Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 51 – Divine Armament Pavilion

Heavenly Mist Mountain.

Clouds and mist were layered on top of each other as if they were endless, and even the scorching sunlight could not penetrate the clouds and mists.

Above the Daoless Sect Mountain Gate.

Chu Yuan was holding a huge iron box in one hand, holding a blood-red longsword in the other, stepping on the dharma clouds with the soles of his feet, and his robes were hanging out.

“Finally, I’m back.”

Chu Yuan looked at the territory that belonged to his sect and felt a burst of bitterness.

The Golden Core realm mana was really too little ah. He drove the dharma cloud and flew back from Mirror Lake.

It took five times to stop before he flew back. Chu Yuan didn’t know what the situation was.

Always feel that the box seems to have a spiritual nature? Sometimes heavy and sometimes light, as if deliberately tossing him ……

Chu Yuan’s gaze fell on the box in his hand, and after a while of silence, he looked at the bloody sword in his other hand.

It must be the pot of this sword. This sword must be some kind of divine weapon! The spirit of the divine weapon guided this box to become heavier.

That must be it.

It can’t be that this pile of scrap iron piece by piece is a divine weapon, right?


Just kidding, huh?

Even if these obscure things were divine weapons, then he could swallow this box in one bite, without any chewing!

Obviously, there was only one divine weapon. It was this long sword in his hand!

Chu Yuan tenderly looked at this blood-colored longsword in his hand. Mobilize mana and inject it into it.

Buzz ……

The blood-colored long sword suddenly radiated red light, illuminating the entire mountain gate.

“Good sword! Good sword! It’s really a good sword! ! ”

Chu Yuan said again and again. He was in a delighted mood. With this divine weapon, isn’t he invincible?

When the time comes to recover to the Nascent Soul realm, coupled with this divine weapon, it will really be God to kill God, Buddha to kill Buddha!

 Invincible by holding the divine weapon!

But Chu Yuan was curious. Why can’t he leave a brand on this blood-colored longsword?

He saw it from the basic cultivation method of the pre-Qi refining realm.

Any divine weapon needs to be engraved with its owner’s brand in order to communicate with the divine weapon’s mind and maximize the power of the divine weapon.

But Chu Yuan could not leave a brand on the bloody longsword. Chu Yuan himself couldn’t figure out why.

It’s hard to believe that this bloody longsword was not a divine treasure?

Ha, what a joke.

Was it not a divine weapon? How could it be when injected with mana, it could emit such dazzling light.

“It must be that this is a very high-grade divine treasure, it doesn’t recognize me yet, use more mana to warm it up later. It will definitely recognize me.”

“Do not think so much first, find a place to put down these scrap iron.”

“I don’t know how Zhang Han is doing.”

Chu Yuan secretly thought to himself.

In the next moment, Chu Yuan stopped thinking and, with the huge iron box in his hand, he once again set up the Dharma Cloud and flew towards the sect.

When entering the sect’s main hall, Chu Yuan deliberately used his divine sense to sweep around. He found that Zhang Han still stayed in the Dharma Transmission Hall reading books.

This made Chu Yuan feel strange, but he didn’t say anything but flew in the direction of the back of the cliff.


There are many great halls within the Daoless Sect.

Starting from the square of the main hall, row by row were all halls, all the way to the end near the back of the cliff.

But most of the halls were closed. Only the Dharma Transmission Hall was open.

Do not ask why.

The answer was that Chu Yuan had never collected any resources. Those temples were empty, and naturally, they were all closed.

At this moment, Chu Yuan came to a hall, and it was a hall near the back of the cliff. Instead of a hall, it would be better to say that it was a pavilion.

A very ancient pavilion, the surface of the pavilion was made of a kind of trees, all the time revealing an ancient aura as if this pavilion had been passed down for tens of thousands of years.

“This is the place, right?”

Chu Yuan landed in front of the pavilion, and the Dharma clouds under his feet automatically dissipated.

He put the iron box down, and only then did he survey the pavilion, according to the sect’s introduction given to him by the system.

This was the place where the Daoless Sect stored the divine weapons and treasures.  The name was Divine Armament Pavilion.

I have to say, this sect given by the system was still reliable.

Look, look. This pavilion really looks like that.

Stuff some broken iron inside.

Saying that what was inside were divine weapons, some people definitely believed it!

Chu Yuan nodded in satisfaction, mobilized his magic power, communicated with the Great Formation of the Daoless Sect, and unsealed the place where the Divine Armament Pavilion was sealed.

He stepped inside the Divine Armament Pavilion. 

The moment he walked in, Chu Yuan could smell a strange smell.

Chu Yuan couldn’t tell the taste.

It’s just a bit strange.

It smells like a decadent tree, but it doesn’t look like it.

Chu Yuan shook his head and looked ahead.

After walking into the pavilion, a road appeared; a ‘concave-shaped stone platform was established on both sides of the road.

Each stone platform was separated by nine meters, not more than a millimeter, not less than a millimeter seemed to have some kind of allegorical meaning.

Keep walking forward.

Chu Yuan counted these stone platforms.

There were hundreds of them.

It was enough to store these ‘scrap iron’.  Chu Yuan walked all the way to the end. Only to see that there was also a stone platform at the end.

It was just that this stone platform was more than twice as large as the other stone platforms, and it was in the center of the road, unlike other stone platforms, which were on both sides of the road.

After roughly browsing, Chu Yuan did not delve further and opened the iron box.

The mana gushed out like a tidal wave, putting all those obscure weapons inside on the stone platform.

A weapon was placed on each stone platform. Soon, Chu Yuan put all his weapons away. There were still several stone platforms empty.

However, Chu Yuan did not have obsessive-compulsive disorder, just glanced at it and left with satisfaction.

It’s done.

In the future, this Divine Armament Pavilion could also be used to fool people. He was one step closer to becoming stronger!

“Go and talk to that honest disciple Zhang Han first, let him come to the Divine Armament Pavilion for a stroll if he has nothing to do so as not to read books every day and make him look stupid.”

Chu Yuan chanted twice. The figure moved, floating away, dashing like the wind.

What Chu Yuan did not know was that after he left. The entire divine Armament Pavilion was in chaos. The original obscure and lightless weapons were revived, emitting a dazzling light, and a terrifying might rose up.

These forces collided together as if they were comparing something.

 A moment later.

All the weapons all moved, exchanging positions with each other. The scene here was as if ……The powerful weapons were forcing the weaker weapons to give way. ……

A very mysterious scene.

The last to fall at the top, as if the king of all the soldiers, was a broken ancient bronze mirror, the mirror surface emits a burst of golden light.

After the position was sorted, all the weapons once again converge all kinds of light, reverting to an obscure and lightless appearance.

The sacred weapons were obscure since ……

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