The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 151: You Painted the Painting, I Painted the Heavenly Dao

Liu Ruisheng held the brush and said with a straight face, “This brush is a Heavenly Spiritual Treasure from the ancient times, the Yin Yang Brush.”

“I know.” Lu Yiping said indifferently.

The Yin Yang Brush, of course, he knew. In the ancient times, he had also met the owner of the Yin Yang Brush.

When Liu Ruisheng heard Lu Yiping say that he knew about the Yin Yang Brush in his hand, he didn’t think much of it. After all, there were still many people in the Nine Heavens who knew about the Yin Yang Brush.

“Please guide me.” Liu Ruisheng held the Yin Yang Brush and did not need to draw paper but drew a picture on the space in front of him.

The Yin Yang Brush’s power penetrated into the depths of space, and the surrounding space vibrated as if the entire space around was stirred up.

Liu Ruisheng’s right hand drew using the brush extremely fast. Almost instantly, an enormous Golden God of War was drawn.

Everyone saw this enormous Golden God of War branded in the air! Not only did it not dissipate, but it surged with light and came out of the void!

It was alive!

Huang Jiu, Che Dongyang, and the two guards behind him were incredulous.

Is this an illusion? The thing that was painted came to life!

Just when Huang Jiu and Che Dongyang doubted whether this Golden God of War was an illusion, suddenly, this Golden God of War broke through the air and flew up, and the divine halberd in his hand fiercely stabbed out at Lu Yiping.

When the halberd stabbed out, countless halberd lights broke through the air, like the golden perishable stone, all together blasted towards the Lu Yiping.

The power to destroy the sky and earth swept. The ground was filled with dust and rock, and the earth shook.

The terrifying power caused Che Dongyang, Huang Jiu, and others to lose their heads in shock.

“So strong, is this the late peak of the Plane Lord’s power?!” Che Dongyang couldn’t believe it.

A character that was drawn out had the strength of a late peak of a Plane Lord!

At the late peak of the Plane Lord, the realm’s power was at least 70 million plane combat power or more.

At the time of the Heavenly Tablet Town, the Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu was only close to seventy million and had not yet broken through seventy million.

However, on the other side, when the countless golden halberd light blasted toward Lu Yiping ten meters away, it was blocked by an invisible force, never able to break through the ten meters in front of Lu Yipinh.

And that Golden God of War divine halberd was about to blast Lu Yiping, and it also hit the invisible air barrier ten meters before the Lu Yiping. A light shot out, but the Golden God of War also stopped there.

Liu Ruisheng frowned when he saw this, and then his right hand made an illusionary movement.

There were techniques for playing the zither, and of course there were techniques for painting, and the technique used by Liu Ruisheng was a lost technique from the past, called the Hand of Thousand Transformations.

Under the constant sliding of the Yin Yang brush, one after another huge Golden God of War god came out of the void.

In the blink of an eye, four Golden War Gods came out.

The aura of each of these four Golden War Gods was even stronger than the one just now!

The four Golden Gods of War struck out at the same time and thrust out with a bang.

The halberds shot up and pierced the sky. The sun, moon, and stars seemed to be pierced by the four divine halberds.


The four divine halberds blasted on the invisible air barrier at the same time. The light of the invisible air barrier shot out even more.

But, as before, even if the attack was stronger, the invisible barrier did not move at all.

As if Lu Yiping in front of the barrier of the Chaos God Realm, and simply could not be shaken.

Liu Ruisheng’s relaxed face soon vanished, and he gradually became serious. Under his combat plane power, the Yin Yang Brush his hand was flickering with lights, and especially, the brush tip was radiant as if a terrifying existence was about to be born from its tip.

Under the nervous eyes of Che Dongyang and the others, Liu Ruisheng stroked through the void, only to see a huge beast come out from the void.

This huge beast was bigger than a mountain!

When it came out of the void, the surrounding sunlight was blocked, and the sky and the earth were dark.

When the giant beast walked, boundless black waves rolled on its body.

“What kind of beast is this?” Che Dongyang felt the terrifying aura of the beast, only to feel his breathing as if it had stopped.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was also, he said, “The flood wilderness ferocious beast, the Sea Splitting Dragon Whale!”

Liu Ruisheng noticed that the Dragon Horned Golden Bull actually recognized the Sea Splitting Dragon Whale. After the surprise, he nodded and said, “Good, this beast is the Sea Splitting Dragon Whale!” Speaking of this, the Yin Yang Brush waved, bringing up a heavy light.

The Sea Splitting Dragon Whale looked up to the sky and whistled. Like a whale-like, like a dragon sound, out of the unknown number of miles.

The surrounding mountains were shaking, and the rocks rolled down.

The Sea Splitting Dragon Whale opened its huge wings and came to the sky above Lu Yiping’s head, and its two giant claws shot down towards Lu Yiping.

The terrifying force made its way to sink the surrounding land.

But it was useless. When its giant claws fell, it encountered an invisible air barrier and was blocked, making it unable to move forward half an inch.

Liu Ruisheng was surprised, and the Sea Splitting Dragon Whale could crack the sea. Its claws, enough to shoot a huge city into pieces, was enough to smash the late peak of the Plane Lord, but somehow it still could not break the invisible barrier in front of Lu Yiping.

Don’t look at him just painted those beasts easily, but he had used all his strength.

And Lu Yiping had not made any move from the beginning to the end.

At this time, Lu Yiping had a brush in his hand. This brush was very small. At first glance, it looked like light green, but it looked blue again. Continued to look at it, but it was not blue.

The pen, emitting a palpitating aura.

When Liu Ruisheng looked at the brush in Lu Yiping’s hand, he was astonished. With his knowledge, he could not recognize the brush in Lu Yiping’s hand.

Lu Yiping held the brush and made a stroke into the void.

When the brush in Lu Yiping’s hand cut into the void, heaven and earth were cut open!

The sky was still the same sky, and the earth was still the same earth. But the crowd actually saw the heaven and earth were cut open!

Was this an illusion?

When heaven and earth were cut open, endless chaos and turbulence erupted. A force, coming towards Liu Ruisheng, broke through the air.

This power, which came from the beginning of heaven and earth, was above all the powers in the world.

The heavens and the earth shone brightly. It was as if there was nothing in the world that could stop this power. The power pierced through the Sea Splitting Dragon Whale.

Then, the five golden gods of war all disintegrated in a breath.

The power instantly came in front of Liu Ruisheng.

Liu Ruisheng was shocked, and the Yin Yang Brush in his hand slashed forward, only to see two rays of light break through the air and meet Lu Yiping’s power.

However, the two rays of light were instantly blown apart. The power of Lu Yiping entered through Liu Ruisheng’s chest.

Liu Ruisheng held the Yin Yang Brush and stood there, motionless.

“What kind of power is this?” He opened his mouth and said with difficulty, “Your painting dao, has it reached the realm of recreating heaven and earth?”

Lu Yiping took back the brush in his hand and spoke, “What you painted is a painting, what I painted is the Heavenly Dao!”

Heavenly Dao?

Liu Ruisheng’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

Finally, he collapsed with a crash, his breath gone. The Yin Yang brush in his hand, still emitting a faint luster.

Lu Yiping was expressionless, although Liu Ruisheng’s original intention was to negotiate with himself on the painting dao, he did not want to kill Liu Ruisheng, so the moment he made his move, he was destined to end up.

Che Dongyang and Huang Jiu looked at the breathless Liu Ruisheng and felt shocked, and they were having difficulty accepting.

The painting saint died just like that?

Lu Yiping looked at the distant sky and said indifferently, “Your people from the Zither & Painting Sect, you can come over to collect the corpse.”

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