It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 283 – He Wouldn’t be Young Master Sun Hao, Right?

“Everyone, I’m so sorry! We understand that everyone is impatient! The teleportation array is out of order. To ensure everyone’s safety, it cannot be turned on! Don’t worry, we will do our best to repair it, please give us two more days!” Hu Luoxian’s voice vibrated out, clearly reaching everyone’s ears.

When Huang Rumeng heard this, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Young Master, let’s stay here for two days! Aren’t you going to sell immortal wine? Isn’t this opportunity just right?”

Huang Rumeng’s voice awakened Sun Hao.

Selling wine? This was indeed a good place. With this many people, even without much publicity, it could still be known to everyone.

“Rumeng, put it out to be displayed!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng waved her right hand. A table, a chair, and dozens of jade bottles were spread on the table.

The sign read: Selling immortal wine.

Underneath, there was a row of small characters: one immortal crystal for one bottle, Ascendant Realm or higher. Each person is limited to three bottles!

When this sign was erected, it immediately attracted the attention of many people.

“Fuck, immortal wine? An immortal crystal for such a small bottle? This is a robbery!”

“Look, everyone, there are such greedy vendors in the Northern City, City Lord, aren’t you concerned about this?”

“True, it’s too black-hearted, I can buy dozens of large jars for one immortal crystal!”

The accusations continued to sound.

Sun Hao’s face was calm, but his heart was panicked. His reputation in this place hadn’t been known yet, the effect of using this move was not very good. Being accused by this many people, wouldn’t he be surrounded and beaten up?

“Rumeng, if I borrow your strength, what is my strength in this Northern city?” Sun Hao asked in a low voice.

“Young Master, don’t worry, no one is your opponent!” Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao let out a long sigh of relief.


At Sun Hao’s feet, the blood wolf roared in a low voice. That expression seemed to say that it was invincible in Northern City.

“By the way, there is Big Wolf, we don’t need to act at all!” Sun Hao touched the blood wolf’s head and said with a smile.


The blood wolf lay in front of Sun Hao, rubbing his trousers.

“City Lord, you have to take care of this!”

“Yes, City Lord, such profiteers must be driven out of Northern City!”

Everyone stared at Hu Luoxian.

Hu Luoxian stood there with an awkward expression.

They clearly mark the price, whether you like to buy it or not. Why did he become a profiteer? These guys were obviously looking for someone to vent their anger. This teleportation array was broken, what did it have to do with him?

“Everyone, our Demon Ancestral Mountain is a place for teaching the dharma. That little brother…”

Hu Luoxian glanced at Sun Hao’s table, looking startled. His heart was beating violently and it was extremely difficult to calm down.

How did that jade bottle look so familiar? The immortal wine he sold, wasn’t it the immortal wine of Young Master Sun Hao from the Tianluo Continent? It’s so cheap, he wouldn’t be Young Master Sun Hao, right?

Hu Luoxian touched the jade bottle in his arms, his expression was difficult to calm down for a while.

Not long ago, I had just taken a bottle of immortal wine. He spent 50,000 immortal crystals, that was his own savings for hundreds of years. Although it hurts, it’s really worth it! He had always been reluctant to use it.

‘Is he really Young Master Sun Hao?’ Hu Luoxian thought to himself, his expression getting more and more nervous.

“City Lord, what’s the matter with that little brother?”

Seeing Hu Luoxian not speaking, someone awakened Hu Luoxian.

“That little brother clearly marked the price. Whether you buy or not, it’s all voluntary! Why do you say that he is a profiteer? I think you just wanted someone to vent your anger for being unable to use the teleportation array, am I right?”

As soon as these words came out, many people bowed their heads in shame and stopped talking.

As everyone swept their eyes, Hu Luoxian walked straight to Sun Hao, “Young Master, I’ll buy three bottles!”

After speaking, Hu Luoxian took out three immortal crystals and handed them to Sun Hao.


One hand gave money, the other delivered the wine.

When he got the blessing points, Sun Hao smiled.

After putting away the jade bottle, Hu Luoxian took the guards and left quickly.

“What? The city lord was kicked by the donkey, right? Spending three immortal crystals to buy three bottles of celestial wine? Didn’t he even inspect the goods?”

“What do you know, I heard that the city lord went to Penglai Continent a few days ago and got a bottle of immortal wine, but it cost 50,000 immortal crystals!”

“What? Fifty thousand immortal crystals, how could there be such an expensive wine in this world!”

Exclamations kept ringing.

After Sun Hao heard it, he was also slightly startled.

“Five thousand immortal crystals to buy a bottle of immortal wine? What kind of immortal wine is that? Is it better than mine? Impossible! If that’s the case, wouldn’t I be a loser? The price must be too low!”

Thinking like this, Sun Hao swiped his pen.

Change one bottle of one immortal crystal to a bottle of ten immortal crystals.

“What? This is a tenfold price increase, it’s too dark!”

“I was going to buy a bottle, which instantly made me stop thinking about it!”

The people who were going to come forward gathered around Sun Hao and began to watch. There were more and more onlookers but no one was ready to step forward.

Sun Hao closed his eyes and waited quietly, not caring about the strange gazes of others.

After a while.

A man walked up and saluted Sun Hao respectfully, “Young Master, I’ll buy three bottles!”

He took out thirty immortal crystals and handed them to Sun Hao respectfully.

After the money and goods were exchanged, the man clasped his fists and left.

“Who is this person? Why is he so stupid? He even bought a bottle of immortal wine for 10 immortal crystals?”

“Foolish people have a lot of money, what can I do! I want to see if there are any more fools!”

“I want to buy it, but I don’t have enough immortal crystals!”

The discussion continued and the whole scene was a complete mess.

After a while.

“Greeting Young Master, I will buy three bottles!”

“Young Master, I will buy three bottles too!”

A man and a woman walked forward one by one, and left after buying, without stopping at the slightest.

“There are so many fools in this world?”

“No, they seem to be from the City Lord’s Mansion!”

“What? People from the City Lord’s Mansion, I’m afraid this immortal wine is unusual!”

“Then I’m going to buy a bottle and see! What?”

Looking up, he couldn’t help but look startled. There was already a long queue in front of Sun Hao.

More than 90% of the people in line were the guards of the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Young Master, I’ll buy three bottles!”

“Young Master, I will buy three bottles too!”

Ding, blessing point +3

Ding, blessing point +3

Hearing these prompts, Sun Hao’s eyes bloomed with a strange glow.

Unexpectedly, although the price was increased, this wine would still sell like this.

When buying the immortal wine, many people secretly opened the cap of the bottle and took a look, instantly stunned in place.

After confirming that there was no one in the surroundings, they lined up again.

Especially those silly people who only bought a bottle, they opened it secretly and slapped themselves.

“I’m so stupid, I only buy one bottle of such a peerless immortal wine?”

“It’s a big loss, I have to buy two more bottles!”

They returned to the end of the line and began to line up.

More and more people on the entire square, at least one adult was lining up to buy immortal wine.

As for the others, it was not that they didn’t want to buy, but they simply couldn’t afford it.

Sun Hao’s immortal wine quickly spread throughout Northern City.

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