It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 295 – The Surging Undercurrents from the Immortal Wine’s Appearance

The Milky Way galaxy, on a certain planet.

At the seaside in an ancient building shaped like a dragon, a red-bearded man in a golden robe and long horns sat on the main seat. This man was the Galaxy Dragon King.

He held a jade bottle in his hand. When he opened the jade bottle, the Galaxy Dragon King’s pupils shrank, shock gracing his face.

“I just take a deep breath and it’s equivalent to half a month of practice? I’m a ninth-rank Immortal King! This kind of immortal wine actually can make my strength grow so fast?” The Galaxy Dragon King muttered to himself, and it took a long time to calm down.

He looked up at the man in red armor in front of him, “Are you sure this was sold by the human race?”

“Your Majesty, I dare not lie here, this thing is indeed being sold by a man named Sun Hao, he must have brewed this thing!” said the man in red armor.

“Sun Hao?” Galaxy Dragon King frowned in thought.

He’d never heard of that name at all.

To be able to brew such a peerless immortal wine, this person’s strength was by no means simple. If he went there rashly and lost, wouldn’t he end up dying? Also, this kind of immortal wine would reach the Lord’s ears sooner or later. If he were to fail, wouldn’t he have to take the consequences?

Just in case, he must report this matter to the Lord immediately. Even if the Lord did not do it himself, the faction will surely send a few immortals. That way, he could be safe!

After some deliberation, the Galaxy Dragon King made a decision.

“Well done! I didn’t expect Qing Chi to be sensible! Go back and tell him that he can return at the end of this year!” said the Galaxy Dragon King.

“Thank you for your kindness, my King!” The man in red armor knelt down, and after three kneels and nine kowtows, he quickly retreated.

The Galaxy Dragon King put away the jade bottle and disappeared in a flicker.

On the other side, the man in red armor walked out of the palace with a happy face. Just as he came to the square, he saw a group of armored guards surrounding him.

“You… what do you want to do?” The man in red armor showed a panic expression.

“Come with us, His Royal Highness Crown Prince wants to see you!”

“I… I have to go back to report on my mission!” said the man in red armor.

“Stop chattering, let’s go!”

Left with no choice, the man in red armor was “escorted” by a group of armored guards to the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Entering inside, the man in red armor knelt down and said, “I have seen Your Royal Highness Crown Prince!”

“You may rise!”

A blue-haired man sat in the main seat, looking coldly at the red-armored man. This person was the eldest son of the Galaxy Dragon King – Han Li.

“Thank you, Your Highness!” The red-armored man stood there weakly, his body trembling.

“Tell me, what did my third brother give to my father? How could he be transferred back? Also, my father went to see the Lord!” Han Li’s voice was not loud, but he was full of power.

“Your Highness, I’m here to deliver immortal wine!” said the man in red armor.

“Audacious!” The guards on the left and right shouted loudly, causing the man in red armor to kneel directly to the ground, trembling.

“Do you really want to deceive this Crown Prince? Say the truth!” Han Li said.

“Your Highness, I really dare not lie to you! It’s like this…” The red-armored man told the story again.

Han Li didn’t take these seriously, and his face didn’t change in any way.

When the man in red armor finished speaking, there was a trace of anger on his face, “Someone, take him down and chop his head!”

“Yes!” The left and right guards swarmed up and quickly pushed the red-armored man down.

“No, Your Highness, spare me…”

The sound fades away.

Soon after, a sound of a head falling to the ground was heard.

“Your Highness, he doesn’t seem to be lying!” At this moment, a man with a goatee stepped forward.

“You’re right!” Han Li smiled and nodded.

“Then why cut him down?”

“If he’s not cut, isn’t all the credit going to be third brother’s?”

Hearing Han Li’s voice, the goatee nodded and gave a thumb up, “Your Highness thought far!”

Han Li smiled slightly, “Get ready, take someone to Ziyang Planet with me immediately!”

“Your Highness, do you want to catch this Sun Hao?” The goatee-man asked.

“Correct!” Han Li nodded.

“Those who can brew this kind of immortal wine, I’m afraid that the strength is not simple, do we want to…” Goatee asked.

“Of course, take him with you!” Han Li nodded.

“Yes, Your Highness!” The goatee quickly retreated.

In the most distant part of the universe, on a certain planet.

In an ancient hall, a woman with a scepter sat on the main seat. Emperor-level aura emanating from her body.

In the hall, everyone bowed their heads and dared not lift their faces.

“A few days ago, I sensed a familiar sound, it must be my family’s artifact – the Tai Chi Pagoda! We need to find the artifact before other Immortal Emperors find it! Who is willing to take on this responsibility?”

The woman’s eyes swept away, and everyone bowed their heads, and no one was willing to stand up.

“Is there anyone?” The woman’s voice gradually became cold.

“Great Emperor, I am willing!”

At this moment, a female voice sounded outside the door. Immediately afterward, a woman dressed in white came.

She had a beautiful oval face, her delicate facial features were very three-dimensional, and her jade-like skin exuded a tender luster. At first glance, it was like a flawless masterpiece of God.

“Do you want to? Do you know the consequences?” The Female Empreror frowned slightly, a trace of displeasure on her face

“Great Emperor, this daughter knows! Failure to bring back the divine weapon means death!” the woman said.

The Female Emperor sighed, “Since you know the consequences, it’s up to you! I can only sense that the Tai Chi Pagoda is located in the Milky Way galaxy! This is the Tai Chi compass. It can sense the Tai Chi Pagoda. After you get there, use this object and it will guide you! Remember, only use it three times!”

After speaking, the Female Emperor waved her right hand, and a delicate compass flew to the woman’s hand.

“Yes, Great Emperor!” The woman took the compass and stepped back quickly.

Ziyang Planet, south of the Tianmo Continent.


The sky shook and hundreds of figures emerged from the ripples. These people were the Demon Slayer Special Attack Team headed by Luo Liuyan. These five hundred people are all immortals.

Luo Liuyan and others have even reached the Heaven Immortal Realm. This power, even the Penglai Continent cannot compete with it.

After landing, Luo Liuyan glanced at the blood mist in the sky and frowned slightly.

“This time, we will uproot the Demon Race! We’re here, each person only have ten bottles of immortal wine for replenishment, so we must fight quickly! Remember, kill without mercy!” Luo Liuyan shouted loudly.

“Yes, Leader Luo!” Everyone cupped their fists in salute.

“Leader Chen!”

“Here!” Chen Daoming stood up.

“You, Elder Mu and Elder Su, with one hundred and fifty people, attack from the east!”

“Yes!” Chen Daoming clasped his fists and stepped back.

“Elder Hua!” Luo Liuyan shouted.

“Here!” Hua Xianzi stood up.

“You, Elder Xuanyuan, and Elder Zhongli lead a hundred and fifty people to attack from the west!”


“Others, follow me to attack from the middle and storm the demon clan’s nest!”

“Set off!”

With that one command, everyone turned into a stream of light and quickly flew towards the Tianmo Continent.

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