Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 48: Should Take You As the Leader

Inside the arena.

Ye Luo stood holding his sword.

A few strands of hair were blown by the wind between his eyebrows.

His gaze was fixed on the front.

A huge immortal crane carried the Patriarch Qian Yuan down from that disc.

He stared ahead.

The sound of immortal cranes singing and squealing resounded through the clouds.

In just a few moments.

The immortal crane landed in the sky above the arena, and between the vibration of the huge wings, the wind was gusting.

Patriarch Qian Yuan saw that there was still a distance of three or four meters from the ground, he gritted his teeth and jumped sideways.

The moment his feet collided with the ground, he regretted it. Intense pain came up. Patriarch Qian Yuan wanted to scream out on the spot, but he looked at Ye Luo’s cold eyes and the countless people watching the battle around him.

He could only forcefully suppress the pain and pretend to look breezy.

Ye Luo, who was standing on the opposite side, clearly noticed the trembling legs of Patriarch Qian Yuan and couldn’t help squinting his eyes.

Is this the shaking of the legs caused by the accumulation of force being too tight?

It seems that this Patriarch Qian Yuan is going to give his best effort.

Since that was the case, he couldn’t be ambiguous either.

The heart-slashing sword just now had no effect on Patriarch Qian Yuan, so he could only use the Dao rhythm to gather the killing sword to fight against him.

“Please also teach me, Patriarch.”

Ye Luo slightly adjusted his breathing held his longsword, and looked at Patriarch Qian Yuan.

Patriarch Qian Yuan’s hands began to tremble because of the pain, and he raised one hand to look like a strong man.

“Little friend Ye, you are a valuable guest of my sect, I should be courteous, so you should strike first.”

“But I am curious. Why would you choose to challenge me, little friend Ye?”

Patriarch Qian Yuan’s voice was slightly trembling, and a very forced smile appeared on his face.

“Because you, Patriarch, are the only person on the field who can ignore my sword, so only you are worthy of fighting me.”

Ye Luo did not strike first but spoke without the slightest bit of politeness.

Hearing these words.

Patriarch Qian Yuan was bitter inside, something had really happened just now, but he seemed to have ignored it for some reason.

Now he was challenged by someone as a strong person. But damn, he was now a mortal ah.

This can’t be helped. I can only rely on acting.

Blow this Ye Luo strength a little higher, when defeated, he would not lose his old face.

“Little friend Ye, since you know I can ignore your sword, what moves do you plan to use to compete with me?”

Patriarch Qian Yuan opened his mouth and asked.

“Patriarch, your strength is better than others, so I plan to use my strongest sword move to fight you, this sword move since I realized it, I have never fought against anyone, Patriarch, you are the first!”

Ye Luo said very seriously.

Patriarch Qian Yuan, “???”

Should I add, “I’m honored?

Do not think so highly of me, and I am a mortal ah!

Come up by using the strongest sword moves!!!

This is too much!!!

“Without further ado, Patriarch, please advise me!”

Ye Luo said towards Qian Yuan, and the golden mark on his forehead began to flicker. The invisible dao rhythm enveloped and rose.

Ye Luo lowered his head, a few strands of hair covered his eyes, and the long sword he held was slowly gripped in his hand.

An invisible aura was centered on him, covering all sides. Patriarch Qian Yuan was startled.

Hey, hey, hey.

Wait, wait ah.

I haven’t started to blow you yet, why are you going to start fighting.

If I don’t force you to brag a little bit, how can I save some face later?……


At the same time.

Everyone outside the arena stood up one after another, one by one, and their robes were windless.

They looked at Ye Luo with solemn eyes.

They originally thought that Ye Luo’s strength was estimated to be the middle of the God Transformation Realm.

Now looking at the majestic dao rhyme, I’m afraid that Ye Luo was at least a late stage of the God Transformation Realm!

And I’m afraid that the realm of the Patriarch Qian Yuan was also at least the late stage of the God Transformation Realm.

This sect competition, the fights were actually all at the golden core and nascent soul realm now it rose to the peak level of the God Transformation Realm battle!

Even with the use of powerful magic treasures, this battle could be forced straight to the level of the Crossing Calamity realm ……

On the large disc.

The voice of the Grand Elder came down.

“This battle is beyond what my sect expected. These formations can’t stop the battle in the late stage of the God Transformation Realm!”

“For the sake of your safety, please also take people from your respective sects and follow me to step back 5,000… Step back 10,000 meters to be safer! ”

The Grand Elder’s voice was like a flood bell, reminding the representatives of the major sects.

The representatives of the major sects looked up and could see the Grand Elder of the Empyrean Dao Sect rising up and evacuating towards the outside.

At once, the representatives of the major sects panicked.

“Quickly, quickly, quickly! Retreat, don’t get caught up in the battle!”

“Withdraw, the aftermath of God Transformation Realm is something not we can withstand, quickly withdraw after 20,000 meters safer ……”

“Please, the old ancestor law descends, protect my safety!”

“Quickly, take out the life-preserving magic treasure Shield Heavenly Xuan Turtle, what, this time after using the magic treasure is completely damaged? Still afraid of damage? If you don’t take it out, your life will be lost!!!”

One by one, the sect representatives flew up and evacuated backward, fleeing 20,000 meters away and sacrificing various life-saving treasures before they breathed a sigh of relief.

They dropped their eyes to the arena.

Wanted to watch the battle of the world.

Only some timid people, still ready to retreat at any time.

Once they found something wrong, they immediately burned their lives to escape.


Inside the arena, all the suspended discs were all empty.

Only within the venue.

Ye Luo and the Patriarch Qian Yuan were standing opposite each other.

The dao rhythm around Ye Luo’s body became denser and denser, and his figure vaguely merged with heaven and earth.

Facing him, it was as if facing a piece of heaven and earth. A person’s sense of insignificance was infinitely magnified.

Just when Ye Luo was holding his sword with five fingers.

Ready to draw the sword and rise, condense the dao rhyme into a killing move

Poof ……

The Patriarch Qian Yuan standing on the opposite side, suddenly opened his mouth wide and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The next moment, his stomach felt like it had been struck hard.

His whole body was like a broken kite, and he flew upside down and hit the arena wall, literally smashing the wall into cracks.

“You …… you …… are so strong, what kind of sword move is this? The sword move can actually be overpowering to this, this sword, when it belongs to the rank of the Crossing Calamity Realm!!!”

Patriarch Qian Yuan, who was half-kneeling on the ground, with blood streaming from the corners of his mouth, said with a dying breath.

He looked as if a blow had seriously injured him.

Ye Luo, who was about to strike his sword, looked down at his palm in confusion.

Well, the palm of the hand was still his own. The sword has not been pulled out. His five fingers were just holding the hilt of the sword.

So ……

What happened?

“You won, no need to look anymore, when it really is the wave after the Yangtze River pushing the wave before ah, the young generation of the Eastern State should take you as a leader…” ……”

When Patriarch Qian Yuan finished speaking, his body fell straight down, motionless.

It was just that his eyelids shook twice from time to time.

Ye Luo: “…”

Everyone 20,000 meters away, “…”

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