Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 46 – Patriarch Qian Yuan’s Realm

Inside the arena.

Looking at the eight men and two women not far away.

Ye Luo held his longsword, slightly lowering his head, a few strands of hair fluttering with the wind, hiding his eyes.

“You guys take action first and take out all your strongest skills. I will only take out one sword. After one sword, if you are undefeated, it will be counted as my loss. ”

Ye Luo spoke in a soft voice.

The voice was not light and not heavy.

When it reached the ears of the ten disciples, it caused a wave of nameless anger to rise in their hearts.

It was enough to fight ten to one.

And now he said, only one sword?

Although he was the disciple of a secluded sect, he should not be so crazy.

The ten disciples all silently took out their own magic treasures, used their own spells, and prepared to take action.

Just then.

One of the male disciples opened his mouth and said, “My best skill is to lay out formations, as your Excellency said, let’s bring out our strongest skills, my strongest skill is formation, I wonder if I can lay out formations?”


The remaining nine disciples’ eyelids all twitched.

You have the nerve to say it.

Under normal circumstances, who fights and waits for you to set up a formation.

And using the formation method, isn’t this cheating?

Even if the opponent were the disciples of a hidden sect, they don’t play like this.

If this can still be agreed, the nine of them can kneel down on the spot, call each other Grandpa, and add names to their family tree!

The rest of the nine people thought this way.

The next moment.

Ye Luo’s voice came over.

“Absolutely, do it.”

The nine people, “……”

As for the disciple who said he wanted to lay out a formation.

When he heard that Ye Luo really asked him to set up the formation, he couldn’t help but stare in awe.

“Your Excellency is serious?”

That disciple took a deep breath and asked. As his words came out. He did not receive any response.

Ye Luo stood still, not moving, obviously waiting for the other party to set up the formation first.

Seeing this scene, the disciple gritted his teeth and took out various formation materials from his storage treasure, ready to start setting up the formation.

Standing on the other side of Ye Luo watched the other party pull out all kinds of materials, his indifferent face showed dumbfounds.

“Do you still have to use your hands to arrange the formation?” Ye Luo subconsciously raised his head and asked.

The disciple who was arduously setting up the formation, “??”

I don’t need to use my hands to set up a formation, should I use my feet?

“Nothing, nothing, you go on, forget I said it.”

Ye Luo snapped back to his senses and waved his hand, letting the other party continue.

He shook his head rather helplessly.

He watched his junior brother Zhang Han set up a formation and looked at it for a long time, and he thought that setting up a formation was all done with a thought.

Now he remembered that the formation was to use the hands and use various materials.

The formation that did not use hands was exclusive to their Daoless Sect.

This made Ye Luo feel more and more fortunate that he joined the Daoless Sect and even more so that his master personally came to accept him as a disciple.

He Ye Luo would never forget this kindness.

I can only practice diligently in the future in order to let the master be pleased!


Ye Luo stood there and waited for nearly half an hour.


Holding the long sword.

 Hunting robe.

Like a supreme sword immortal.

But his patience was also about to run out.

Not to mention Ye Luo, the sects’ representatives watching the ceremony were also a little impatient.

Good thing that disciple finally finished laying out the formation.

“I’ve finished! Nine Dragons Refining Fire Formation! The formation can’t be broken unless it’s at the peak of the first generation!”

That disciple shouted excitedly.

The remaining nine disciples also lifted their spirits slightly and sacrificed various magic treasures.

When the formation was finished, it also meant that the competition had begun.

Ye Luo gently raised his head to look at the formation patterns all over the place and laughed softly.


The voice reached the ears of the ten disciples.

As everyone knew, his sword was never meant to hurt people.


Ye Luo’s palm touched the hilt of the longsword.

Five fingers closed then the longsword was sheathed.

As he sheathed his longsword, his aura changed, and the golden mark on his forehead flashed brightly.

A mysterious smell of heaven and earth permeated, and the shrill sound of swords resounded through the sky.

Even though there were many spell formations to isolate it, it still reached the many discs.

Many sect representatives almost subconsciously stood up, a sense of crisis surged up in their hearts.

Before they could make any reaction.

They saw that the originally bright sky had dimmed at some point, a huge scar of the sky cracked open, and the entire sky collapsed down.

The earth below was crazily sinking.

Endless thunder and lightning were roaring.

The wind swept everything.

The sky collapsed, and the earth sank.

Thunder and lightning roar.

The wind was blowing.

Just like a scene of the world’s destruction.

In front of the world’s destruction, a sense of powerlessness, a sense of insignificance, emerged in the hearts of all people.

One could not shake the sky!

World destruction, they could only watch themselves being destroyed, could not do anything.

Since they could not do anything, why did they still have to cultivate hard, waiting for death early on?

The hearts dao of the people present were shaken.

At this moment, everyone present, even those who were in a small realm, their dao hearts were showing signs of collapse.

Even the great elder who was able to break open last time, this time also could not break free.

Of course, there was one person who remained as stable as a mountain.

That was Patriarch Qian Yuan.

Patriarch Qian Yuan, without his spirit, only had a physical body that could live and think.

He did not know what was happening.

At this moment, Patriarch Qian Yuan, holding a cup of tea in his hand with a cloudy look, the afterglow frantically glanced at those around him with dull faces.

Woori ……

What’s wrong with this group of people?

What has happened?

Who am I?

Where am I?

Where am I going?

Just when Patriarch Qian Yuan was contemplating whether to pretend to have a dull face as well.

A voice came from the depths of the Empyrean Dao Sect.

“Wake up.”

This voice came out.

The mirror image that had trapped the crowd instantly fell apart.

Everyone was drenched in a cold sweat, and one by one, they sat on the ground with soreness and weakness, breathing heavily, while looking at Ye Luo, who was standing breezily inside the arena, in a state of shock.

On that largest disc.

Numerous elders were likewise.


When they looked at Ye Luo, their gazes were somewhat fearful.

“A good secluded sect disciple, such tactics, is really worthy of the title secluded sect, thanks to the great elders made a move. Otherwise, by ourselves, it is really difficult to escape!”

“The sword does not cut people, but cut the dao heart, good sword!!!”

“Patriarch, you …… why are you as good as nothing happened to you?”

“Has the patriarch’s realm reached this level? He can actually ignore this sword!”

Numerous elders suddenly noticed Patriarch Qian Yuan, who was sitting over there, looking breezy.

All of them, including the Grand Elder, was trapped by this sword. Yet the Patriarch Qian Yuan was sitting quietly like this.

Is this the realm of the patriarch?

The elders could not help but gaze slightly, wanting to see the realm of Patriarch Qian Yuan.

It was a shock when they looked at it.

It turned out that they could not see through the Patriarch’s realm anymore? At a glance, the patriarch was actually as ordinary as a mortal.

Perhaps, their Empyrean Dao Sect, apart from the Grand Elders, only the Patriarch Qian Yuan could fight with Ye Luo?

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