It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 296 – Shocking Crisis

To the north of Demon Ancestral Mountain, Tucheng. On the street, a tide of people were intertwined.

“Walking by, don’t miss the freshly harvested herbs!”

“This herb only cost 10 immortal crystals. If you miss this one, there will be no next one, Great Immortal, don’t hesitate!”

“The one and only top-grade herb that comes from the hands of Master Qin!”

There was endless yelling and shouting, the whole scene seemed extremely lively. Most people’s faces were filled with joy.

Suddenly, a black cloud pressed down and covered the entire city. Everyone stared blankly at the cloud.


A ray of green light quickly flew down from the black cloud, and in an instant, it smashed the defense formation to pieces.


The green light fell to the ground and exploded instantly. Countless bolts of green lightning swept the entire Tucheng.

At this moment. It seemed as though time stood still and everyone’s movements and expressions seemed to be frozen. Green lightning flashes on them and took their life force at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than a moment, they transformed into a dry statue, standing there motionless.


The green lightning roamed rapidly and quickly gathered in the center of the city.


It turned into a stream of light, quickly plunged into the black cloud, and disappeared.

“Jie Jie…”

Gloomy laughter sounded from the dark cloud.

“Not bad, not bad! It’s absolutely delicious! However, it is far from enough! When I’m done swallowing Mount Tu, I will definitely be able to recover 10% of my strength!”

The booming sound from the dark clouds echoed between the heavens and the earth.


The black cloud flew toward Mount Tu as fast as lightning.

Mount Tu, in a hall.

A woman dressed in red with two fox ears ran quickly from the door. Her chest shaking up and down. 

This person was the princess of the Divine Fox clan of Demon Ancestral Mountain – Hu Luoti.

Compared with before, Hu Luoti exuded a kind of immortal luster. The whole person looks very charming.

Maybe she was not as good-looking as Huang Rumeng, but her every action was naturally tempting, making people unconsciously want to immerse themselves in that kind of gentle charm.

“Mother, open the Lost Heaven Formation for a while, I want to send a message, presumably the Godly Cunning Immortal has come!” Hu Luoti said.

In front of her, stood another woman with fox ears. This person was Hu Lienuo, the Clan Head of the Divine Fox clan.

“No, the disaster can come at any time and opening the formation rashly will only make our clan fall into doom! Besides, no matter how strong the Godly Cunning Immortal is, can they solve the crisis of our clan? Now, I can only hope that the ancestor will return as soon as possible!” Hu Lienuo said.

“Mother, the ancestor went to the Demon Burial Mountains. That place is the forbidden area of ​​the Immortal King. Even the Immortal Kings could only go in and not exit. I am afraid that the ancestor is also…”

“Shut up!”

Hu Lienuo chided softly, “The ancestor cultivated the Insulating Claws, which can break all methods in the world, what was the small Demon Burial Mountain! As long as the ancestor return, the danger to our clan will be relieved!”

As she finished saying that—


—a loud bang swept the entire Mount Tu.

This sound shook everyone’s ears and made them dizzy.

“Not good!”

Hu Lienuo ran outside the house and looked up, her pupils could not help shrinking.

Hu Luoti followed closely, looking at the sky tremblingly, her face changed dramatically, “Mother, what is that?”

Meanwhile, the sky above was covered with black clouds and it was impenetrable. Covering all the mountains in the area.

A 10,000-meter-long green bone claw protruded from the black cloud, aimed at the Lost Heaven Formation, and pressed it down.


With a loud bang, the entire formation was shaking violently, as if it were about to burst.

Hu Lienuo’s face changed dramatically, and inwardly felt it was not good. She invoked her immortal power and let out a roar, “Everyone, go back to the clan assembly immediately! Quick!”

The reverberating sound woke all the clansmen who were dumbfounded. Everyone immediately turned into a stream of light and flew towards Hu Lienuo.


Hu Lienuo responded very quickly, with a wave of her right hand, an ancient castle was rapidly enlarged in her hand. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a huge castle 100 meters tall.

“Secluded Ruin!”

Seeing this castle, Hu Luoti’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t be stunned, quickly follow me into the Secluded Ruin!”

“Everyone flew into the Secluded Ruin!”

Hu Lienuo used a secret method to transmit the voice into everyone’s ears at the same time.

However, Mount Tu is so big that it has a radius of thousands of miles.

Not every Divine Fox clan can break through the void and enter the Secluded Ruin.

On a certain mountain.

A gray-haired old man crouched in the forest, looked up at the sky, his scalp tingled, and cursed inwardly.

“Damn, damn it!”

This person was Yu Guizi. It has been more than half a month since he came to Mount Tu.

These days, he has been careful not to let the Divine Fox people find him. Originally, he wanted to get some nine-tailed fox tail hair. But these days, the Divine Fox clan’s defense was too tight, and it was difficult to accomplish.

He had been lying in the same place for almost five days. However, he did find some good news. There was a big danger in the Divine Fox clan, and he just took this opportunity to find some treasures, and then left Demon Ancestral Mountain.

However, what he didn’t expect was that such a big danger turned out to be…

Thinking of this, Yu Guizi looked up at the sky again, terrified.


The giant claw that covered the sky, emitting a faint green glow and attacked the formation.


The sound reverberated and a wave of air roared down from the sky and swept the four directions.

Those Divine Fox clansmen who had rushed to the Secluded Ruin were blown backward.


The shield on Yu Guizi’s body trembled violently, and his ears rang.

The generated power with the formation still standing was this big, if that claw attacked when the formation broken, wouldn’t it be possible for him to die?

“What to do?”

A look of hesitation appeared on Yu Guizi’s face.

While he was stunned, the Lost Heaven Formation cracked rapidly. One more hit and the great formation will definitely collapse. By then, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Damn it, forget it!”

Yu Guizi took out a talisman, and it ignited instantly with a thought.

A whirlpool appeared in front of him. Without even thinking about it, he jumped into the whirlpool and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was not far from the Secluded Ruin.

He lay on the ground, motionless, quietly waiting for an opportunity.


A loud bang.

The green claw shreds the big formation directly.


Without any hesitation, Yu Guizi followed the Divine Fox clan, turned into a stream of light and flew into the void.

And no one paid attention to him.

“Quick, quick!” Hu Lienuo growled loudly.

“Jie Jie…”

Cold laughter came from the dark cloud.

Immediately after.


Two green rays of light poured out like two torrents. They swept over everyone like a pair of eyes.

At this moment, they have difficulty to move as if they were trapped in a quagmire.

They fell uncontrollably, then they tried to struggle.

Looking in Hu Lienuo’s direction, they shouted, “Clan Head, leave us alone, run away, run away!”

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