Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 45 – One vs Ten

Inside the arena.

At this moment, the top ten of the Empyrean Dao Sect’s sect competition had just been decided.

The ten disciples who won the top ten, eight men and two women, were all at the Nascent Soul realm.

The ten people were competing against each other. Each other want to compete for the first position. The strength of all ten of them was similar. So anyone can possibly get the first position.

It was normal for them to have a high fighting spirit. Just when the ten disciples were ready to start the battle for the first place. An elder stepped on his flying sword and stopped in mid-air, watching the ten disciples.

“The battle for first place is suspended. Now there is a distinguished guest who wants to join the sect competition. You have changed from ten people to eleven people, and you will compete for first place together! ”

“Please don’t doubt the impartiality of the sect competition. The distinguished guests who joined temporarily this time also belong to the younger generation and are younger than you. ”

“I hope you will not lose the face of my Empyrean Dao Sect.” The elder’s voice was as loud as a bell. It resounded throughout the arena and beyond. Not only were the disciples shocked. Even the representatives of the many sects that came to observe the ceremony were also surprised.

The Empyrean Dao Sect actually let outsiders temporarily join the sect’s grand competition ……

This was something that had never happened before. Now the Empyrean Dao Sect had actually made an exception!

What shocked the representatives of many sects was actually not that the Empyrean Dao Sect had made an exception.

Instead, it was why the Empyrean Dao Sect made an exception! To be honest, if we look at the entire Eastern State. There was no sect that could make the Empyrean Dao Sect look at them.

There was none before!

Now there was one! Now there was one! That was the Secluded Sect, the Daoless Sect!

I’m afraid that the only one who could make an exception for the Empyrean Dao Sect was the Daoless Sect.

This secluded sect was finally going to be shown in front of the world.

The representatives of many sects breathed a little heavier, and one by one, they all stood up, no longer sitting, their eyes fixed deadly on the direction of the arena.


Within the arena.

In the sight of the ten disciples.

Ye Luo wearing a green stream crane cloud robe holding a long sword slowly walked from the side of the arena channel.

His arrival seemed to have an invisible layer of aura rising up, imprisoning the ten disciples.

Especially Ye Luo’s eyes were full of a sense of oppression, and the people who looked at him seemed to be looking at heaven and earth.



These two feelings surfaced in the hearts of others.

In the astonished eyes of the ten disciples.

The elder who stepped on the flying sword landed next to Ye Luo.

“Little friend Ye, the rules of the competition are like this, pick your opponent by lottery, one to one elimination system, the winner continues to fight against other winners until the first comes out.”

“Those who get the first place have many rewards, as well as the right to challenge once.”

“As for this challenge right, let me explain it to you this way, assuming you are an inner disciple and you get first place, you can choose to challenge an elder’s personal disciple, and as long as the challenge is successful, you can choose an elder as a personal disciple.”

“If you choose to challenge a deacon and succeed, then you can become a deacon, of course, if you dare to challenge the sect master and succeed, then the position of sect master is all yours, haha.”

The elder said in a mockery.

The speaker had no intention, and the listener had a heart. After listening, Ye Luo froze for a moment, and then he realized.

The right to challenge?

Wasn’t this prepared for him to step on the Empyrean Dao Sect.

The elder saw that Ye Luo did not answer and did not care, he continued to say with a smile, “But this right to challenge is definitely useless for you, well, little friend Ye, who do you want to challenge first? I’ll give you a secret box operation on my side.”

A secret box operation?

Ye Luo raised his head and swept a glance at the ten disciples.

Nascent Soul realm? Too weak, too weak.

There was no need for any backroom operation.

If his master knew, he had to fight ten Nascent Soul realms one by one.

He was afraid that his master would have to slap him to death.

“This elder, there is no need, I will only make one sword strike. Let these ten disciples come together, as long as they can catch one of my swords, I will be considered defeated.”

Ye Lu shook his head and spoke in a soft voice.

“Pfft …… little friend Ye, you’re not kidding? Let these ten disciples go together?”

The elder froze for a moment, somewhat stunned, with an odd expression.

“You heard it right, let these ten disciples bring out all their skills and go together.”

Ye Luo waved his hand casually, with a lonely look.

That elder’s expression changed.

If he didn’t agree to this Ye Luo, he would offend the secluded sect.

Agreed, it doesn’t matter whether Ye Luo can defeat ten disciples with one sword or not.

If really defeated by a sword, then his Empyrean Dao sect would be a disgrace.

In the hall of the Eastern State Holy Land hall, the most elite ten disciples were beaten with one sword.

But if Ye Luo lost, their relationship with the Secluded Sect would become awkward again.

The causal disputes in this regard are very complicated.

This elder thought about it for a long time.

In the end, he could only let out a sigh.

“Please also wait for a moment, Little Friend Ye, I will ask the Grand Elder and the Patriarch.”

This elder arched his hand and flew towards the Grand Elder’s location with his foot on the flying sword.

Seeing this scene.

Ye Luo was not in a hurry, he closed his eyes, stood there, let the breeze brush his face, he stood since.

The mysterious and profound aura flowed out from him.

Standing next to the ten disciples, you look at me, I look at you, do not know what to say.

After a while.

The elder returned again, nodded slightly toward Ye Luo, but saw Ye Luo closed his eyes, the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. Facing the crowd, he slowly spoke.

“Due to the request of this honored guest!”

“The sect competition will change the rule, by the top ten disciples of my sect against this noble guest competition!”

“This noble guest cultivation is profound, the first ten disciples remember not to be careless and need to bring out all the skills!”

“If the top ten disciples can defeat the guest, each of the top ten disciples will receive the first-place prize and the right to challenge. If the guest wins, then the guest will be the first place in the sect competition!”

The voice of the elders was heard both inside and outside the arena.

Everyone heard it.

After hearing it.

Undoubtedly, they were even more shocked.

They all started to talk about it.

“The Empyrean Dao Sect actually changed the rules over and over again ……”

“Or we underestimated the influence of the Secluded Sect, but the people of this Secluded Sect are really overwhelming.”

“Tsk, this Empyrean Dao Sect can’t get off the stage, winning is not honorable, losing is wonderful.”

Ignore the chatter of these people.

Inside the arena.

The various formations opened once again.

It foreshadows that this competition has begun.

One vs. ten.

Ye Luo slowly opened his eyes. His eyes fell on the ten disciples with strange faces. In his heart, he sighed secretly.

Ten Nascent Soul realm ……

No matter how he said it, he was considered a bully.

Who can be blamed for this?

This can only be blamed on these ten disciples ah.

Why are you guys only Nascent Soul realm? What a waste ……

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