The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 148: Let Him Bounce Around For Some Days First

Master Jin Guang asked, “Can you tell where they came from?”

Zhang Chang’an mused, “The young man who struck, should have the body of the Phoenix divine Beast, is an early Heavenly God, she used the Phoenix True Fire. I can’t see the strength of the other blond strong man and the young man.”

“Oh, the early Heavenly God Phoenix clan disciples?” Master Jin Guang pondered, “Could it be that the Phoenix clan has come out again?”

On the side, Jin Meijuan said, “Jin Guang, how are you getting less and less courageous now, worrying about this and that, even if the other party is a Phoenix clan, so what.” Then she said to Jin Tianhong, “Go, auntie will accompany you go over to the Sixth Eye Mountain, and take responsibility for you.”

“Auntie, my arm!” Jin Tianhong was embarrassed.

Jin Meijuan immediately gave Jin Tianhong his broken arm and then took him to the Sixth Eye Mountain. Master Jin Guang had no choice but to follow along.

Only, when Jin Guang, Jin Meijuan, and others arrived, there was no one at the top of the Sixth Eye Mountain.

“Gone?” Jin Meijuan’s willow brows knitted.

Although the Six Eyes Mountain was not far, when Jin Tianhong and others went back, and Jin Meijuan helped him connect his arm, and then came over, there has been more than an hour before and after.

“Escaped really fast.” Jin Tianhong said in a cold voice.

Master Jin Guang came to the great tomb and looked at the words on the tombstone: “The tomb of the ancient evil Buddha Buddha Shizun, friend: strong Liangliu.” A puzzled face: “Buddha Shizun? Strong Liang?” Then asked Jin Meijuan, “Have you heard of this Buddha Shizun?”

Jin Meijuan shook her head: “Have not heard, it is estimated to be a small figure in the ancient times.”


After Lu Yiping left the Six Eyes Mountain, he and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, also Huang Jiu, came towards the Heavenly Mountain Province in the Great Void Domain.

When he left the Returning Origin Sword Sect, he asked the small store owner, who said that his master was in Tianshan Province’s Ziwei City.

The owner of the small store’s master’s surname was Che and his name was Dongyang.

Back then, the only disciple of Luo Shui, the Goddess of the Northern Star Divine Palace, was surnamed Che, called Che Peng.

If Lu Yiping were correct, this Che Dongyang, should be the descendants of Che Peng.

The ancient gods war, the Northern Star Divine Palace also joined the war. The Northern Star Divine Palace master perished in the war.

Due to the Northern Star Divine Palace master perished, after the war, the Northern Star Divine Palace Hall Masters vied for the position of the Northern Star Divine Palace Master, fighting among themselves. Finally, many Hall Masters set up their own businesses.

Therefore, soon after the Great War of the Gods, the Northern Star Divine Palace fell completely.

As for the whereabouts of Luo Shui, the Goddess of the Northern Star Divine Palace, no one knew. Some people said that the Goddess of the Northern Star Divine Palace was discouraged and left Eternal Source Plane.

It was night, and the stars were shining brightly.

Beside the campfire, Lu Yiping held the broken sword of the Smoke and Water Sword and fell into some long-ago memories.

The dragon-horned golden ox wanted to speak but did not.

Back then, a little incident happened. Perhaps, because of this, the Goddess of the Northern Dipper, Luo Shui, was disheartened and left Eternal Source Plane.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull secretly thought.

Lu Yiping withdrew his thoughts, put the Smoke and Water Broken Sword into the Universe Cauldron, and then took the main tablet of the Heavenly Tablet out.

In the past two days, he had been studying the main tablet of the Heavenly Tablet.

The main tablet was undoubtedly the most important among the hundred heavenly tablets. Although the main tablet was only a few meters high, the words inside were as vast as the sea, recording countless contents.

While studying the main tablet, Lu Yiping also took out the nine tablets around the main tablet and gave them to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Huang Jiu for enlightenment.

The main tablet and the nine surrounding tablets emitted a faint golden glow in the night.

One night passed, Lu Yiping took the ten tablets back to the Universe Cauldron and pondered.

From the main tablet, he learned that back then, the Foundation Tree stood in the great wilderness, standing on top of the sky and connecting all walks of life, human, god, immortal, and Buddha.

So, if the tree’s main root was still there, it was in a place of great desolation.

But where is the great wilderness?

In which realm?

There is no hint of it in the main tablet.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stretched and said, “The heavenly tablet left by this old man, the Heavenly Emperor, is quite good, I read it with great interest last night. I can kill time in the future, otherwise, my days will be too boring.”

Then he lamented, “Living too long is trouble.”

Huang Jiu was speechless. Many of the Nine Heavens overlords couldn’t live longer if they wanted to.

Not many people would mind living long enough to be troublesome and boring.

In fact, for Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Huang Jiu did not know much, she only knew that Lu Yiping was the master of the Saint Demon, as for how long Lu Yiping had lived, she really did not know.

So many years have passed, who was the master of the Saint Demon, had been a mystery.

Huang Jiu could not help but think of the great general Cheng Shuanglong under the Holy Demon, from the attitude of Cheng Shuanglong to Lu Yiping at the time of the Heavenly Tablet Town, perhaps Cheng Shuanglong knows something, but, however, he did not dare to disclose to the outside world.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said again, “Master, about the Kun Peng Divine Sect Lei Hao, in my opinion, we directly rush over to the Kun Peng Divine Sect and pinch him to death, and we don’t have to wait two months later.”

Huang Jiu almost choked.

Directly rushed to the Kun Peng Divine Sect to crush Lei Hao?

He was the top ten experts of the Warring Heaven era! The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said it as if he had crushed a cockroach.

In addition, the Kun Peng Divine Sect could be more than a Lei Hao, and there was Chen Youqian, there might even stronger and more terrifying existence there!

The Kun Peng Divine Sect had continued from the ancient times through the ancient, middle, and recent times, who knows how many old undead experts they have.

At this time, Lu Yiping blandly said, “Let him bounce around for some days first, and then go to the Kun Peng Divine Sect after some days.”

Huang Jiu was dumbfounded.

The master meant that he would really go to the Kun Peng Divine Sect in a few days?

Ziwei City, like Mysterious Ancient City, was one of the oldest cities in the Great Void domain, but compared to the bustle of Mysterious Ancient City, Ziwei City was a bit cold and quiet.

There were only a few pedestrians in the large streets, and the stores around the streets were also cold.

When Lu Yiping arrived at Ziwei City, he was a little surprised to see how cold it was.

“Why is Ziwei City so cold.” the Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

Huang Jiu was also puzzled and said, “Tens of thousands of years ago, Ziwei City was extremely prosperous, I wonder how it became so cold.” The three of them found the mansion that the small store owner said.

“Your Excellency wants to see our master?” In front of the residence, the guards had a wary face after hearing the purpose of Lu Yiping’s trio’s visit.

Lu Yiping spoke, “Go in and report that the person who plucked the Black Dragon Zither has come to visit.”

“Your Excellency, wait a moment.” The guard went in to report.

Soon, a middle-aged man was seen striding out, and the other party looked surprised and excited.

“So it’s Lord Lu, I, Che Dongyang, pay my respects to Lord Lu.” When the middle-aged man came out, he hurriedly went forward, bowed, and saluted with the utmost respect.

The small store owner had told him long ago that the person who struck the black dragon zither was called Lu Yiping.

Che Dongyang heard about the battle in Heavenly Tablet Town, of course.

Now the streets of the major cities in the Nine Heavens were talking about Heavenly Tablet Town and about the Ancestor of Thunder Punishment, Lu Yiping.

When the guard saw their master come out, he actually bowed to Lu Yiping with unusual respect and was startled, but he knew that their master was a giant.

Afterward, under the welcome of Che Dongyang, Lu Yiping entered the residence.

When they came to the main hall of the residence, Che Dongyang told Lu Yiping to take a seat. Lu Yiping was not polite and took a seat at the top seat, then took out the Smoke and Water Broken Sword and asked, “I heard the small store owner say that this Smoke and Water Broken Sword is an heirloom of your family?”

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