Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 44: That’s it

The territory of Eastern State.

Empyrean Dao Sect.

At this moment, the Empyrean Dao Sect was in a frenzy.

The sect competition, which was of interest to all the sects in the Eastern Region, was in progress.

On top of a high mountain, there was a round arena opened in which the four sides of the arena were covered with large formations to isolate the battle fluctuations of the arena.

In the middle of the formation envelope, there was a suspended disc.

Each disc had snacks and tea, as well as maids to serve, and those who could sit on the disc were all representatives of a sect.

And only people from big sects could be invited to enter, sit on this disc and watch the Empyrean Dao Sect’s sect competition.

As for the general sects.

Not to mention the small sects, even medium-sized sects were not worthy to enter the Empyrean Dao Sect.


On top of the many discs, there was also one of the largest suspended discs. On this disc, Patriarch Qianyuan and many high-level elders were all listed here.

Ye Luo was also on this.

At this moment.

Ye Luo sat at a table and looked at the many elders around him, speechless except for speechlessness.

This group of elders is really like licking dogs

When he first came to the arena, this group of elders brought him directly to this large disc.

What else to say, all the invited guests were sitting on this kind of disc, and each one had this kind of large disc.

Now when he took a look again ……

The discs below were too small to be said as the same.

How come you still have a face to say the same thing?

The elders of the Eastern State Holy Land are actually all licking dogs ……This is not decent!

Ye Luo glanced at the group of elders, and then at the Patriarch Qianyuan who was sitting quietly there, motionless as a mountain.

He could only secretly sigh.

The patriarch of the Empyrean Dao Sect was still reliable. However, then again, he still had to make trouble at the sect competition.

He would not dare to forget the master’s command.

A brilliant light flashed in Ye Luo’s eyes as he turned his head to look at the Grand Elder next to him.

“Grand Elder, can outsiders participate in your sect’s sect competition?” Ye Luo opened his mouth and said.

“How is this possible, the Empyrean Dao Sect’s sect competition can only be attended by the elite disciples of the inner sect and the personal disciples of the great elders, not even the outer disciples can participate, how can outsiders participate, if an outsider can participate, then I will …… on the spot”

The grand elder opened his mouth with a smile.

Halfway through the sentence.

He suddenly thought of something, widened his eyes, and his voice abruptly stopped.

“This …… shouldn’t be? little friend Ye, you want to come down personally, right?” The Grand Elder took a deep breath and asked.

“Not bad, Grand Elder, I want to spar with the disciples of your sect.” Ye Luo nodded his head and admitted it.

As this statement came out, the Grand Elder was also a bit confused. There was no precedent for outsiders to participate in their Empyrean Dao Sect’s sect competition.

He turned his head to look at the many elders, wanting to see what the group’s opinion was. Who expected that these elders all looked up at the sky as if they did not care about the Grand Elder.

The Grand Elder gnashed his teeth.

Finally, after scanning for a long time, he fixed his gaze on Patriarch Qian Yuan.

Did not wait for the elders to speak, Patriarch Qian Yuan lightly said a sentence.

“Leave everything to the Grand Elder’s full authority.” Patriarch Qian Yuan slowly spoke.

Sitting there alone.

Motionless as a mountain, he closed his eyes slightly.

When the elder heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief. The Patriarch had said that he would be given full authority to handle it.

Then according to his nature, that was certainly ……

“Little friend Ye, if you want to participate, then participate, but you have a distinguished status, when the disciples decided the top ten, only then you can participate.”

The grand elder’s old face showed a chrysanthemum smile as he spoke.

When Ye Luo heard this, of course, he had no objection. He picked up the tea on the table, took a sip, and looked into the arena below with aloofness.

In the arena below.

The competition has begun.

The two disciples were fighting, various dazzling spells were used, and various powerful magic weapons were sacrificed.

The fight was overwhelming.

This was the fighting method between the disciples of the Golden Core Realm.

Ye Luo, who was sitting on top of the disc, just took a glance and felt bored.

This is the Golden Dan realm?

That’s it?

At a loss, he thought how strong the Golden Core Realm was.

That’s all I dare to say.

Isn’t this an operation that can be done with your hands?

Ye Luo curled his lips without a trace.

Empyrean Dao Sect was the Eastern State Holy Land. There was no reason for disciples to do this. It should be just that these two disciples compare notes. ‘Keep looking down, you should be able to see a stronger one’ Ye Luo thought so and calmed down. He looked at the fighting method below blankly.

Time passed little by little, a full half-day passed.

When Ye Luo was about to fall asleep. Finally, the Grand Elder called him softly.

Ye Luo was awakened by the sound, shook his head, and turned to look at  the Grand Elder.

“What’s wrong, Grand Elder, is it time to change to a stronger disciple right away? Good, I’ll raise my spirits here and take a look.” 

Ye Luo slightly sat up straight.

Thinking that it would soon be the turn of the stronger disciple to take the stage. It was not his fault. In his eyes, those disciples were just like children playing around.

The strongest was only the Nascent Soul realm. After watching for a long time, he wanted to sleep.

What Ye Luo didn’t know was that the top ten of the sect competition were competing ……

When the Grand Elder heard this, his old face froze, but he quickly behaved as if nothing had happened.

“No, no, little friend Ye, the sect’s top ten have already been compared out, the sect grand competition has entered the end.”

“Little friend Ye,  don’t you want to participate? What do you think of participating now? ”

The Grand Elder smiled like a flower, the kind of chrysanthemum.

“What? Top ten? Is this the top ten? ”

Ye Luo was taken aback.

He really didn’t expect it.

The top ten of the sect competition of the hallowed Eastern State Holy Land, just this.

It was only ten Nascent Soul realms, right?

The Grand Elder’s face was stiff again, and he was really offended.

But after thinking about Ye Luo’s background, he could only smile as he spoke, “Yes, the top ten is this, it can’t compare with such a supreme talent as you, little friend Ye, so you don’t have to go down, right? I feel that these disciples are not your opponent.”

Not to play? How can he make trouble if he doesn’t? How can he fulfill his master’s command?

If he didn’t fulfill his master’s orders, wouldn’t his future position as the Daoless Sect’s patriarch be unprotected?

Ye Luo hurriedly shook his head and said, “Down the field is certainly to down the field, also please Grand Elder you deal with it,”

Hearing these words.

The Grand Elder could only nod his head and waved his hand to an elder next to him. That elder agreed, harnessed a flying sword, and flew towards the center of the arena.

Only then did the Grand Elder turn around and face Ye Luo, and said with a smile, “Little friend Ye, you should be gentle, these ten disciples are the treasures of our Empyrean Dao Sect.”

Ye Luo nodded, without any modesty.

He felt that if he beat those ten disciples, it would be the same as killing a chicken.

Only, the master said to make trouble ……

Isn’t it a bit insufficient to just stomp on the Empyrean Dao Sect?

Ye Luo began to ponder.

He was thinking, does the master have a deeper meaning.

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