It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 288 – Start the Killing Plan

In the crowd, the white-robed young man stared wide-eyed, dumbfounded, and did not regain his senses for a long time.

“Master, did you see that just now, he sealed Xiang Ruba with just one look!” said the young man in white.

“I see, Young Master Sun Hao’s skills are very high, and his strength is far superior above master!” said the white-bearded old man.

“What? Could it be that he is a Supreme Immortal?” The young man in white asked.

“I’m afraid it’s far more than that, it’s probably the Immortal King!” said the white-bearded old man.

The young man in white opened his mouth wide and muttered for a long time without coming back to his senses, “Master, in this way, his strength is not weaker than that of the Demon Emperor?”

“That’s right!”

As he said this, the young man drew in a breath through his teeth.

“Master, I didn’t expect that our human race has such an Immortal King, do we still have to rely on the Demon Emperor?” said the young man in white.

“Don’t be presumptuous!”

The white-bearded old man showed an imposing expression, “The Demon Emperor’s kindess to us is like a mountain, don’t say such disrespectful words again!”

“Yes, Master!” The young man in white clasped his fists and saluted respectfully.

“Okay, let’s get down to business!” said the white-bearded old man.

“Master, we’re not buying some immortal wine?” asked the young man in white.

“Immortal wine? Forget it! No matter how powerful that thing is, it’s also an external force. You must rely on yourself for cultivation!”

“Master, disciple understands!”

“Let’s go!”

The white-bearded old man grabbed the young man’s hand and his figure to flicker before disappearing.

Not long after the two disappeared, a green-robed man in the crowd showed a cold smile, and then gradually disappeared.

On the square.

In front of Sun Hao, everyone lined up in a long queue.

“Ding, blessing point +3”

“Ding, blessing point +3”

Sun Hao showed a joyful expression when he heard the continuous beeping.

“190,000, now 200,000!”

“Will something happen this time?”

Sun Hao’s eyes were fixed unmovingly on the blessing point panel.

After a while, the blessing points reached 200,000. However, no special event occurred.

“Looks like I think too much.” Sun Hao smiled and shook his head, he continued to sell wine.

Divine Elephant Palace, deep underground, in a secret room.

A middle-aged man sat cross-legged on the ground, with his eyes closed and cultivating.

This person is the Palace Master of the Divine Elephant Palace – Xiang Tieqi.


“Palace Master, something is wrong!”

There was a shout outside the secret room door.

Xiang Tieqi slowly opened his eyes, a trace of displeasure on his face.

After walking out of the secret room, Xiang Tieqi looked at the commander, “I said, don’t disturb me while I’m cultivating!”

“Palace Master, I don’t want to disturb you either but Young Master was killed!” said the commander.


Xiang Tieqi looked startled, and anger flashed across his face.

“What’s going on?” Xiang Tieqi asked.

“Palace Master, it’s like this…” The commander explained the situation in detail.

Hearing this, the expression on Xiang Tieqi’s face changed.


His clenched fist issued cracking sound.

“Damn human, being arrogant and domineering in my demon clan, beheading my son, If I don’t skin and pull your muscle, it’s hard to solve the hatred in my heart! Send the order and call all the guards immediately!”

“Yes, Palace Master!”

The commander wiped his cold sweat secretly and quickly retreated.

Xiang Tieqi stood where he was, full of anger.

At this moment, a jade slip transmitter shook for a while, Xiang Tieqi opened it and his face changed slightly, the message in it was not good.

He returned to the secret room and stood in front of a wall, clasping his hands together and chanting words in his mouth.

Ripples swayed on this wall. Xiang Tieqi walked into it without any hesitation and disappeared. He reappeared in a certain space, a green-robed figure stood in front of him.

“Greetings, your excellency!”

Without any hesitation, Xiang Tieqi knelt down.

“How’s the preparation?” said the green-robed figure.

“Sir, everything is ready!” Xiang Tieqi said.

“Well done, when this matter is over, I will ask the Lord to reward you!” said the green-robed figure.

Xiang Tieqi’s eyes twinkled at these words, his body trembled with excitement, and he completely forgot that his son had just died.

“Thank you, Sir!”

Xiang Tieqi knelt down and saluted.

“Get up, don’t be too happy! If you don’t do this well, you and I will die!” said the green-robed figure.

“Sir, don’t worry, as long as the Old Man Yueli comes, he won’t be able to return!” Xiang Tieqi patted his chest and said.

“He’s already here!” said the green-robed figure.

As soon as these words came out, Xiang Tieqi raised his eyebrows, and the expression on his face changed.

“What? Where is he?” Xiang Tieqi said.

“It should be in the City Lord’s Mansion now, let’s start the killing plan!” said the green-robed figure.


Xiang Tieqi’s pupils shrank, and his face changed slightly, “Sir, but my demon clan is still in the city. If we start the killing plan, I’m afraid they will all die!”

“To be able to destroy the Old Man Yueli, some necessary sacrifices are worth it! Don’t worry, the Lord has a heaven-defying technique that can bring the dead back to life, and those who die will be resurrected!” said the green-robed figure.

“But…” Xiang Tieqi hesitated.

“What, you dare not obey the order?” 

Xiang Tieqi lowered his head weakly as soon as the green-robed figure released his aura.

“Yes, sir!”

Xiang Tieqi quickly retreated.

Northern City, the City Lord’s mansion.

A man in a blue robe sat at the table, and in front of him were filled with jade bottles.

This man was the lord of Northern City, Hu Luoxian.

“In this world, there are still such immortal wines!”

Hu Luoxian picked up a jade bottle, opened the bottle cap, took a deep breath, and showed an expression of closed enjoyment.

“Just taking a breath was equivalent to ten days of cultivation, incredible! I didn’t expect that that person is really Young Master Sun Hao! If I send back these hundreds of bottles, the crisis of our clan will be resolved. When Young Master Sun Hao sells the immortal wine, I’ll go to meet him!”

Hu Luoxian muttered to himself and put all the jade bottles in front of him into the soul space.


Hu Luoxian raised his eyebrows and looked up, he saw a white-bearded old man and a white-robed young man appearing in the room. He didn’t notice at all when they appeared.

“Who are you two?”

Hu Luoxian took two steps back with a trace of fear on his face.

“City Lord Hu, This Old Man Yueli is looking for you this time because of something!”

As soon as these words came out, Hu Luoxian’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink.

He pointed at the long-bearded old man, his voice trembling, “You…you are one of the four frontline generals of the Demon Emperor – Old Man Yueli?”

“Exactly!” Old Man Yueli nodded slightly.

“Then aren’t you another general—Di Zun?” Hu Luoxian asked.

“That’s right!” The white-robed young man-Di Zun nodded.


Hu Luoxian took a deep breath and his body trembled slightly.

When the two generals came to the door at the same time, something big was bound to happen.

“Greetings, your excellencies!”

Hu Luoxian knelt to the ground and kowtowed.

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