It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 293- The Terrifying Existence Is Afraid of Young Master

“We’re still alive?”

Di Zun touched his face and felt that everything was very unreal.

“It’s not simple! Just now, it was really scary!” Old Man Yueli nodded slightly.

“Master, I didn’t mishear the apology just now, right?” Di Zun asked.

“What? You heard that too?” 

Old Man Yueli was shocked. He thought he was overly frightened and had auditory hallucinations in the trance just now. If his disciple heard it too, wouldn’t it mean that…

Old Man Yueli became even more surprised the longer he thought about it. His heart couldn’t help beating violently.

“Yes, Master!” Di Zun nodded slightly.

As soon as the words came out.

“Dong dong…”

Old Man Yueli’s heart seemed to jump out of his throat.

“Then, this Young Master Sun Hao’s identity is not simple!”

Old Man Yueli looked at Sun Hao, his face glowing in uncertain light.

“Master, that terrifying existence just now was really afraid of Young Master Sun Hao?” There was still a trace of disbelief on Di Zun’s face.

“Didn’t you pay attention just now? Everyone was crawling on the ground, only Young Master Sun Hao acted as if nothing happened! That terrifying existence also noticed this scene and directly exerted pressure on Young Master Sun Hao! As a result, Young Master Sun Hao just glanced and the terrifying existence was shocked!” said Old Man Yueli.

When Di Zun heard this, he nodded secretly.


The two gasped and couldn’t calm down at all for a while.

“Master, I didn’t expect that there are such great powerful beings in this world!” said Earth Venerable.


Old Man Yueli nodded slightly, “This Young Master Sun Hao is not only powerful but his heart is extremely broad! Generally speaking, for this kind of person, we are like ants that can be killed at will! However, Young Master Sun Hao has a good heart! Not only did he not kill us, but he also saved us from disaster! I have never seen this kind of mind before!” said Old Man Yueli.

“Yes, Master!” Di Zun nodded and said.

“After we thank the young master, we will return to Phoenix City immediately, I’m afraid that the Demon Emperor is ​​in great danger!” said Old Man Yueli.

“Master, the Earth Line Teleportation Array has been completely destroyed, how do we go back?” Earth Master asked.

“Just run back!” said Old Man Yueli.

“Shouldn’t we go to Tucheng Teleportation Array?” Di Zun asked.

Old Man Yueli shook his head slightly, “Since the other party came prepared, the Tucheng Teleportation Array must have been destroyed! We’ll just run back, it’s the fastest and safest! Let’s go and thank Young Master first!”

“Yes, Master!”

The two flew down and stood respectfully in front of Sun Hao without any trouble.

When Huang Rumeng looked up, she quickly broke free from Sun Hao’s arms. She blushed and stepped aside.

“Fortunately, I didn’t let them discover my identity!” Huang Rumeng murmured.

“Thank you, Young Master, for saving our lives!”

Old Man Yueli directly knelt in front of Sun Hao in the most respectful manner.

“Thank you, Young Master, for saving our lives!”

With the two of them taking the lead, the others also knelt down and kowtowed.

“Everyone doesn’t need to be polite, please get up quickly!” Sun Hao said.

“Thank you, Young Master!” Everyone stood up full of gratitude.

“Young Master, we have something important to do, so we will leave first!”

Old Man Yueli stepped forward and said.

“En, be careful!” Sun Hao nodded.

“Young Master, I will keep your great kindness in my heart and repay you if I have the chance!”

After saying that, Old Man Yueli took Di Zun and strode away. Soon, he disappeared into the crowd without a trace.

There were more and more people surrounding Sun Hao. Everyone’s face was full of brilliance, waiting for Sun Hao to sell immortal wine.

No wonder, Young Master sells immortal wine without fear of being robbed at all. Young Master’s strength has already caused the terrifying existence to bow. Presumably, the immortal wine sold by Young Master must be brewed by himself!

“Not good!”

Sun Hao looked at the teleportation array and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. He saw that the teleportation array had already broken into pieces and was impossible to be repaired.

Rebuilding one was not something that could be done in a short time. Even he needed a few days to make it, moreover, it needed to be built in two different places.

In other words, build one here first then go to Phoenix City to build one before it can be opened. It’s so troublesome, it’s much easier to go directly to Phoenix City.

‘Rumeng must be in a hurry, let’s accompany her to Phoenix City first!’ Sun Hao swept his gaze to Huang Rumeng as he thought of this. However, he saw her brows furrowed, and there was a trace of worry on her face.

“It’s been so many days, why is there no reply yet? Has something really happened to the Divine Fox Clan?” Huang Rumeng muttered to herself.

“Rumeng, what’s the matter?” Sun Hao stepped forward.

“Young Master, I’m afraid something happened to a friend of mine!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Friend? Then let’s go find her?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes!” Huang Rumeng nodded, “Young master, let’s ask the city lord first!”


They took the blood wolf and disappeared instantly.


“Young Master is gone?”

“I’m regretting it, why didn’t I buy the immortal wine!”

“I’m such an idiot, I even made fun of the immortal wine that Young Master sold!”

Many people beat their chests and stamp their feet in regret.

To the south of Northern City.


The two figures were running fast. These two were Old Man Yueli and Di Zun.

Suddenly, Old Man Yueli stopped.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” Di Zun asked.

“I always feel something is wrong!” said Old Man Yueli.

“What’s wrong?” Di Zun asked.

“Young Master, the immortal wine that people like Young Master sell shouldn’t be simple! Let’s take it out and see!”


The two of them each took out a bottle of immortal wine, opened the bottle cap, and their pupils could not help shrinking. Their eyes shone.


Their voices were trembling, and they didn’t say a complete word for a long time.


After taking a few breaths, the two calmed down.

“I’m just a fool for not even buying this kind of immortal wine!”

Old Yueli’s face was full of remorse, “Disciple, I am ashamed of being a teacher!”

“Master, it’s not your fault, if we buy it, I’m afraid that the Young Master may not give us the immortal wine!” said Di Zun.

“That makes sense!”

Old Man Yueli nodded slightly, “However, for people like Young Master to give us immortal wine, I’m afraid they have other intentions!”

“Master, I think the young master must have predicted the Demon Emperor in a big crisis! He wants us to strengthen our strength and go back to support quickly!” said Di Zun.

“That’s reasonable! Let’s take a few bottles of immortal wine first, cultivate a bit and then go back, so the speed will definitely be faster!” said Old Man Yueli.

“Okay, Master!”

The two of them turned back rapidly and quickly left. After a while, they came to a cave and rushed directly into it.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, they picked up a bottle of immortal wine, poured it into their mouths, and swallowed it.


Infinite immortal power surged all over their body which rapidly improved their realm, body, soul, and state of mind.

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