Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 41 – The Impermanent Daoist

Straight eastward of Silver Moon City, there was a very vast lake. The expanse of this lake was one of the best even in the whole Eastern State. Because the lake’s water is clear like a mirror, it was also known as Mirror Lake.

In this mirror lake there had been rumors for a long time about this mirror lake. Some people said they had seen a real dragon here. But this was only a rumor, and those who cultivate immortality saw this as not possible.

The mirror lake was beautiful and full of aura, which could be regarded as a blessed place.

The reason why ordinary people saw many illusions was that they swallowed a lot of aura while breathing and could not digest it, resulting in hallucinations.

As for why there was no cultivator sect in this heavenly blessed land?…… It was precisely because of the blacksmith shop next to this mirror lake.

A hidden existence inhabited the blacksmith store. This secluded existence, no one knows his name. People only knew the honorable name as ‘Impermanent Daoist.’


At this moment.

Inside the blacksmith store.

An old man wearing old cloth, feet wearing straw shoes, gray hair, holding a hammer, was knocking a red-hot piece of iron again and again.

Clang clang ……

The hammer knocked again and again. Each time was very regular, full of dao rhyme. This old man was none other than the  Impermanent Daoist.

The Impermanent Daoist held a hammer, and he didn’t know how many the hammer moved. Only to see that the iron block was getting redder and redder until it reached a limit.

Only then did the  Impermanent Daoist take back the hammer and put it into a dark wooden barrel with tweezers and cover it with a lid. Then turned around and cleaned up some of the residues from the iron hit.

Only at the end of the day did he cast his eyes to a corner of the blacksmith store.

There stood a young man in fancy clothes.

The impermanent Daoist narrowed his eyes, looked at the young man for a moment, and slowly spoke.

“Say, what’s the matter.”

“Your Heavenly Cleansing Sect is really a bit annoying, coming to annoy me once in a while. Isn’t it just that I ate a little something from you and accepted a favor from you in the first place?”

The voice of the impermanent Daoist was very hoarse. But he was full of anger.

“Senior Impermanent, I’m not here to trouble you this time, but I have news I want to tell you! ”

The young man in Chinese hafu suppressed his tone, afraid that his voice would be too loud and disturb this one.

“News? What news?”

The Impermanent Daoist narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Recently, there is news that a secluded sect that has come out of the world in our eastern state, and it is said to be very big, our Heavenly Cleansing Sect got the news first, and also got a painting scroll depicting the patriarch of the hidden sect.”

The young man in Chinese hafu said cautiously. While saying that, he took out a painting scroll from his arms. When Impermanent Daoist heard the words ‘Secluded Sect’, his cloudy eyes lit up.

He reached out his hand and beckoned, and the scroll automatically flew down to his hand and stretched out.

What caught in the eyes of the Impermanent Daoist was an ancient picture of dark heaven and earth. All things are silent, no life as if the world had fallen away.

A white-robed figure stood in the darkness, surrounded by countless flashes of light, black hair dancing wildly, like a supreme deity, overlooking the earth.

In the hands of this figure, the sun, moon, and stars floating on. Indifferent, majestic, both like a god and a devil!

Even through the scrolls, it could shock people’s hearts. Especially at the bottom, a section of the pen like a dragon snake carved in large letters.

Holding the stars and picking the sun and the moon! There was no such person as me in the world!

This this this ……

What kind of existence is this ……

The Impermanent Daoist was frozen.

The young man in fancy clothes on the side saw this scene and could not help but sigh with relief.

Their sect had inquired from the side of the traitor of the Empyrean Dao Sect when they learned about the news of the secluded sect and when they got a painting scroll that the young man came out with.

This scroll was temporary, not as powerful as the real scroll, which was a thousandth more powerful.

Their sect wanted to give the scroll to the impermanent Daoist to see, afraid that because the scroll was a copy, it would not be able to show the real divine power and would displease the impermanent Daoist.

Therefore, some treasures leftover from ancient times were used and processed to make it look so powerful and unpredictable.

How would this young man in Huafu know that the real picture scroll, because of Ye Luo’s powerful mind replenishment ability, made it look a little more majestic? So much that with treasure processing, this scroll of divine power unpredictable.

This fake painting scroll obviously beat the real one. But besides those from the Empyrean Dao Sect, no one knew.

After watching the scroll for a long time, the Impermanent Daoist shook his head and finally returned to his senses.

With a wave of his hand, the scroll merged on, and he held it in his hand, seemingly very precious.

“Where did this news come from? And this painting scroll, where did it come from?” The Impermanent Daoist gazed at the young man in fancy clothes and spoke.

“Senior Impermanent, this news came from the Eastern State Holy Land, and the traitor also brought out this scroll over at the Eastern State Holy Land, and it is said to be only a copy, the real one was far from this copy version can be compared.” The young man in fancy clothes said with his head bowed.

The Eastern State Holy Land! The copy scroll is far inferior to the real one!

The Impermanent Daoist muttered. Was it possible for the hallowed Eastern State Holy Land to lie? This was obviously impossible. And this scroll, too, confirmed that it was not a lie at all.

But there was actually such an existence on earth that had not yet ascended? Like this kind of existence, I’m afraid that ten thousand years ago should have ascended.

“This secluded sect, what is it called?” The Impermanent Daoist asked.

“Daoless Sect!” The young man in fancy clothes replied.

Daoless sect?

The Dao is originally nothing, from nothing to one.

Daoless Sect, what a big mouth!

Only why had he not heard of this sect’s name? He should have heard of the names of all the great sects in the previous era.

The Impermanent Daoist was confused. He had lived for so long, but he had never heard of this sect’s name at all.

Was he just ignorant?

“Alright, I know this news, you can go first.”

The Impermanent Daoist waved his hand and let the young man in fancy clothes leave. He gave a direct order of expulsion. The young man in fancy clothes looked at the painting scroll that was tightly held in Daoist Impermanent’s hand and coughed twice.

This scroll cost the sect many treasures. Suppose you couldn’t take it back. He was afraid that the elders in his sect would kill him.

Next to the Impermanent Daoist was expressionless, looking outside the blacksmith store, without the slightest awareness of returning things to others.

When the young man in fancy clothes saw this, he could only sigh helplessly. He turned around and wanted to leave.

But when he saw a figure flying across the sky, he couldn’t help but freeze.

The Impermanent Daoist seized the moment and took the painting scroll back inside the storage treasure at the moment when the young man in Chinese hafu was frozen, and only then did he look up.

“What’s wrong?” Impermanent Daoist asked in a pretentious manner.

The next moment, a figure in the sky also attracted his attention.

Only to see a figure with a golden treasure chest in his hand and silk on his back rushing over on a magic cloud ……

The face of this figure… precisely the same as the one on the scroll!!!

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