither Saint Palace’s spiritual medicine garden.

The Zither Saint Palace and the Northern Star divine palace’s spiritual medicine garden were naturally not small. All the spiritual medicines planted there were rare spiritual medicine. After the ancient, middle, and recent ages, these spiritual medicines at least had been grown to a million years level.

They also collected all of them. When he came out of the Zither Saint Palace, Che Dongyang smiled so much that his face blossomed.

The treasure map was his property, so Lu Yiping did not mistreat him.

After coming out, Lu Yiping didn’t stay any longer and left the Hidden God Valley with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The matter of the Zither Saint Palace was over, so after leaving the Hidden God Valley, Lu Yiping separated from Che Dongyang.

It was night, and the moonlight star was thin.

On a mountain peak not far from the Hidden God Valley, Lu Yiping sat by the campfire with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Huang Jiu. While the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was nibbling on a jade-like spiritual fruit that he had found in the Zither Saint Palace today.

“This Purple Jade Fruit, it tastes so good.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said as he nibbled.

Huang Jiu smiled bitterly, this was a million-year-old level Purple Jade Fruit, of course, it tasted good.

She also took one, cherished a small bite, only to feel her mouth was full of fragrance.

Lu Yiping sipped his wine and looked through several books he found in the treasury of the Zither Saint Palace today.

One of them was the Zither Canon of the Zither Saint Palace, and the other was the handbook of the Zither Saint Palace Master.

In this handbook, the Lord of the Zither Saint Palace wrote down his own experience of the zither dao and wrote down many things from ancient times, but of course, the things were mainly about the Zither Saint Palace.

Turning to the last few pages, Lu Yiping suddenly stopped, “Yin borer tribe?”

The Zither Saint Palace Master mentioned the yin borer tribe in these last few pages.

When Lu Yiping finished turning the pages, his eyes were cold.

According to the Zither Saint Palace Master, the constant infighting in the North Star Divine Palace after the Palace Master perished that year was actually the conspiracy and manipulation of the Yin Borer Tribe.

At the same time, he got to build a tree block, having known by the Yin borer tribe, the destruction of the Zither Saint Palace was also related to the Yin borer tribe.

Seeing Lu Yi Ping’s expression, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Yiping showed the last few pages of the handbook to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

After reading it, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull also had cold eyes, “It’s the Yin Borer tribe again, this bunch of bastards.”

Lu Yiping, on the other hand, pondered.

According to the meaning of the Palace Master of Zither Saint Palace, the Yin Borer tribe was also looking for tree blocks for tree building?

What does the Yin Borers want? Did they also want to resurrect the Foundation Tree?

If the Yin Borers had a tree, they would be able to travel freely to and from the Ten Thousand Realms, and then it would be extremely convenient for them to act.

The Yin borer tribe was very ambitious. After the destruction of the ancient heaven, the Yin borer tribe had always wanted to control the Ten Thousand Worlds and suppress the heavens.

Lu Yiping took out the sapling and the tree block, then ran the Qing Emperor divine Wood Skill, wrapped the tree block, and landed over the sapling.

When the tree block came near the sapling, suddenly, the sapling created a strong suction force and sucked the tree block down.

The sapling and the tree block were like two magnets, sucking each other together. Then, the sapling and the tree block flashed with a greenish light, and the tree block began to merge into the sapling’s tree body little by little.

With the fusion of the tree block, the original palm-sized sapling began to grow, and soon, it grew to half a meter high!

Then, it was one meter!

Two meters!

Initially, the sapling tree was only finger-sized, as if it would break at any time, but now, as it continued to grow taller, the tree also gradually thickened, and soon, it was as thick as an adult’s arm.

Finally, when the building tree was completely fused with the tree block, it grew to a full height of three meters, and the tree was as thick as two arms.

The Chaos Qi all around it dazzled.

“Holy shit!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the change in the Foundation Tree and spoke.

Lu Yiping’s heart was happy, the growing sapling was really able to absorb and fuse the previous Foundation tree block.

These days, he poured two bowls of Star Chaos Water every day, the Jian Shu only grew this much, and now, just by fusing a tree block, it grew to three meters high.

After putting away the Foundation Tree, Lu Yiping took out the main stele of the Heavenly Tablet and the nine steles around the main stele and continued to enlighten.

It was dawn.

Lu Yiping and the others began to depart for the Demon God Domain. It was also time to settle the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

The Devil God Domain, the first domain in the Nine Heavens, was also where the Kun Peng Divine Sect was located.

The Zither domain was close to the Devil God domain, the next day, Lu Yiping and his party stepped into the Devil God domain.

“Lei Hao issued the Kun Peng Divine Order to gather all the superpowers of the Nine Heavens. Does he want to raise the power of the entire Nine Heavens to surround and kill Lu Yiping?” After Lu Yi Ping stepped into the Devil God Domain, the sect experts they met along the way all talked about Lei Hao summoning all the superpowers of the Nine Heavens.

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