Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 50: The Regret

Mountain peak, at the palace entrance.

Looking at Patriarch Qian Yuan in front of him.

Ye Luo felt disbelief.

The Lord of the Eastern State Holy Land.  The Empyrean Dao Sect Patriarch.  A great expert of the God Transformation Realm.

Now his cultivation was actually ruined and became a mortal-like existence. Moreover, relying on the body of a mortal, he pretended to be a strong expert for three months.

No one from the Empyrean Dao Sect actually found out.


No one will believe this, right?

Ye Luo took a deep breath and stared at Patriarch Qian Yuan.

“Patriarch, since you have been disguising yourself, why are you now taking the initiative to talk to me about these things? Aren’t you afraid that I will leak this matter to the Grand Elder and the others?”

 “No way, do you want to get the help of my Daoless Sect?” Ye Luo spoke.

“Yes, little friend Ye, there is no one in the entire Eastern State who can help me, the only hope is the Daoless Sect!” Patriarch Qian Yuan said in a sincere tone.

An Empyrean Dao Sect patriarch without cultivation ……

If this was discovered by others, then his life was probably not guaranteed.

Hearing these words.

Ye Luo was silent for a while, and then walked outside the hall door and looked at the sky full of stars.

Swoosh ……

The breeze blew past, blowing his robe.

After a while.

Ye Luo spoke again.

“I can’t help you. ”

“But my master may be able to help you. I have been practicing with Master for less than half a year, and I only know a little bit about my Daoless Sect, so I don’t know how to deal with your situation.”

“But my master is the master of the Daoless sect, his cultivation is profound, perhaps only my master can help you.”

The voice rang out.

Patriarch Qian Yuan was excited and shocked. What was exciting was that perhaps there was really a solution to his situation.

What was shocking was that the Daoless Sect was actually this terrifying, Ye Luo’s power, he saw it with his own eyes, the normal God Transformation Realm probably was not even Ye Luo’s match.

But with such a powerful existence, it took less than half a year to get started! Patriarch Qian Yuan thought he was already high enough to see the Daoless Sect.

Now it seems that it was still underestimated.

“Little friend Ye, then do you have a way to contact the venerable master? I want to have a meeting with your Master, as long as I can have a meeting with your Master, I can agree to whatever conditions!”

Patriarch Qian Yuan said with strong suppression of his excitement.

“I’m sorry, my master is invisible to the gods and dragons, under normal circumstances it is impossible to find him unless you can go to the Daoless Sect with me maybe you can meet my master.”

Ye Luo shook his head.

“Then I may go with you to the Daoless Sect? As long as you promise, little friend Ye, you can do whatever you want!!!”

Patriarch Qian Yuan said while clenching his teeth.

He was the lord of the Eastern State Holy Land and knew more information than everyone in the Eastern State. Even he could not do anything about his situation. Then the only hope could only be in the Daoless Sect.

As long as he could recover, then he would have the hope of rising again in the east. So no matter what the cost, he was willing to pay.

On the side, Ye Luo heard the words and did not immediately agree, but hesitated.

“It’s okay, but I don’t want to return to the sect yet, I still plan to go out and travel a bit before returning to the sect.”

“And I plan to leave the Empyrean Dao Sect tomorrow.” Ye Luo opened his mouth and said.

To be honest, he also planned to travel around the eastern state to promote the name of his Daoless Sect. Let the multitudes of people in the eastern state all remember the might of the Daoless Sect and all remember the greatness of his master.

Once this statement was made.

Patriarch Qian Yuan without any hesitation, directly said: “Then please take me with you, I will accompany you on your travels, I am also the head of a holy land, I have seen a lot, and can help you with anything, as long as I can accompany you back to the Daoless Sect!”

This ……

I have seen a lot of things.

But you are now a mortal, sure you will not drag me down?

Ye Luo’s eyes slightly disgusted looking at Patriarch Qian Yuan. When Patriarch Qian Yuan saw this look, he suddenly became aggrieved.

Think of him as the lord of the Eastern State Holy Land. When has he ever been disliked?

But now ……

Now he was despised

“Little friend Ye! I won’t drag you down! I’ll bring my own mount, and my mount also has the strength of the Golden Core realm!” Patriarch Qian Yuan gritted his teeth and said.

“According to what you said, your primordial soul is gone, and your mount’s brand is also gone, how did you communicate with your mount? Rely on emotional communication?”

Ye Luo suddenly thought of this point and was curious.

“Well …… rely on emotion, and that is my mount does not know that my cultivation is gone.”

“Then if your mount knows that your cultivation is gone, will it also dislike you?”

Patriarch Qian Yuan, “……”

Thank you, I was offended.

“Okay, I won’t ink with you anymore. Since you want to travel with me, just take advantage of the night and go. It may be difficult for you to go out during the day. Now leave a letter and go.” Ye Luo shook his head with a smile and said.

Finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the hall. Ready to leave a letter to those licking dogs, and leave.

Patriarch Qian Yuan still wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, leaving while it was night was probably the best way to go as well.

So, he could only turn around and return towards his palace as well.

After finishing up, the two of them left two letters and left while it was still night

When the disciples guarding the door saw Ye Luo, they did not dare to stop them and could only let them leave.


The next day.

The Grand Elder ran to Ye Luo’s palace excitedly early in the morning, wanting to come and have a “chat” with Ye Luo. But once he came to the palace, he couldn’t find Ye Luo. Finally, after some searching, he found a letter left by Ye Luo.

The Grand Elder opened it and realized that Ye Luo had left to travel to the Eastern State.

“Little friend Ye! How could you be so cruel as to abandon me and go!!!” The Grand Elder cried out in the early morning.

He hadn’t even had a chance to lick to Ye Luo properly.

Just gone like that. He didn’t know when the next time he would see Ye Luo again.

It’s a pity!!! Just as the Grand Elder was sighing repeatedly. A disciple came by flying sword, bringing a message.

Patriarch Qian Yuan had also left and left a letter.

Stating that his cultivation was not good enough, he followed Ye Luo to go away to travel the eastern state, and then followed Ye Luo to cultivate in the Daoless Sect.

At the same time, he made it clear that he would step down as the patriarch and leave it to others to take charge of the  Empyrean Dao Sect.

Ye Luo took Patriarch Qian Yuan and ran away!!! The Grand Elder once again cried out in ghostly tears.

“Damn Patriarch! How dare you shortcut us!!!”

“On the surface, he pretended to be a puritan and not a licking dog, but he ended up secretly seducing little friend Ye, he is simply not a man!

“I thought that within the Empyrean Dao Sect, I was the strongest licking dog, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it! Patriarch is really the licking dog hiding behind ……”

“I regret it ……”

The great elder wailed ……

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