The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 153 – Isn’t This a Tree Block of The Foundation Tree

They followed closely behind Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. After flying over the bare mountainous land, a big river appeared in front of them. The river was filled with spiritual energy, and its surface was flooded with all kinds of gorgeous light.

The crowd saw that a golden whale was swimming in the river.

The Golden whale was a kind of whale, but it was very rare, but here there was a large group of them, at least four or five hundred.

In addition to a golden whale, there were many rare species.

“This river has given birth to life.” Lu Yiping said.

He said the river, not the golden whales and other species within the river.

The Lu Yi Ping tsked and addressed, “In a few hundred million years, this river, I’m afraid, can grow into a River of Earth.”

Hundreds of millions of years? Che Dongyang and Huang Jiu were dumbfounded.

Although they had not heard of the River of Earth, these hundreds of millions of years, it was too long ago.

The ancient times are only a million years from now.

Lu Yiping shook his head, “The River of Earth is not that easy to grow, hundreds of millions of years, full of countless unknowns and variables.”

They crossed the big river and continued to fly forward. Not long after, a vast mountain was seen.

The mountain was ten thousand feet high and covered an area of ten thousand miles square. However, there was nothing else on the mountain except for some trees and plants.

At this time, Lu Yiping took out the treasure map, then condensed five strings, re-integrated into the treasure map of the zither above, at once, the sound of the zither again, a zither symbols fly out of the zither, and constantly into the mountain in front.

The mountain suddenly shook up. A pattern of lights flooded out from the body of the mountain.

Everyone saw that the original empty mountain body surface began to appear one after another palace, palace within, flooded with the light of the divine tree, the color of spiritual medicine, like a fairyland on earth.

Finally, tens of thousands of palaces appeared before the light pattern of the mountain gradually dissipated, and the sound of the zither in the treasure map slowly stopped.

“This is the Zither Saint Palace back then?” Che Dongyang marveled.

“But how could the Zither Saint Palace be moved to here back then? And it was moved here in its entirety. Who has such great power?!” Huang Jiu also marveled.

Such a large mountain was moved intact from somewhere else to here, and it was simply mind-boggling to the few people in Huang Jiu.

Such power, it was too incredible! At least the late peak of the Plane Lord was unable to do it. Even a hundred Late Plane Lord peak could not do it.

Lu Yiping looked at it and said, “The power of the gods in the ancient times is not something that you people can imagine now.”

Compared to the gods of the ancient period, what ten strongest people in the Nine Heavens now, what overlord, their powers were too weak like chicken.

“However, this Zither Saint Palace was used by someone to use the Supreme Space-Time Grand Formation to transfer its space-time to here.” Lu Yiping said.

“Space-time grand formation directly transferred?” Che Dongyang nad Huang Jiu could not imagine.

Although the space-time formation was strong, transferring one person to a few people was not difficult, but moving such a large divine mountain, unimaginable.

 This person’s formation technique, how high must it be.

“Is it Venerable Wuji?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull guessed.

Lu Yiping gave a hmph.

“Who is Venerable Wuji?” Phoenix Nine said.

“The top ten experts of the Ancient Ten Thousand Gods Era, and also the top ten formation masters at that time.” Lu Yiping said.

In the ancient period, there were many eras, the era of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods was the strongest one, there were countless strong experts, sects rose up, heavenly pride competed for supremacy, what a splendid era it was.

Now the Nine Heavens was a bit small compared to the ancient era of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods.

Then, Lu Yiping led the few people to the vast mountain, came to the front of Zither Saint Palace mountain gate.

Next to the Zither Saint Palace’s mountain gate, a huge stone zither was erected, and like the treasure map, the zither was stringless.

Lu Yiping gathered a stone string with one hand and then integrated it into the stone zither.

The stone zither rang.

One by one, the palaces resounded with the sound of the zither, and one by one, the palaces glowed with divine colors.

Lu Yiping said, “These palaces are enveloped by the power of the supreme zither formation. If you can’t break this zither formation power, even if you have the treasure map, you can’t enter.”

Che Dongyang smiled, in his heart, he felt glad that he had Lu Yiping’s help. Otherwise, he would not be able to break the Zither Saint Palace treasure in this life.

After unlocking the zither formation, Lu Yiping and the few people stepped into the Zither Saint Palace palace.

First, Lu Yiping came to the front hall of the Zither Saint Palace.

There was nothing in the front hall of the Zither Saint Palace, and it was empty. The four walls of the hall, carved with a variety of playing the ancient zither pictures, standing in the hall, as if there is a kind of zither sound dazzling, the sense of ten thousand years.

“Strong as the Zither Saint Palace, eventually also perished in the age of the long river.” Huang Jiu remembered the Phoenix Divine Sect and lamented.

Lu Yiping said, “There is no eternal existence of sects and forces in this world. In ancient times, the Heavenly Court was so strong and had unified the world, countless realms were subservient to their feet, but later still the same as they are being overthrown!

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “I don’t know if the old man of the Heavenly Emperor has died.”

Lu Yiping said, “Hard to say.”

It was difficult to kill an existence like the Heavenly Emperor, whose soul will probably be already one with all the worlds.

They all walked through the front hall and went to the back.

When they passed by a garden, they saw a flower planted in the garden that was blooming with a hint of golden flame, Che Dongyang wondered, “It can’t be the Golden Flame Flower, right?”

The Divine Canon recorded that the Golden Flame Flower was a miraculous flower of heaven and earth.

“It is the Golden Flame Flower.” Lu Yiping said.

Che Dongyang stared at the Golden Flame Flower and swallowed for a while.

“The flowers, spiritual medicines, and divine fruits here, you can pick them.” Lu Yiping said.

He did not need these things, and the treasure map was Che Dongyang’s after all.

“Thank you, my lord.” Che Dongyang was surprised and bowed to thank him.

They all walked towards the back and finally came to a big door forged with divine titanium iron.

This should be the Zither Saint Palace Treasure Vault. On top of the big door, some with strings, some without strings, and some with missing strings. These zithers, of different sizes, were nine in total.

“Nine Palace Zither Formation?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull guessed. Although the zither he played was unpleasant to the ears, but after following Lu Yiping for so many years, his eyesight was still not bad.

Lu Yiping nodded, “It’s the Nine Palace Zither Formation, but with some changes.”

Of course, it was not difficult for Lu Yiping. He would fill the missing strings and stringless zither one by one, finally, one of the ancient zither strings. At once, the zither sounded loud, and the treasure vault door slowly opened.

When the door of the treasure vault was opened, the light blossomed, the seven-colored light came out, and the chaotic aura filled the vault. Obviously, there were chaos-level treasures within the vault.

They all stepped into the treasure vault. At a glance, they saw that the space inside the treasure vault was like a huge city, and above the treasure vault, a spiritual vein was coiled, and the largest one was clearly a Chaos-level spiritual vein.

And on the ground, all kinds of rare materials piled up all over the place. Huang Jiu, Che Dongyang and his two guards looked shocked.

Lu Yiping’s face was as usual as he walked deeper into the treasure trove. Finally, when he came to the depths of the treasure trove, he was stunned when he saw a block of trees as tall as a person.

Isn’t this the tree block t of The Foundation Tree?

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