The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 152: Beyond the Plane Lord

Huang Jiu and Che Dongyang, the two of them, were stunned and looked to the sky.

Could the experts of the Zither & Painting Sect be hiding in the distance?

However, no one squealed.

“Master, do you want me to make a move?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull spoke.

Lu Yiping said, “No, let’s go.” Then he stepped away.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull followed, and they disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Next time, if anyone from the Zither & Painting Sect comes to me for a sparring session again, I will destroy the entire Zither & Painting Sect!”

Lu Yiping’s voice floated from the void. A long time later, a dozen figures came out of the sky.

A dozen of them came in front of Painting Saint Liu Ruisheng, and one of them knelt down and cried: “Master, I shouldn’t have asked you to come out, I deserve to die!” The voice was sorrowful and heartbreaking.

The other dozen people knelt down, all with sad faces and crying.

Half a day later.

Inside the ancestral land of Kun Peng Divine Sect.

Lei Hao, Chen Youqian, the two people were sitting and talking to each other.

“According to me, there is no need to wait for two months to fight that kid.” Chen Youqian spoke, “Let’s go there now and just kill him.”

Lei Hao’s eyes were full of killing intent, “Killing this kid just like that is too cheap when the time comes, I will slowly torture him to death, in order to release the hatred in my heart.”

“Chu Tong and the Returning Origin Sword Sect is not related to him, when the time comes, before killing him, I will have Chu Tong, the Returning Origin Sword Sect’s ancestors, disciples all crushed to death, let him see with his own eyes what it is like to lose a loved one!”

Lei Yu, his nephew, was also his only family member who survived in the world.

Chen Youqian suddenly said, “I haven’t seen that guy Liu Ruisheng for some years, and I don’t know if he’s still alive.”

“If that guy Liu Ruisheng is still alive, I’m afraid that his painting dao has reached an unimaginable realm.” Lei Hao said.

As they were talking, they saw an old ancestor come over in a panic, bowed down, and said, “Two lords, news just came in that Lord Liu Ruisheng, the painting saint, was looking for Lu Yiping to spar with him on his painting dao and was killed by Lu Yiping.”

Both Lei Hao and Chen Youqian were dumbfounded.

“Are you talking about the Zither & Painting Sect’s Liu Ruisheng?” Lei Hao had an unbelievable face.

That old ancestor was stunned, were there any other painting saints?

“Yes, my lord.” That old ancestor hurriedly replied, “It’s Lord Liu Ruisheng of the Zither & Painting Sect.”

Lei Hao, Chen Youqian stayed stunned for a long time, not speaking again.

The painting saint Liu Ruisheng, whom the two had just talked about, was dead! Died in the hands of Lu Yiping.

“Is there any information of the encounter at that time?” It was only after a long time that Chen Youqian asked, “Lu Yiping’s painting dao was even higher than Liu Ruisheng’s?”

Liu Ruisheng had been crowned as a painting saint in the Warring Heavens era.

Now, when he sparred with Lu Yiping on his painting dao, he lost?

Lu Yiping’s painting dao was even higher than Liu Ruisheng’s? The two people really could not believe it.

That old ancestor hesitated for a moment and replied, “It is said that Lord Liu Ruisheng drew five Golden War Gods with the Yin Yang Brush, each of which is comparable to the strength of the late peak of the Plane Lord, and even drew a stronger sea-splitting dragon whale, which could not break Lu Yiping’s defense.”

“But with just one stroke, Lu Yiping shook apart the sea-splitting dragon whale, the Five Golden War Gods, and broke through Lord Liu Ruisheng’s Yin Yang Brush, and Lord Liu Ruisheng was unable to dodge and was then killed by it.”

So, Liu Ruisheng was killed by a stroke from Lu Yiping!

Lei Hao, Chen Youqian, the two of them were dry-mouthed. Even if Liu Ruisheng’s strength was not as strong as the two of them, it was not much different.

Since Lu Yiping could kill Liu Ruisheng with a single stroke, wouldn’t it also take just one stroke to kill them?

The two picked up the next glass of wine to quench their thirst but found that the glass was shaking. Was it an earthquake? No.

That old ancestor called the two people a few times, and the two did not respond. For a long time, the two woke back up and looked at each other, each could see the shock in the other’s eyes.

“Could it be that Lu Yiping has surpassed the Plane Lord?” Lei Hao only felt his tongue stiffen.

Chen Youqian didn’t open his mouth because he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“That, should we continue the agreement to fight Lu Yiping?” After a long time, Chen Youqian stammered.

Lei Hao opened his mouth, wanting to say something but then stopped.

Continue the battle? But, if not, how could he take back his words that he had already released nine days before?

Lei Hao’s face changed, the more he thought about it, the more difficult it was.

The Hidden God Valley was one of the more famous canyons in the Zither domain.

There was a legend about the Hidden God Valley that a powerful, strong man from the Warring Heavens era lived in the valley.

Of course, there was no way to find out if the legend was true because no one had ever seen this so-called Warring Heaven Era powerhouse in the Hidden God Valley.

However, within the Hidden God Valley, there are many prohibitions, no one can really go to the deepest part of the Hidden God Valley.

When Lu Yiping arrived at the Hidden God Valley, it was already dark. There was a whimpering sound coming from the entrance of the valley.

This was the sound formed by the wind blowing back and forth at the valley’s mouth. Lu Yiping took his steps and walked towards the valley.

Che Dongyang activated the great formation on the divine armor, and the light shines, within a few miles, all became bright. The further you go inside, the narrower the entrance to the valley. And the wind got stronger and stronger.

“The wind is so strong, and I’m afraid that an ordinary Great Emperor realm would have trouble withstanding this wind.” Huang Jiu said.

“This is not the wind of the natural world.” Lu Yiping said, “Someone here has arranged a wind gathering formation, and it’s not an ordinary wind gathering formation.” They walked inside and only felt the cold wind. The surrounding ground was covered with layers of black ice.

“What kind of cold air is this, the ground is even black with ice?” One of the guards behind Che Dongyang wondered.

“Xuanwu Cold Qi.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “From the ground, this kind of Xuanwu cold qi is rarely seen, I didn’t expect there would be one here under the ground.”

Lu Yiping led several people to bypass the heavy major formation prohibitions and walked for about half an hour.

The cold wind disappeared, and the scenery in front of them changed, only to see a plain full of flowers and grasses appearing in front of them.

The flowers and plants were fragrant.

The plain was endless.

Just as Che Dongyang was about to enter the plain, Lu Yiping spoke up, “Slow down, and this is an illusionary realm!”

Illusionary realm? Che Dongyang couldn’t believe it. He reached out and touched the flowers and plants at the edge of the plain, which were clearly discernible, but it was an illusionary realm?

“This is the Supreme Illusion Realm.” Lu Yiping said, “Once you enter it, even the Plane Lord Realm will find it hard to get out.”

Che Dongyang was shocked, “It’s one of the Ten Ancient Formations of the Infinite Illusion Realm?”

Lu Yiping nodded: “This Supreme Illusion Realm, with a false sense of reality, whether it is touch or sight, are incomparably real, so that people can not distinguish the real from the fake.”

“Could it be that Venerable Wuji arranged it?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was puzzled.

In the ancient times, there were not many people who knew the Supreme Illusion Realm, and as far as the Dragon Horned Golden Bull knew, except for his master, only the Venerable Wuji would.

Lu Yiping did not say anything, and the palm of his hand struck the space in front of him, and the light spread, only to see that the plain covered with flowers just now turned into a bare mountain.

“Everyone be careful.” Lu Yiping warned, breaking through the air and flying up.

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