Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 42 – Finally Bowed to Life

Above the Mirror Lake.

Chu Yuan held a golden treasure chest in his hand, carried silk on his back, and stepped on a Dharma cloud on the bottom of his feet.

His gaze swept over the entire Mirror Lake. He was impressed by the beauty of the Mirror Lake. But he did not forget the purpose of his visit.

His divine sense quickly scanned, trying to find the blacksmith store. Finally, in his divine sense. He saw the blacksmith store that was built next to the Mirror Lake.

A somewhat dilapidated blacksmith store!

This was it!

Chu Yuan’s eyes lit up and he flew down towards the blacksmith store.

When Chu Yuan landed on the ground, he put down the silk and the box.  He just turned around and saw two people standing in front of the blacksmith store.

An old man and a young man.

This old and young man stared at Chu Yuan with fiery eyes at this moment.

Their looks …… It was as if two hungry wolves saw a small sheep.

These two people ……

Chu Yuan’s scalp was numb when he was being stared at.

These two people, with this look in their eyes, don’t they think he is too handsome and interested in him?


No matter how handsome he is, it is impossible to cause such a reaction.

Wrong, it’s really wrong!!

These two people are not greedy for him!

They must be greedy for his money and silver, the gold treasure chest behind him, and silk, and his clothes worth a hundred taels, these were all money.

Since ancient times, money and silver move people’s hearts!

These two people, it’s time to fight!

Chu Yuan became vigilant, still with a breezy look, but the palm of his hand hidden in his sleeve trembled slightly.

That was because of the trembling caused by the accumulation of magic power to an extreme and his inability to fully control it.

The old man and the young man in front of the blacksmith store were in an excited mood.

The Impermanent Daoist was calm, just a little surging mood.

Having just witnessed the picture scroll this person’s style, did not expect to see the real person now.

The young man in fancy clothes could not help himself, his mood was surging, his face was flushed, and his body was trembling from extreme excitement.

This master of the secluded sect ……

What he had only heard in the midst of the master’s conversation, now actually appeared in front of him.

The Impermanent Daoist coughed and glanced at the young man in flashy clothes, and asked the other party to pay attention to his image.

In the next moment, the Impermanent Daoist stepped forward and walked not far from Chu Yuan, looked at the man in front of him, and slowly spoke.

“Daoist, no, senior, um, this, I, um ……” Impermanent Daoist was silent, he wanted to slap himself. How did he come up with such an awkward opening line?

It couldn’t be helped. The Impermanent Daoist really didn’t know how to speak to this existence in front of him.

Although he himself was also a secluded existence, he was nothing compared to this person in front of him.

This person in front of him was definitely considered his senior. Both in terms of cultivation and age! Don’t ask why he knows, just that scroll alone, it proves it!

Hold the stars in your hand and pick the sun and moon!

There was no such person as me in the world!

Just this one sentence alone would show how much verve this being possessed.  If he guessed correctly, the person in front of him is definitely a peerless pride of a certain era in ancient times.

Only that kind of existence could say such words.

But he, the Impermanent Daoist, did not lick people, always speaks straightforwardly. However, facing such an existence, he didn’t know what to say.

Chu Yuan on the other side sneered when he saw this scene.

Yo yo yo.

It can’t be seen that this person is still green. This is the first time he want to rob people, so nervous when he talk.

The first time he came to rob someone of money and silver, I caught him?

Tsk tsk.

That can only be said that you are unlucky.

Just when Chu Yuan was about to make a pre-emptive strike. The Impermanent Daoist spoke again. Chu Yuan heard him say, “Dare to ask what is the reason seniors coming here? If there is anything that I need to help with, you can say it.”

The Impermanent Daoist was also open-minded since he did not know how to lick, simply chat with a normal mind.

It’s just that he was sighing in his heart.

These days, it is also wrong not to lick.

It seems that he, the impermanent Taoist, should also bow his head to life and practice how to lick people.

As soon as this sentence came out.

Chu Yuan, who had gathered his magic power, shook his palms and stared at the impermanent Daoist for a long time.

Did this guy see that he was not the one who robbed the material, so he simply gave up?

Good guy!

I almost shot you to death with the power of my Golden Core Realm!

Chu Yuan didn’t know the slightest that the one who was standing in front of him was a great power of the Crossing Calamity realm.

“What else can I do when I come to the blacksmith store? Of course, I want to buy weapons. What weapons do you have here? Show it all to me.” 

Chu Yuan’s tone was not very good. After all, this person in front of him had the idea of robbing Chu Yuan of money and silver. It would be strange if his tone were good.

“Buy weapons? Senior, please come in please come in!” The Impermanent Daoist smiled and hurriedly made way.

Seeing this, Chu Yuan took a step toward the blacksmith store and went inside. The Impermanent Daoist followed behind him and also walked in.

Only the young man in Chinese clothes was still trembling there, shaking, and there was no one in front of him, still shaking.


The blacksmith store was not big, it could only be said that it was very ordinary.

There was only a wooden table, a casting table, and a few dark wooden barrels under the casting table. Other than that, there was nothing else.

It was empty and wide.

“You don’t have weapons in here?” Chu Yuan raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Yes, there are, senior wait a moment.”

The Impermanent Daoist replied and hurriedly ran into the inner room to pound away. Chu Yuan looked at the old man’s back as he left, feeling baffled.

Calling him senior?

An old man called him senior?

I’m afraid the old man had a broken brain.

Could it be that people in the immortal cultivation world, when they encounter customers buying things, they all start with ‘seniors’ as a sign of respect?

Chu Yuan didn’t know this well. To be honest, even now, he still has no idea about the rules of the immortal cultivation world.

After a while, the Impermanent Daoist came out dragging a big box. He opened the box and revealed a box full of weapons.

“Senior, please take a look, how about the weapons in here?”

Daoist Impermanent’s unspeakable smile showed a chrysanthemum smile on his face.

“Let’s see.”

Chu Yuan came back to his senses and took a closer look at the weapons in the box.

There were quite a lot of them.

There were at least forty or fifty pieces, densely piled together.

There were all kinds of weapons ……

But these weapons are not very good ah.

Every single one of them is obscure and dull, and they all seem to be blunt.

Just this is, this ah.

Chu Yuan’s expression was a bit odd. On the other side, the Impermanent Daoist looked at it with a smile. He felt that these things would definitely satisfy this existence. These were not created by him, and he could not create such divine weapons.

These divine weapons were handed down from the inheritance he had mastered.

As for why they are obscure and dull …… There is only one reason.

Divine objects are self-evident!

“Senior, ah, how about these weapons of mine? If you like, you can take one ……” The Impermanent Daoist hadn’t even finished speaking. Chu Yuan opened his mouth and interrupted.

“Well, well, barely, all packed away, these weapons of yours are not very good, count you ten taels of silver a catty, you calculate how much it is.”

The Impermanent Daoist, “???”

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