It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 297 – Soul Refining

“Hurry, hurry! Do not give up!”

Hu Lienuo roared loudly, tears brewing in her eyes.

Beside her, Hu Luoti had tears in her eyes and had already covered her eyes.

“Damn, what the hell is this!” Hu Luoti clenched her fists, her face full of unwillingness.

“Jie Jie…” 

From the sky, there was cold laughter.

“You and the others are my food! No one can escape!”

As the sound faded, the green claw in the sky grew rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the entire Mount Tu was covered.


Under the claws, it exudes a shocking pressure and presses down.

The people of the Divine Fox clan kept struggling on the ground.


Every time they struggled, the bones in his hands cracked.

“Clan Head, run, run!”

“Clan Head, leave us alone! It’s too late!”

“Clan Head, you must keep our bloodline safe and run away!”

Such a voice resounded all around.

Hu Lienuo gritted her teeth and struggled, looking up at the sky with anger and unwillingness intertwined on her face. Her tears flowed quickly and she rushed into Secluded Ruin.


A circle of colorful rays of light enveloped the Secluded Ruin.

The entire Mount Tu seemed to stand still at this moment time.


The Divine Fox clan’s life force flew up quickly and poured into the claws of the sky.

“Jie Jie…”

Laughter sounded from the dark cloud.

“Very delicious! Not bad! Surely your soul is also delicious, it replenished my weak soul!”

After this sound, the huge claws pressed down in an instant.


All the shriveled corpses of the Divine Fox clan flew up and floated in the sky.


The ground of Moount Tu cracked rapidly and the shockwave swept all directions. In this turbulent flow, the Secluded Ruin trembled rapidly and kept swaying.

“Hurry, quick!”

In the Secluded Ruin, all the clansmen are praying.

Hu Lienuo showed an extremely dignified expression, frantically summoned her strength and poured it into the Secluded Ruin. Under her control, the light of the Secluded Ruin became more and more bright.


With an air-breaking sound, the Secluded Ruin penetrated the void, turned into a ray of light, and disappeared.


A sneer came from the cloud.

“You can’t escape!”

After this sound, the claws continued to press down. The entire Mount Tu exploded piece by piece.

These dust were rapidly compressed under the shroud of green lightning. In the end, it changed into a black spike which was more than ten meters long.

Each spike was covered with dense arrays.


These spikes are inserted upside down on the ground of Mount Tu. From a distance, it looks like a huge iron plate covered with spikes.


In the sky, tens of millions of Divine Fox corpses fell straight down. One by one, hanging on those spikes.


On the ground, the green lightning flashed rapidly, flowing wildly in all directions. One after another array was depicted on the entire Mount Tu surface.


A loud bang.

A huge transparent crystal ball flew from the sky and landed in the formation like a meteorite.



A ray of light that the physical body cannot detect flows down from the spikes. Through the array, it quickly flowed into the crystal ball.

“After a month, all your souls will flow into it! At that time, I will collect it again!”

“Where’s the ants hiding? Here I come!”

After this sound. The gigantic claw made a grab.


The sky cracked like it was being scratched, revealing a deep hole.


The dark cloud went into the hole and disappeared.

In a secret realm.


The sky shook creating ripples and the Secluded Ruin drilled out of the ripples and slowly landed. Everyone’s face in the Secluded Ruin was full of grief and anger.

“Mother, they… they are all dead, and the soul has not been spared!” 

Having said that, Hu Luoti burst into tears.

“Now is not the time to cry, the danger is not over yet!”

Hu Lienuo’s voice woke Hu Luoti up.

Looking through the Secluded Ruin at the surrounding scenery, her face was full of doubts.

“Mother, where is this?” Hu Luoti wiped away her tears and asked.

“This Changhe Realm is the secret realm left by our ancestors!” Hu Lienuo said.

“Canghe Realm?”

Hu Luoti pointed to the ape-shaped creatures outside, “Mother, what is that?”

Hu Lienuo looked up and her scalp couldn’t help tingle, “That’s the ape, the body is extremely powerful and it’s extremely brutal! Every single ape’s strength is at the level of an Immortal!”

“If they are discovered us, I am afraid that the barrier over Secluded Ruin will be torn apart by them, even you and I, I am afraid…”

Having said that, Hu Lienuo couldn’t go on.

“Mother, what should we do?” Hu Luoti asked.

“We can only pray!” Hu Lienuo shook her head slightly.

“Why are there such monsters in ancestor’s mountain?” Hu Luoti asked.

“Ai, the founder of the mountain can’t completely destroy them, he can only trap them here!” Hu Lienuo sighed secretly.


Hu Lienuo raised her eyebrows, swept to a certain position, and said, “Come out, don’t hide!”

At this sound, an old man walked out from behind the crowd and smiled slightly, “Fellow Daoist Hu, my greetings!”

This old man was Yu Guizi.

Hu Lienuo looked at Yu Guizi and frowned slightly, “Why do you look familiar? What’s your purpose for coming to Mount Tu?”

“This poor Daoist travels all over the world, suppressing the weak and supporting the strong, bah! It is the responsibility of this poor Daoist to eliminate the strong and help the weak! Seeing that Mount Tu was at stake, I came to save you!” Yu Guizi said with a smile.

“Just relying on yourself!?”

As soon as Hu Luoti’s aura was released, Yu Guizi stepped back several steps in shock, his face full of panic.

“Who are you?”

Hu Lienuo’s voice revealed a bit of majesty.

“This poor Daoist is Yu Guizi!”

As soon as the words came out, a pressure surged like a torrent. In an instant, Yu Guizi was enveloped by the torrent.

“Oh, it’s you!”

“I’ve been looking for you for so many years, but I didn’t expect you to deliver yourself to my door!”

Hu Lienuo was full of anger and walked towards Yu Guizi step by step.

“Clan Head, what are you going to do to me?”

The words fell off.


A slap landed on Yu Guizi’s face hard. He slammed into the stone wall heavily, vomiting blood. His entire face was immediately swollen and bruised.

“What am I doing to you? Of course, to beat you to death!”

After speaking, Hu Lienuo slapped him again.

“Clan Head, Great Aunt, don’t hit me! I was wrong! If you want to hit me, shouldn’t you let me know the reason?”

Yu Guizi waved his hands repeatedly, his face full of horror.

“Hmph, thousands of years ago, do you dare to admit that you stole my tail fur shed?”

After speaking, Hu Lienuo slammed down with a punch.

Soon after, Yu Guizi fell to the ground, his breath as thin as gossamer.

“You can go die!”

After speaking, Hu Lienuo raised a heaven-shattering punch at Yu Guizi.


When Yu Guizi saw this scene, he quickly waved his hand. Then, he took out a whisk and handed it forward respectfully.

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