Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 43 To Talk About Complexity

By the mirror lake.

Inside the blacksmith store.

The Impermanent Daoist whole person seemed to be petrified.

Ten taels of silver a catty ……

Pack it all and take it away……

This, this, this.

These are real divine weapons!

You know, there was a division of magic treasures for immortal cultivators. The lowest level was mortal treasures and upwards were magic treasures. There were lower, middle, and high-grade magic treasures. Further up is the spirit treasure. Spirit treasures were very precious.

A large sect may not have one or two pieces of spiritual treasures, and even if there were, they were also at the level of the sect’s treasure.

The weapons in the box of the Impermanent Daoist were all spirit treasures. And they are all high-grade spiritual treasures, and if every piece  was released, it was enough to cause countless powerful people to rush for it.

But damn now ……

Pack it all and take it away?

Use the price of one catty of ten taels of silver to buy spirit treasures?

The Impermanent Daoist felt that his worldview was collapsing.

Which place that a spirit treasure was so easy to buy?

Ten taels a catty ……

“This, this, senior, this ……”

The Impermanent Daoist wanted to refuse but didn’t know how to speak.

“What? At ten taels a catty, you’re still not satisfied?” Chu Yuan’s tone suddenly became unceremonious.

Just now, this man was planning to rob him of his money and silver. Now he bought something by paying just to be polite.

This man actually was dared to think the price was low.

Really greedy and insatiable!

When Impermanentnent Daoist on the other side heard this, he didn’t dare to say anything and took a deep breath.

“Senior, if you want to buy these things away, it’s fine.”

“I have a question here. If the senior can give me satisfying answers, I won’t charge the senior a cent for these things, and I will give them with both hands! ”

The Impermanent Daoist said in a stern tone. He could see that the existence in front of him was determined to ask for these things and even pretended that he didn’t know that these were spiritual treasures and wanted to buy them.

According to the Impermanent Daoist’s own imagination, it was absolutely impossible for him to defeat this existence.

Then simply ask the questions in his own cultivation.

Chu Yuan, who was sizing up the weapon, froze for a moment.

Do not want his money, but to ask him questions?

He was not going to ask any cultivation questions, right?

Then he couldn’t answer since he had zero knowledge of immortal cultivation.

“Go ahead and ask.” Chu Yuan bit the bullet and replied.

He had to try and see if he could answer. What if he would be able to answer it.

“Senior, what is the Dao?”

The Impermanent Daoist asked with a slight arch of his hand.

That’s it? Just this question?

Chu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. He thought it was some kind of difficult problem.

Dare to say it was this kind of question. He was familiar with this question.

“The so-called Dao, well, it’s complicated, you don’t understand…” Chu Yuan put on a cloudy look and was just about to start his daily fooling.

Who expected that he hadn’t even finished his words. The Impermanent Daoist opened his mouth and interrupted.

“Senior! Talk about the complexity! I can understand!!” The Impermanent Daoist had a serious look.

Chu Yuan: “???”

You are wrong.

Can I understand the complexity?

If I understand, then I can still condense a trace of magic power in three months. Is it still the Golden Core Realm?

But Chu Yuan looked at the Impermanent Daoist’s serious old face and didn’t know what to say.

He could only turn around silently and turn his back on the other side.

“The so-called Dao, I can use this sentence, and you speak, man law heaven, heaven law earth, earth law Dao, Dao law nature! The Dao is originally nothing; from nothing comes one, one comes two, two comes three, three comes to all things!”

“The Dao can be the Dao, very Dao, the name can be the name, the famous name ……”

Chu Yuan recited the Dao Te Ching, he found that he had forgotten all about it, and he was embarrassed on the spot.

“Well, well, that’s it, if you do not understand, then there is nothing you can do, that can only go through the process, ten taels of white silver a catty!”

Chu Yuan waved his hand, unable to get up.

Obviously, you can buy it with money. He had to waste so much energy to fool around.

It was simply inappropriate.

On the other hand, listening to these words, the impermanent Daoist frowned as if he understood and did not understand.

He didn’t understand the first paragraph.

But the second paragraph made him feel that the bottleneck was loosened, but he was a little unclear, so he couldn’t really break through.

“Senior, these weapons, go ahead and take them, no more money needed.” The Impermanent Daoist gritted his teeth.

Things have come to this point, and he had no choice but to give these spirit treasures to this person.

If these spirit treasures were sent to him, this person should also take note of them in his heart, right?

But he was not too bad, and he got such a remark.

Go back to comprehend well, it may be able to make his cultivation went further.

“No money? Then I’ll take it. By the way, do you have any better weapons here?”

Chu Yuan closed the box and swept his gaze around. After finding a pile of ‘scrap iron’ to fill the palace.

Next, he had to find a weapon for himself.

“What other weapons do you want, senior?”

The corners of the Impermanent Daoist’s mouth twitched fiercely.

Hadn’t all the best weapons been taken away? What other weapons could he have here?

“No need for you to look. I’ll just take a look myself.”

Chu Yuan walked to the front of the inner room and took a glance.

His eyes instantly lit up.

Next to the doorway of the inner room, there was a long sword.

The sword was three feet long, its body was blood red, and a long blood-colored dragon was engraved on it, flashing with a demonic red light. It looked so powerful, as if it was going to cut everything down.

This sword is good!

Chu Yuan immediately picked up the blood-colored longsword, stroked it carefully, and said with emotion that it was a good sword.

“How much is this sword? Forget it. I’ll give you all the money, silver and silk outside. That’s it. I’m leaving, I’ll see you again if we have a destiny. ”

Chu Yuan finished speaking.

Picked up this blood-colored long sword, backhandedly held up the box that holds the ‘scrap iron,’ riding up the magic cloud, and left.

All this was in a flash of lightning.

The Impermanent Daoist looked stunned. When he came back to his senses, Chu Yuan had already left.

“This… Senior, why did he take my sword for lighting?” The Impermanent Daoist was a little confused.

That blood-colored longsword was only used to illuminate the light, at best, it was of the Qi Refining Realm rank, not even a mortal treasure.

It may be brighter when injected with magic power.

But not much use ah ……

It’s even too dull to kill chickens.

“Seniors are seniors, acting I can not understand at all, compared to seniors, I am not like the person in the secluded world.”

The Impermanent Daoist shook his head and turned to look at the silver and silk outside.

He glanced at his poverty again.

Secluded world, secluded world.

Secluded in the great world, to the mortal world to hide, to do mortal things, with mortal things, only to be in the secluded world.

He was not yet at ease in this realm.

The Impermanent Daoist lamented ……

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