It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 303 – Phoenix City Crisis

Heaven Harmony Realm.

An old man with ragged clothes and a miserable appearance was limping forward, holding his hips tightly from time to time.

This person was none other than Yu Guizi.

“Ouch ……” With every step he took, he let out a miserable cry.

“Damn it, damn it!”

“This time I came to Demon Ancestor Mountain, I lost a lot!”

“Two earth transport talismans and a whisk, just like that.” Yu Guizi’s teeth were clenched and his heart was dripping blood.

“What should I do? Am I going to be trapped here forever?” Yu Guizi frowned tightly with a thoughtful look on his face.

After some thought, Yu Guizi took out a talisman seal.

“There’s no way out, only this boundary-breaking talisman can get me out of here!”

“This time, it’s really a loss!”

Yu Guizi muttered and instantly ignited the boundary-breaking talisman.

In front of him, a ripple surfaced. Without thinking, he dived into it and disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at a certain location on Mount Tu.

“My goodness, all …… are immortals!”

“Ancestor, what the hell is happening here?”

“Run, I can never come back to this place!”

Without thinking, Yu Guizi once again took out an earth transport talisman. Without thinking any hesitation, he directly ignited it.

“I can always go to the Golden Crow tribe, right?”

“Pick up a few Golden Crow feathers, that’s not bad either!”

Yu Guizi drilled into the ground ripples and disappeared.



Demon Ancestor Mountain, Phoenix City, the palace hall.

A middle-aged woman with a distinguished temperament sat on the main seat. With a glance, it has the aura of an emperor, which makes people look at it and dare not look directly.

This person was the current demon emperor-Huang Youli. In front of Huang Youli, stood two rows of men in brocade clothes. Everyone was full of energy and extraordinary power.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” The crowd of men in brocade clothes knelt down and kowtowed.

“Get up!” Huang Youli spoke indifferently.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Say if you have something to say, nothing to say, leave the court!” Huang Youli spoke.

“Your Majesty!” At this moment, a middle-aged man standing at the front stood out.

He was none other than Huang Youli’s husband – Xiang Tingye, who was also King Ye, the clan leader of the Divine Elephant Clan.

Xiang Tingye glanced around, and the ministers behind him nodded slightly.

“King Ye, what matter do you have to present?” Huang Youli asked.

Instead of answering, Xiang Tingye took a step forward and held his hands on the crown on his head.



There was a sound of a sword piercing into the flesh and blood.

In the main hall, one by one, the golden-armored guards fell straight down.

“Boom ……”

Crashing to the ground, their bodies directly exploded into pieces. To their death, they did not let out a scream.

“Swoosh ……”

Hundreds of figures appeared out of thin air, and in an instant, they surrounded Huang Youli in very tightly

Seeing this scene, Huang Youli’s expression did not change. She sat calmly on the spot, motionless. That look, like a king who controls everything.

“Haha ……”

Xiang Tingye laughed loudly up in the sky, pleased to the extreme.

“Huang Youli, I didn’t expect it, you will also have a day like this!”

“Now, do you have any last words?” Xiang Tingye looked at Huang Youli and spoke.

Huang Youli’s face did not change, the corners of her mouth raised, “With these people of yours, you still don’t dare to be this reckless!”

“Hiding and hiding, is it interesting?” Huang Youli said. This word just finished.

“Pa pa ……”

A burst of applause sounded.

Five green-robed men with masked faces walked out from the four corners. On each of them, they all emitted an immortal level aura.

“Since you’ve already struck, why hide your head, why not take off your masks!” Huang Youli said.

“Huang Youli, when it’s time to take it off will definitely take it off!” The leader walked forward, the black ghost mask, with a very cold smile.

“Let’s talk about it, what is the purpose of you guys colluding? “Huang Youli said.

“Haha ……”


The green-robed leader applauded again, “I like the character of the demon Emperor! ”

“Since your afterlife has been arranged, then abdicate yourself!” The green-robed chief said.

“What afterlife?” Xiang Tingye stood out, his face full of doubts.

“You don’t know?”

The green-robed leader pretended to be surprised, “It seems that your husband is really incompetent! ”

Xiang Tingye smiled awkwardly, “My lord, you should stop playing dumb and speak directly!”

“That’s fine!”

The green-robed leader nodded, “The Demon Emperor knew that there would be such a day! ”

“First, she sent the Great Princess to the Tian Luo Continent in the name of investigating the Blood Phoenix Nest!”

“Then, secretly sent her own clan members to the Penglai Continent!”

“Not long ago, she dispatched the Four Great Warriors again and let them leave on the pretext of various tasks.”

“Doing so is tantamount to preparing to sacrifice yourself! This kind of mind is really great! ”

Hearing this, Xiang Tingye revealed a dazed look.

“Huang Youli, I didn’t expect that your scheming was so deep! ”

“Since you knew there was such a day, why didn’t you resist?”

“I think, with your methods and scheming, it should not be a problem to exterminate us!” Xiang Tingye was full of incomprehension.

“Haha, my good friend, it seems that you still don’t know anything about your wife! ”

“The demon emperor is kind-hearted and has the greater good completely in mind, once the few of you are arrested and put on the spot, then the entire demon race will not be in chaos?”

“By then, life will be lost! ”

Xiang Tingye suddenly realized what the green-robed leader said.

“But, Demon Emperor, what you don’t know is that the Great Princess is already dead!”

“Your people, all of them have fallen into my hands at this moment! ”

“Soon, they will be delivered here.”

“Even your four great war generals, now, I’m afraid they are all dead!”

The green-robed leader said with a smile, his expression seemed to be in control of everything.

Hearing this.

A touch of heartache flashed across Huang Youli’s face.

“Good, very good!”

“In that case, this emperor would like to see, how you deal with me!”

As soon as Huang Youli’s aura was released, the surging immortal power billowed out.

The terrifying pressure swept through the entire hall.

“Boom ……”

The one with low strength flew directly upside down, hitting his muscles and bones in a disordered manner.

Even the leader in the green robe, his body was pedaling back, and it took a lot of strength to stabilize his figure.

Xiang Tingye yelled vigorously, covering his body with a shield.

He looked at Huang Youli, his face full of fear, “Damn it, it’s hidden so deep, fortunately, I’m prepared enough, otherwise, I really hit the iron plate! ”

“Come on!”

Huang Youli roared, just as she was about to rush forward.


The green-robed leader let out a soft threat.

Huang Youli stopped moving her hands.

“Demon Emperor, this is your Phoenix City. There are hundreds of millions of people here! ””

“If we fight here, I think the entire Phoenix City will be destroyed in one load!”

“The foundation established by the ancestors of the Phoenix Clan, you don’t want to ruin it in your hands like this, do you? ”

“Although the Grand Princess is dead, your clan is not yet dead!”

“Even if you win against us, your clan will definitely be buried with us!”

“Also, hundreds of millions of living beings will be buried with us!”

Listening to the words of the leader in the green robe, the expression on Huang Youli’s face changed to uncertainly.

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