Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 49 – Patriarch Qian Yuan is a Waste

It was quiet inside and outside the arena.

Ye Luo looked at his palm in confusion.

Everyone outside the venue looked at Patriarch Qian Yuan, who had fallen to the ground in a daze.

That’s it?

What about the grand battle?

Did their life-saving cards were used in vain?

Everyone was silent.

At this moment, the birdsong seemed unusually loud and harsh.

The air was unusually eerie.

Everyone was silent for a while. One after another, they put their eyes on the many elders of the Empyrean Dao Sect beside them.

The meaning couldn’t be more obvious, wanting these elders to give an explanation.

These elders, not to mention giving a statement, they themselves were dumbfounded.

Was their patriarch defeated like this?

The Lord of the Eastern State Holy Land was defeated like this?

The defeat was so devastating that they didn’t even see how.

If they didn’t know, they would have thought their patriarch was an actor.

Fortunately, the Grand Elder reacted quickly.

He looked at the fallen Patriarch Qian Yuan in the distant arena and then looked at everyone’s reaction.

“Second Elder! Third Elder! What are you still standing there for? Why don’t you go and bring the Patriarch back to recuperate from his injuries?!”

“Everyone, sorry, this sect competition will end here first, my sect’s noble guest is really skillful, defeated my sect master in one move!”

“About the follow-up matter, my sect will give a reply in a few days. Please also down the mountain first.” The Grand Elder calmed down and commanded in the face of danger.

After asking the many elders to invite these sect representatives to go down the mountain. Only then did the Grand Elder drop his gaze on the still confused Ye Luo.

His expression was also strange.

According to the rules.

Ye Luo had defeated Patriarch Qian Yuan, so Ye Luo should sit in the Empyrean Dao Sect’s Patriarch.

But how could the position of the patriarch be alternated so nonsensically?

If it were a normal person, he could use the Empyrean Dao Sect’s great power to oppress it.

But it happened that Ye Luo was a disciple of the secluded sect.

Backed by the secluded sect.

Behind it stood an unfathomable master.

The Grand Elder was more and more scornful of that existence on the scroll.

To be able to teach such a powerful disciple as Ye Luo, that existence’s realm, I’m afraid, was much more than this simple.

“This little friend Ye, what realm is he at? I actually couldn’t see the traces of his moves just now.”

When the Grand Elder thought of the scene where Patriarch Qian Yuan had just been ‘instantly wasted,’ a touch of confusion could not be controlled to appear on his old face.

To be honest.

He couldn’t see what had just happened.

In just a split second, Patriarch Qian Yuan was gone.

Was Ye Lu too strong?

The Grand Elder shook his head and flew towards the bottom of the arena, quickly landing next to Ye Luo.

That old face became very fast and squeezed out a chrysanthemum smile.

“Little friend Ye! Are you tired? You must have consumed a lot using such a powerful sword move, right? Let’s go, and get you a batch of pills to make up for it.”

“This sword of yours is okay, right? Do you want me to get a few master refiners to help you repair this sword of yours, little friend Ye?”

The Grand Elder said with a smile. An excellent manner of talking. In contrast to the previous image, it was like two people.

 Standing there with a confused face, Ye Luo looked at the Grand Elder, standing there with a confused face.

“Grand Elder, do you believe me when I say I didn’t make a move just now?”

Ye Luo said seriously.

“Er …… old man believes! The old man believes!” The grand elder froze for a moment and nodded his head in a hurry.

What you say is what it is.

The patriarch was beaten by you to vomit blood, and you just say what you want to say.

Ye Luo looked at the look of the elders, helplessly sighed.

I really did not do it ah.

How come no one believes me.

That Patriarch Qian Yuan is definitely an actor!

He’s fooling me!!!

Ye Luo sighed repeatedly and finally could only leave in gloom and return to the palace to wait.


This sect competition came to an end with this dramatic but shocking result in the end. The representatives of the major sects all returned to their respective sects overnight.

All the things that happened in the Empyrean Dao Sect were reported to their respective sects to know.

Soon, the night came.

In the mountain palace where Ye Luo lived, an uninvited guest was ushered in.

At this moment.

Ye Luo was sitting cross-legged at the hall entrance, with a long sword lying horizontally in front of him.

Dao rhyme was released and enveloped the entire palace.

Ye Luo noticed when the uninvited guest arrived.

“Hmm? Patriarch Qian Yuan?”

Ye Luo opened his eyes and looked at the person who was walking quietly towards his palace.

This person was precisely Patriarch Qian Yuan, who acted before him during the day and pretended to vomit blood.

Pretending to be pretentious in the daytime and still dare to come to him at night?

Ye Luo frowned, under the Dao rhyme, the long sword in front of his body buzzed and automatically sheathed itself, stabbing towards Patriarch Qian Yuan who was sneaking around.

Patriarch Qian Yuan, who was approaching the palace, was in crisis, and his cold hair stood upright, and he immediately understood that Ye Luo had discovered him.

“Little friend Ye, wait! I am Qian Yuan!!!” Patriarch Qian Yuan shouted loudly.

He was afraid that if he were not careful, he would really be struck by Ye Luo with a sword.

He sneaked out in the dark. He wanted to come and ask for advice from Ye Luo to see if the secluded sect had a method to restore cultivation.

Not to mention the restoration of cultivation, it would be nice to say that the bugs in his body can be relieved.


The longsword that flew without a sound stopped at the brow of Patriarch Qian Yuan, less than a centimeter.

The cold light coming from the longsword made Patriarch Qian Yuan swallow his saliva, only to feel that death was knocking on the door.

Ye Luo walked out slowly in the darkness, stretched out his hand, and retracted the long sword into its sheath.

“Patriarch, what are you doing here?”

Ye Luo slowly spoke. The tone of his voice was not too kind.

During the day, he wanted to compete with this Patriarch Qian Yuan, firstly, to follow his master’s orders and step on the Empyrean Dao Sect, and secondly, to see at what point his ultimate combat power was.

But this Patriarch Qian Yuan is not a good person to actually play him!!

“Sorry, little friend Ye, what happened during the day, it was my fault, but I also have my reasons. Please don’t take offense!”

Patriarch Qian Yuan sighed with relief and said with full apologies.

“Reasons? Patriarch, then you should tell us what your reason is.” Ye Luo clutched his longsword and said in a nonchalant voice.

Hearing these words.

Patriarch Qian Yuan was silent for a moment, and a struggle look appeared on his face.

After hesitating for a long time, Patriarch Qian Yuan still intended to say it.

“Not to hide from little friend Ye know, I have lost all my cultivation, nowadays, I am a mortal, the incident during the day, I am afraid of being killed by you by mistake with a sword, that’s why I made this move.”

Patriarch Qian Yuan told Ye Luo about how he had lost all his cultivation.

After listening, Ye Luo was dumbfounded.

The dignified Eastern State Holy Land, the Empyrean Dao Sect’s Patriarch, was now actually a ruined talent? A waste mortal?

And his primordial spirit was shattered, can’t be repaired, stuck in a bug, completely unable to cultivate, turned into a waste mortal?

This ……

What should he say?……

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