It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 300: Which Bald Ass are You?

Heavenly Harmony Realm.

“This ……”

Hu Liena looked at the green claws covering the sky, and her whole body sweat hair stood up.

The whole person was like sinking hell, and it was cold.

“No …… don’t ……”

Hu Liena’s body trembled, and her face turned pale.

Despair spread to everyone at this moment.

“Is Heaven going to kill my clan? ”

“No ……”

A cry of unwillingness resounded through the heavens and earth.

However, it is useless.

The sky-covering claws poked down from the black clouds.

In an instant, he grabbed Youxu in his hand.

“Yo, lower grade immortal weapon, not bad!”

“However, without the support of immortal power, it is like scrap iron!”

“Give this seat to break!”

There was a roar that made the world tremble.

The huge claw that covered the sky gripped hard.

“Boom ……”

The spectral ruins crumbled apart.

Hundreds of thousands of figures fall straight down from the spectral ruins.

Landing on the ground, they were crushed by the mighty pressure and could not move.

“No, don’t!”

“Is this the end of the Heavenly Fox tribe?”

“Old Heaven, save us!”

Desperate cries kept ringing out.

“Jie Jie ……”

In the sky, there was a strange laugh.

The laughter was full of playfulness.


“Hehe, ants, you haven’t realized the situation yet! ”

“Cultivation is to go against the heavens; will the heavens come to your rescue?”

“That’s funny!”



“The more desperate you are, the more delicious you taste!”

Amidst the black clouds, the voice of pride kept coming. A green hand claw poked down from the sky.

“Hoo ……”

The green silk thread flew down from the hand’s claws, enveloping the world.

Endless fear spread to everyone.

At this moment, they couldn’t resist at all.

Yes, only despair.

Looking at it, the sky-covering claws were about to fall.

At this moment.

“I will fight with you!”

A red stream of light rushed up to the sky. It was aimed at the sky-covering claw, and it blasted over.

“Boom ……”

There was a loud noise that made the world tremble. Boundless waves of Qi swept through heaven and earth.

The sky-covering claw was blown back a hundred meters.

Standing high in the sky, a figure in red had an imposing aura.

The one who struck was none other than Hu Luoxiao.

On the ground, the crowd looked at the scene in full of disbelief.

“The princess is so powerful?”

“When did this happen? So strong!”

Even Hu Liena’s face changed slightly at this moment, her face full of shock.

Even if she struck with her full strength, the one who was repelled would only be herself.

In the sky.

“Hoo ……”

Two green eyes stared straight at Hu Luoxiao.

In the eyes, there was a hint of shock.

A moment later.

“Jie Jie ……”

A strange laugh rang out.

“It turned out to be this dress on you! ”

“Surprisingly, even this seat can’t see the rank, and I think it must be the supreme immortal clothes!”

“Haha, I didn’t expect that this seat could obtain such a supreme immortal object, rich, really rich!”

“Little doll, since you want to force your way out, then become this seat food, starting with you first!”

This sentence was finished.

“Phew ……”

Two green light beams shot straight down from his eyes and stared at Hu Luoxiao.

At this moment, Hu Luoxiao’s body trembled violently. Endless fear, like black ants in the sky, crawls all over the body.

“Buzz ……”

Above the sky-covering claws, there was a dazzling green light that was so bright that people couldn’t open their eyes.

The astounding pressure emanating from above the hand claw swept through heaven and earth.

At this moment.

Everyone on the ground was crawling on the ground, unable to struggle if they were pressed to the ground.

In the sky.

Hu Luoxiao stared blankly at the giant hand covering the sky as if carrying several mountains behind her, and her legs trembled involuntarily.

This time, the pressure was a hundred times stronger, and she had no power to fight at all.

“No ……”

Hu Luoxiao roared to the sky as if crazy.

Frantically extract the power from her body and pour it into the dress on her body. Her whole body trembled, and she struggled to support herself. However, in front of such a supreme power, she could not even struggle.

She could only watch as the huge claw that covered the sky blasted in and could not do anything about it.

“Godly Cunning Immortal, your great kindness can only be repaid in another life!”

Hu Luoxiao closed her eyes, shed two lines of tears, and quietly waited for death. Unless a miracle occurred, she would definitely die.

As she watched, the sky-covering hand claw was about to blast at Hu Luoxiao’s body.

At this moment.

“Compassionate cause to accumulate goodness, vow to save all beings, golden tin in hand, vibrate open the door of hell. The pearl in the palm of your hand, the light of the great world ……”

Strands of scriptures flew from the void.

Densely packed, like golden butterflies flying all over the sky.

“Zizhi ……”

The black clouds were burned and buzzed and quickly dissipated wherever the scriptures went.

“Hoo ……”

The scriptures condensed rapidly, and in less than a moment, they changed into a golden giant Buddha thousand of meters high

On the Giant Buddha, 10,000 meters of golden light roared into the sky and spread all over the world.

The giant Buddha stretched out a golden palm and leaned down from the sky.

It seemed to be slow but actually fast to the extreme. In an instant, it grabbed on top of the green hand claw.

Give it a gentle shake.

“Ka-cha ……”

A sound of bones cracking sounded. The green hand claw directly crumbled away and burst into pieces.

“Hoo ……”

The huge golden hand gently gripped and then caught Hu Luoxiao in the palm of his hand.

With a little finger, a ray of golden light penetrated into the center of Hu Luoxiao’s eyebrows.

At this moment, she slept peacefully.

“Hoo ……”

The scriptures in the sky flew down, carrying her body, and landed on the ground.

On the ground, the Heavenly Foxes clan members were lying on the ground with their mouths turned up. Their whole bodies were wrapped in hundreds of millions of scriptures.

This kind of Dao Buddha sound was extremely comfortable to hear in their ears.

On the spot, the only one who was uncomfortable was the green humanoid skeleton monster in the black cloud.

At this moment, it reacted.

“Ah ……”

There was a scream that shattered the world. With one palm left, he clutched its skeleton head and roared loudly, “Which bald ass are you anyway?”

“Do you need to meddle in this kind of business? ”

“You don’t like to fast and recite Buddhism but always come to meddle in such idle matters. Do you really think this seat is afraid of you?

The green monster sounded like thunder and shook out. The surrounding black clouds scattered cleanly. It looked at the golden Giant Buddha with an angry face.

However, the Giant Buddha did not care about it, not even bothered to speak.

He just sat cross-legged on the ground, folded his hands together, and kept reciting scriptures in his mouth.

“Golden tin in hand, vibrate open the door of hell. The pearl on the palm of your hand, the light of the great world ……”

Endless scriptures, surging rapidly, quickly wrapped the green monster up.

“Ah ……”

As long as it touches the monster, there will be a burst of black smoke—endless miserable screams resounding through the world.

The green monster held its head, staring dead at the Golden Buddha, roaring in anger, “Shut up, damn bald ass, shut up, ah, please, do not read!”

The green monster was getting weaker and weaker.


“Boom ……”

It exploded with a bang and collapsed into dust. However, the Golden Giant Buddha did not stop.

There was a fine light in the giant Buddha’s eyes, and he looked into the infinite void with a cold voice, “The master said, you don’t need to exist in this world! ”

After speaking, the golden Giant Buddha stretched out two fingers, pointed at the void, and then gently clamped them.

“Buzz ……”

A green monster was gently pinched by his two fingers, and it was useless to let it struggle.

“Forgive me, forgive me, I was wrong!”

“Don …… t kill me!”

“Do you know who this seat, bah, my lord is? If you move me, you ……”

The words had not yet fallen.

“Boom ……”

With an explosion, the body and soul of the green monster all shattered into powder.

It turned into wisps of green light and flew into the hands of the giant Buddha.

“Hoo ……”

The Giant Buddha waved his right hand.

These green rays of light poured down like a waterfall, pouring over every Heavenly Fox clan member.

At this moment, everyone’s strength was rapidly increasing. After finishing this, the Giant Buddha glanced around.

After confirming that it was safe, his body exploded into countless pieces with a bang and finally slowly disappeared.

As if everything was all an illusion.

*TN: bald ass=monk

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