Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 47 – Challenging the Patriarch

Within the arena.

Ye Luo had already collected his sword and returned, holding his longsword, and stood there again, expressionless.

A lonely and proud look.

In front of Ye Luo, those ten disciples had long since fainted to the ground, losing the ability to continue fighting.

Ye Luo did not kill.

Just let them faint after their spirit could not bear it and did not collapse each other’s dao hearts.

For Ye Luo, these ten disciples were not worthy of his kill.

Well, the Nascent Soul realm was not worthy! The main thing was that Ye Luo was afraid that his master would scold him for shame if he knew. To actually kill ten rookies of the Nascent Soul realm.

Just at that moment.

The voice of the Grand Elder came over.

“Little Friend Ye is worthy of being a valuable guest of our sect, his strength is superb!”

“Congratulations to little friend Ye for winning the first place! Little friend Ye, according to the rules of our sect, those who win the first place in the sect competition can get a medium-grade magic treasure, a realm-breaking pill, a heart-clearing pill, seven pieces of immortal gold and spirit jade, 100,000 top-grade spirit stones, and a host of rewards so that I won’t count them here.”

“By the way, there is also the right to challenge once, this is of little use to you, little friend Ye, so there is no need to talk about it.”

The old face of the Grand Elder who came in the Dharma Cloud still put on that chrysanthemum smile.

While saying that, he winked at Ye Luo at the same time.

Obviously, he said that a bunch of rewards not to count in detail was trying to let Ye Luo pick himself.

Hearing this word, Ye Luo, who was standing next to him, smiled faintly.

Will their sect lack these things?

Is it possible?

No one really thinks that their secluded sect will be short of these things, right?

No way, no way.

This must be that his master usually didn’t bother to take it out. When he became the patriarch of the Daoless Sect in the future, he would naturally be able to see those real treasures.

How could he possibly crave these things?

“No need, these things, leave them to your sect’s disciples, but this challenge right I want to use.”

Ye Luo’s voice was indifferent as he spoke.

“What? Little Friend Ye, you want to use the challenge right? Who do you want to challenge?”

The Grand Elder panicked.

The Grand Elder and the many Elders who had their ears sideways and were eavesdropping from a super long distance also panicked.

This Ye Luo actually wanted to use the challenge right.

Who was this to challenge?

No matter who you challenge, they can’t beat Ye Luo.

The sword that people just used was not aimed at them, and it could almost break their hearts. If they were challenged, how could they fight?

Moreover, if they lose, what would happen? The rules of this challenge right were like this.

If you challenge a personal disciple, you would be a personal disciple if you win.

Challenge the sect deacon, and if you won, you were the sect deacon.

Challenge the sect elders, and if you won, you were the sect elders.

But the one who lost would not keep his position ah.

Many elders of the Empyrean Dao Sect are panicking.

Then the representatives of the major sects began to turn from panic to a state of watching and eating melons.

The disciples of the secluded sects want to use the right to challenge.

If he won, how did that count?

The Empyrean Dao Sect faced other people’s secluded sects and still couldn’t use their power to oppress others? This was obviously not possible.

Now the Empyrean Dao Sect had a lot of fun.

Under the gaze of everyone watching the show.

Inside the arena.

Ye Luo slightly raised his head, and those indifferent eyes swept the many elders on the large disc.

Finally, his eyes settled on Patriarch Qian Yuan. He had just been paying attention to this Qian Yuan Patriarch.

Because the only one in the room who could ignore his sword was Patriarch Qian Yuan!

To cause trouble in the Empyrean Dao Sect, was there anything better than trampling its Patriarch underfoot?

Moreover, in his opinion, only Patriarch Qian Yuan was worthy of a battle with him.

It’s you!

Ye Luo’s pupils gaped.

“Grand Elder, I want to use this challenge right to challenge your sect master! I also ask that Patriarch Qian Yuan, please do not be stingy in teaching me!”

Clutching his longsword, Ye Luo made a junior salute towards Patriarch Qian Yuan.

Clamoring ……

The entire crowd stood up, each one looking incredulously at Ye Luo down the field.

To challenge the lord of a holy land!

Are all the disciples of the hidden sects so bold?!


On the large disc.

When the many elders heard that Ye Luo was going to challenge Patriarch Qian Yuan, each one of them also pretended to stare in disbelief.

“So it’s not a challenge to the old man, fortunately, fortunately, but how can this little friend Ye challenge the patriarch, alas, how can this be, how can this be ……”

“It’s better to let the patriarch on! Patriarch can definitely defeat little friend Ye!”

“But what if you really defeat little friend Ye? When the time comes, little friend Ye’s master, that one personally descends, saying that the patriarch bullied little friend Ye, what should we do then?”

“Of course is to hand over the patriarch …… cough, of course, we can reason, to explain properly!”

“I think that is the appropriate sacrifice, is very necessary!!!”

Many elders were talking.

The face of Patriarch Qian Yuan sitting at the table was stiff, holding a teacup in his hand, shaking.

Quite a lot of tea splashed onto his palm without even noticing.

I’m finished ah ……

Pretending to be too much.

I’m going to be beaten.

What should I do if the expert pretends to be too much and is going to be beaten?


Patriarch Qian Yuan’s heart was like being cut by a knife, and he was very clear about his situation.

He was like a mortal, how could he beat this Ye Luo. The first thing he needed to do was to go up there.

If he didn’t go up, would he still want his face as the Lord of the Holy Land to come?

Just when Patriarch Qian Yuan was in deep thought.

The Grand Elder quietly came to Patriarch Qian Yuan’s side.

“Patriarch, it’s time to go down, this challenge right is the rule of our Empyrean Dao Sect, it can’t be changed, patriarch you go down, it’s better to just tie with little friend Ye, otherwise I’m afraid it’s very troublesome.”

“Moreover, I am afraid that the two things of Empyrean Dao Sect, I’m afraid it will become hopeless because of this.”  The Grand Elder expressionlessly advised Patriarch Qian Yuan.

It looked solemn, but it was completely different from the old man with the chrysanthemum smile just now.

Sitting in front of the table, still not daring to move, who still didn’t dare to move, heard this and almost couldn’t help but spit on the elder’s face.


I beat you with stars.

He was afraid that a sword would kill him in seconds.

And a tie, But it’s impossible for him not to fight……

The rules of the Empyrean Doa sect could not be broken ……

This was an unsolvable question.

Now it seemed that he could only give up his face to save his life and go down to play a game.

Patriarch Qian Yuan took a deep breath, stood up, walked to the edge of the large disc, and looked down for a long time.

When everyone saw this scene, they knew that Patriarch Qian Yuan would have to go down.

One by one held their breath, wanted to see the next big fight.

Under the sight of everyone.

Patriarch Qian Yuan stood before the large disc.

One minute ……

Ten minutes ……

Half an hour ……

A full half-hour passed.

The Grand Elder couldn’t help but speak up.

“Patriarch, what are you waiting for?”

Patriarch Qian Yuan faintly glanced at the Grand Elder, his face unchanged as he looked ahead, his hands behind his back, just like a strong man’s appearance.

Only to hear his lips lightly open and spit out a few words.

“Wait for the mounts.”

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