It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 286 – Blood Wolf’s Might

“If you can’t defeat them then you’ll beg for mercy? How can there be such a good thing in this world!”

Sun Hao directly sentenced the red-haired old man to death in one sentence.


The Blood Wolf transformed rapidly and it rushed out instantly.

“No, don’t!”

The unresigned cry stopped abruptly.


The red-haired old man burst into powder and disappeared on the spot. Until his death, there was no scream.

Such a scene strongly stimulated everyone’s eyes.

“How on earth did that Young Master make the move?”

“I didn’t see clearly, I’m not strong enough!”

Such voices rang incessantly.

Everyone looked at Sun Hao in awe.

In the crowd, the white-bearded old man stroked his long beard, smiled, and nodded.

Surprised was etched on the face of the young man in white.

On the other side of the crowd, a strong man looked at this scene, his eyes twinkling.

“It turns out that it’s all relying on that savage beast!”

“As long as I restrained you, that brute beast won’t be able to do anything and will let me catch it obediently!”

The strong man looked at the blood wolf and thought to himself.


The robust man clapped his hands in applause, breaking the peace.

It attracted everyone’s attention instantly.

He took a dozen men and walked towards Sun Hao slowly.

When everyone saw this scene, their pupils contracted and their faces changed slightly.

“What, Xiang Ruba is here!”

“Who is Xiang Ruba?”

“You don’t even know this? He is a person from the Divine Elephant Clan, Young Master of the Divine Elephant’s Palace Master!”

“It is said that his Divine Elephant Prison Power has been cultivated to the first layer!”

As these words were uttered, gasps could be heard from the crowd. Many people’s faces were full of fear.

“What? This kind of heaven-defying technique, he actually cultivated it to the first layer, incredible!”

“It is said that there are a total of 108 layers of Divine Elephants’ Prison Power. If it can be cultivated to Dacheng, it is said that it will let the user return to their ancestry and become a real Divine Elephant.

“No wonder the Divine Elephant Clan is second only to the Divine Phoenix Clan, this technique alone is so terrifying!”

Everyone was staring at Xiang Ruba with fear.

For these, Xiang Ruba didn’t care at all.

“We really admire Young Master’s strength!”

“I’m here to pay respect to Young Master!”

Xiang Ruba bowed to Sun Hao with cupped fists. Outwardly, there wasn’t any sign of disrespect.

Sun Hao looked at these people, his mouth raised.

Did they think he doesn’t know what they were planning? Wasn’t it to target his immortal wine?

“Cease the courtesy!” Sun Hao waved his hand and said lightly.

“Thank you, Young Master!”

Xiang Ruba got up, his eyes were full of worship.

He took two steps forward, “Young Master, my name is Xiang Ruba, I don’t know the name of Young Master?”

“Sun Hao.” Sun Hao said calmly.

“It turned out to be Young Master Hao, I came today to invite you to go to the Palace for a chat!” Xiang Ruba said.

“No, don’t bother me selling immortal wine!” Sun Hao said.

As soon as these words came out, Xiang Ruba’s expression stagnated.

As long as he can be brought to the house and restrained, there will be no problem. Then, they would be able to ask him where the immortal wine came from. At that time, with the inexhaustible immortal wine, his strength would also increase. Unexpectedly, this guy was very stubborn.

‘Hmph, in that case, don’t blame me for being impolite!’ With a move of Xiang Ruba’s mind, he secretly operated his cultivation and began to accumulate energy.

“Young Master, I’m so sorry, I will withdraw now!”

After speaking, Xiang Ruba stepped aside, standing there like an iron pillar.

Sun Hao frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

“Everyone, if you want to buy immortal wine, please come in line as soon as possible!” Sun Hao shouted.

Many people were eager to buy. However, when they saw Xiang Ruba’s cannibalistic gaze, they stepped back a few steps, not daring to step forward.

Suddenly, the scene fell into awkwardness.

Sun Hao looked at his tyrant-like eyes and frowned slightly.

This guy didn’t take the initiative to provoke him, so it was a bit difficult to deal with. With him here, it was impossible to sell immortal wine.

This guy has accumulated prestige for a long time, and it was very difficult to break his position in everyone’s minds for a while.

It seemed that the previous two shows of power were not enough. If that’s the case, let’s have another show of power! Otherwise, it’s annoying to have all kinds of bad guys to come.

There was fleeting killing intent in Sun Hao’s eyes.

“Xiang Ruba, what’s your intention?” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, I’m waiting for you to sell out the immortal wine!”

Xiang Ruba bowed deeply at Sun Hao, with an extremely respectful attitude.

“What about after the sale?” Sun Hao asked.

“Then please go to the Palace for a chat!” Xiang Ruba said.

“Haha, a small Divine Elephant Palace, is it worth it?”

Since you don’t provoke me, then I have to provoke you!

The words caused the surroundings to be dead silent. Everyone stared at Sun Hao with fluctuating expressions.

Young Master Sun Hao is really awesome! Is he not afraid of Xiang Ruba suddenly becoming violent? He is a Divine Elephant, and he cultivated Divine Elephant Prison Power, he is terribly strong!

The atmosphere stagnated at this moment, and everyone was very nervous.

Xiang Ruba frowned when he heard this.

Soon, he recovered. He clasped his fists slightly, “Young Master, you have taught me a lesson, my Divine Elephant Palace really doesn’t deserve it!”

“Since you know it yourself, hurry up and scram!” Sun Hao said.


One of Xiang Ruba’s subordinates pointed at Sun Hao and shouted loudly.

“You are presumptuous!”

Xiang Ruba yelled, stretched out his right hand with the palm raised and he brought it down to hit the ground hard.


A mouthful of blood spurted.

The subordinate struggled a few times, but couldn’t stand up.

He stared at Xiang Ruba aggrievedly.

The surrounding onlookers were full of doubts. Even Sun Hao was slightly startled.

This slap was not light.

“What are you looking at? Dare to be disrespectful to Young Master, beating you is going easy!”

Xiang Ruba stood in front of Sun Hao, clasped his fists, and saluted, “Young Master, I’m really sorry, I’m not strict in disciplining them!”

“Get out of here, don’t let me see you!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

After finishing speaking, Xiang Ruba stepped back and stood next to him, motionless.

“I told you to go, not to let you stand there!”

“Are you deaf?”

“Really stupid, despicable to this kind of degree, there is no one like you in this world!”

Sun Hao was surprised to find that all kinds of ridicule were useless. Xiang Ruba was obviously very angry, but he didn’t do anything.

This concentration was really commendable.

Since he didn’t make a move, why would he stand here? There was no reason at all.

Well, there were only two reasons. Either he was waiting for reinforcements, or he was accumulating some sort of big move.

Was he scared? Of course, he was afraid! However, with Rumeng behind him, no matter how strong a half-immortal is, can he go to heaven? 

There was also Big Wolf, whose strength has already broken through the Immortal Realm. With the two of them protecting him, he would be safe and sound.

Thinking like this, Sun Hao closed his eyes and waited quietly.

Shortly after.

Xiang Ruba stepped forward with a sneer, “Young Master, are you going to follow me to the palace, or should I invite you to the Palace?”

Sun Hao opened his eyes and brilliant lights shot out.

It seems that the big move has finished charging.

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