It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 301: Young Master Must be the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign

The top of Tu Mountain.

Sun Hao stopped chanting sutras.

Tens of millions of white figures sat cross-legged in the void, motionless.

Only after a long time did they stand up.

“Hoo ……”

They flew over quickly, stood in front of Sun Hao, and bowed. All the gratitude and thousands of emotions were in one bow.

Afterward, they floated into the sky, and their figures gradually disappeared.

The heavens and the earth returned to calm.

What remained on the ground was only the dried corpses of the Heavenly Foxes.

Hu Luoxian looked at this scene, two lines of tears slipped unconsciously. At this moment, he was not sad but happy.

Although the clansmen were all dead, their souls were liberated.

All this, thanks to the Young Master!

“Many thanks to the Young Master!”

“Young Master, your great kindness is unforgettable!”

Hu Luoxian walked up to Sun Hao, kneeled down, and kowtowed.

“Xiaoxian, no need to be polite; we are still friends!” Sun Hao helped Hu Luoxian up.

“My lord, you accompanied me to come, and to enlighten them, your grace is more important than mountains!”

“I think my clansmen in heaven will also be grateful to you!”

“My lord, I know you have important matters, and I am not in a position to interrupt!”

“I have to stay and bury their bones, so I can’t accompany you!” Hu Luoxian said.

“En,” Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and nodded slightly after seeing her anxious look.

“Since we are leaving, how about you listen to me play a song?” Sun Hao said.

Hearing these words, Hu Luoxian’s eyes shone.

Luoxiao had told him that when the Godly Cunning Immortal played the zither, it could enhance her talent!

This kind of zither sound, how could one miss it!

“Many thanks, my lord!”

Hu Luoxian sat on the ground and listened with her ears open.

“Clang ……”

The sound of the zither rang out.

A ray of multicolored light crossed from the fingertips and rushed to Hu Luoxian’s body.

The warmth of the zither sound was like a spring breeze brushing against his face.

This moment.

Hu Luoxian was extremely comfortable, and his whole body was intoxicated.

“Woo ……”

The blood wolf ran in front of Sun Hao and kept rubbing his trousers. Seeing the blood wolf’s jealous look, Sun Hao smiled faintly.

The colorful light at his fingertips split into two strands and flew to Hu Luoxian and the blood wolf, respectively.

The blood wolf closed its eyes with an intoxicated look.

“Zheng ……”

The sound of the zither continued to sound. At times, it was sharp, like smoke rising everywhere, making people’s blood surge.

At times, it was low, like the flying snow in winter, making people’s hearts stop like water.

Soon after.

The sound of the zither stopped.

The colorful light enveloped Hu Luoxian and the blood wolf like a silkworm cocoon. Form colorful silk threads and drill into their bodies.

At this moment, their realm, soul, body, and state of mind… were rapidly improving.


“Ka-ching ……”

A sound rang out.

The membrane of the realm on Hu Luoxian’s body instantly ruptured.

At this moment, he directly reached the Immortal Realm.

At this moment, he directly reached the immortal realm.

At the same time.

In the sky.

Dark clouds rose everywhere, pressing down quickly.

“Zhi ……”

The immortal tribulation lightning jumped up in the dark clouds, bursting out with a shocking aura.

Hu Luoxian sensed this scene and could not help but have a slight change in his face.

“Come on!”

He gritted his teeth and stared at the sky.

In the next second, he couldn’t help but look puzzled.

Only to see that the dark clouds suddenly dissipated.

The sky regained its clarity.

“Gone? ”

Hu Luoxian stared at this scene blankly, and for a while, he couldn’t believe that all this was true.

“The immortal tribulation is over like this? ”

“None of them fell? Isn’t there 99 ways for my demon immortal to cross the tribulation? What does this mean? ”

Hu Luoxian muttered. His eyes looked at Sun Hao, “Could it be related to the Young Master?”

“It must be like this! ”

“I didn’t expect that the Young Master could control the immortal tribulation!”

“To be able to have such strength, in this world, it seems that there is only the master of Thunder Tribulation in this world, right? ”

“Could it be that you are the master of Thunder Tribulation?” Thinking about it this way, Hu Luoxian’s scalp tingled.

“Definitely so! Other than the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign, who can control the Thunder Tribulation?”

I never thought that I would know the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign!

“Hiss ……”

Hu Luoxian drew several breaths of cold air backward, but he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

I didn’t expect that the Young Master would be this kind of existence. It was too terrifying.

With such a weak chicken strength, Young Master actually regarded himself as a friend.

Could it be that he saved the whole world in his previous life to get such good luck in return?

“Young Master, thank you!”

In Hu Luoxian’s eyes, there were tears of emotion. He withdrew his mood and continued to absorb the multicolored light around him.

Time passed little by little.

Sun Hao looked at a fox and a wolf, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

Just playing a small song, the two had to absorb it for so long.

“Could this be the result of my blessing point value exceeding 200,000?”

“The effect seems to be much stronger when I recite the sutra and play the zither!”

“Could it be because the more my blessing point is, the more powerful the other skill effects are?”

“That must be the case!”

Sun Hao secretly nodded his head, and his eyes sharpened and kept flickering. This discovery was like discovering a new continent.

I wonder what would happen after I collected the full Blessed Point?

Would it turn people into Immortal Emperors directly after playing a song?

Wouldn’t that be too scary?

In this case, I am the super invincible existence!

He could create countless Immortal Emperors without even having to do anything, just by playing the zither.

Thinking about it was terrifying.

“I really hope that’s the case!”

In Sun Hao’s eyes, there was a glimmer of hope.

“Howl ……”

The Blood Wolf was the first to finish absorbing and roared towards the sky. It grew horns on its head and grew a lot. Above the center of its eyebrows, there was a blood-colored mark. This mark was none other than the Dao mark.

It represented that the Blood Wolf had reached the Immortal King realm! Above the dao mark, there was a killing aura, which made people tremble when they saw it.

When Huang Rumeng saw this scene, she could not help but change her face slightly.

“Surprisingly, he has become an immortal king!”

“The song that the Young Masteri played can directly be able to condense the dao mark?!”

“Isn’t it only when you work hard you can condense one?”

“Young Master didn’t even seem to have this ability before. Does that mean that he has become stronger again?”

Thinking about this for a moment, Huang Rumeng couldn’t calm down. Looking at Sun Hao, her complexion changed.

“I am getting farther and farther away from the Young Master!”

“In this life, where am I worthy of him!” Huang Rumeng looked gloomy and shook her head slightly.

“Woo ……”

The blood wolf quickly ran in front of Sun Hao, rubbing his trousers constantly, his tail wagging. That licking technique was simply cultivated to the extreme.

Sun Hao touched his head, “Big wolf, what’s the matter with the mark on your eyebrows? ”

“Young Master, that’s a dao mark!” Huang Rumeng came forward and spoke.

“What is the dao mark?” Sun Hao asked.

“My lord, after cultivating to the Heavenly Immortal realm, you have to choose a dao that suits you, condense the dao mark, pass the Immortal King Tribulation, and then become an Immortal King!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Can you only choose one?” Sun Hao asked.

“Of course not, you can choose several dao! However, you need to fuse this several great dao together to condense the dao mark, which is ten times more difficult!” Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao secretly nodded his head. It looks like it’s not easy to become a powerful immortal king!

“In that case, as long as you see the big wolf’s brow dao mark, you can know it’s an immortal king and can’t hide it?”

Sun Hao had just finished these words.

“Woo ……”

The blood wolf let out a low cry, and the dao mark on his brow slowly faded away.

Not only that, but even the pair of horns on its head was also disappearing at this moment. It looked like a small red puppy, stupid and silly.

Sun Hao looked at this scene with a surprised face.

He looked at the blood Wolf, “So, the big wolf has survived the tribulation of the Immortal King? ”

Hearing this, Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao with a strange expression in his eyes.

This look was fleeting.

But it was clearly captured by Sun Hao.

“I actually asked such a stupid question. Surely the Giant Thunder Tribulation knew that Ru Meng was here, and he would have been scared away a long time ago! ”

“Just now, there was almost thunder, and it must have been the big wolf crossing the tribulation! ”

Sun Hao nodded secretly.

*The mistake it’s because the raw does not have two chapters so the numbering is different and I forgot to notice since chapter 300+ Rilise do not handle it anymore.

**I’m sorry for not fixing it any sooner since I am coming home for the first days of the fasting month.

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