It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 281 – This World will be Buried With You

Tianluo Continent, the entrance of Central Region Dragon Tomb. The place has been blown up to pieces and devastated.

On this day, two figures walked out of the ripples in the sky. They were the evil clan Gui Zhu and the demon clan Xue Ye.

“Brother Xue Ye, this is terrible. Fortunately, we came later. Otherwise, I’m afraid the consequences will be disastrous!”

The flames on Gui Zhu’s eyes kept trembling.

“Brother Gui Zhu, stop talking, let’s go in!”


They went into the entrance and entered the ground.

They walked the winding path in the underground for a long time and came to a round altar. This altar looks very old and covered with thick dust.

Xue Ye let out a howl that made the air whizz and dust soared into the sky.

The dust on the altar was swept away instantly. The ancient arrays appeared on the altar.

In the middle of the altar, there was a crystal ball with a diameter of five meters.

Xue Ye stood in front of the crystal ball, grabbed it with his right hand, and took out three jade bottles that contained three drops of blood.

“Brother Gui Zhu, take it out!” said Xue Ye.

“All right!”

Gui Zhu also took out a jade bottle and handed it to Xue Ye.

Xue Ye held four jade bottles, merged the four drops of blood essence, and dropped them on the crystal ball.



The crystal ball lit up with dazzling white lights, illuminating the entire cave.


Xue Ye and Gui Zhu constantly chanted with their fingers pinched.

The light on the crystal ball floated down like silk threads, flooding every array on the altar.


As time passed, the white lights gradually disappeared, replaced by a red light as thick as blood. A huge animal shadow, resembling a dog and ears like a rabbit, slowly condensed into shape. A powerful pressure radiated from the beast’s shadow.

Gui Zhu and Xue Ye’s expressions changed drastically, and they bowed directly to the ground.


The beast’s shadow’s roar shook the entire cave as if it was about to explode.

“You summon me to come, do you want to gain my power?” the Beast Shadow said as it looked at Gui Zhu and Xue Ye.

“Yes, ancestor!”

“You know the price?”

“We know!”

“In that case, prepare to be baptized!”

Endless roaring waves of blood rushed in and entangled Gui Zhu and Xue Ye before they disappeared without a trace.

“AH!” They screamed indistinctly.

Demon Ancestral Mountain, in a house in Golden Crow City. The place was covered in dust and dense cobwebs on the eaves. It looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for many years.

In the middle of the house, there were several bronze pillars all around. Each pillar was engraved with arrays.

Iron chains drilled out of the pillar penetrated a woman’s limbs and locked her in the middle.

The woman had a full of white hair and was skinny as if she was about to die.

“Shang’er, Shang’er…”

In her mouth, these words kept repeating. She would yell these words every time her eyes were about to lose their brilliance. Her face would quickly regain its shine, the brilliance of living.


There was a loud sound of opening the door.

Sunlight penetrated through the door, sweeping in the woman’s eyes. She raised her head and squinted her eyes. In the light, she seemed to see a figure coming.


The woman murmured like a mother calling her son.


What awaited her was a lash of a whip on her body. 

The skin tore open a slit. The blood seemed to dry up, not even a drop flowing out.

The woman was in a daze, and she saw a middle-aged man with a mustache in the hu character(八).

The man’s face was full of anger.

“Damn bitch, it’s all because of you!”

After finishing speaking, the mustached man whipped her, hitting the woman with cuts and bruises all over her body.

From beginning to end, the woman did not say a word, letting the man do whatever he wanted.

After the nasty anger, the man stared at the woman and said: “Yue Xin, do you know your mistake?”


The woman smiled coldly and spat out hard. Her saliva dripped on her chest, and she couldn’t spit at the man at all.

“Yue Xin, as long as you admit your mistake, I will let you out immediately! If you continue like this, you can hold on for another ten years at most! Are you really not afraid of death?” The man said.


“What’s the matter with death? Kill me if you want!” The woman said.

“Damn bitch!” The man made an angry expression.

“The family cultivates you like this and activates the Heaven Devouring Blood in your body! Unexpectedly, you have a good relationship with a different clan and are pregnant with a child, and you pass the Heaven Devouring Blood to that bastard! Are you worthy of the family like this? If you marry me, our child will definitely overpower the Demon Emperor and become the master of this continent!”


The man said every sentence resentfully. Then, he waved the whip again frantically.


One after another, he hit the woman severely.

Every time the whip was retracted, a trace of flesh and blood will be taken away from the woman. In the blink of an eye, the woman was bruised all over her, her eyes lost their spirit.

“It seems that it is impossible for you to repent! If this is the case, then go to die!” 

After speaking, the man waved the iron whip and drew it down at the woman. The iron whip pierced the air, and the airwave separated on both sides.

The iron whip was about to be drawn on the woman.

At this time.


A blood-red figure stood in front of the woman instantly.


The iron whip hit the blood-red figure, and it split instantly.


The man was stunned, and his expression changed.

He stared at the blood-red figure, not daring to move.

The blood-red figure ignored the man but looked at the woman, his hands trembling slightly.

“Mother… Mother, I… I am Shang’er!” Lie Shang said tremblingly.

When the woman heard this, her body trembled, her eyes regained a trace of expression, and she stared at Lie Shang in a daze.

“Shang’er, is it really you?” the woman said.

“Mother, it’s me! I’m sorry, this child is late and made you suffer!” Lie Shang’s tears rushed down.

“Shang’er, mother can see you again and die without regrets! Mother has wronged you! Shang’er, you shouldn’t take revenge after mother died!”


When Lie Shang heard this, he kept nodding.

Shortly after.

The woman smiled, her head tilted, and there was no movement.


With a roar, the entire place was buzzing and shaking.

When the man saw this scene, he inwardly thought this was not good. As he was about to take a step forward, he was horrified to find infinite blood qi enveloped him. He couldn’t struggle at all.

“Mother, since you are not here anymore, I have nothing to worry about! This world must be buried for you! Let’s start with you first!”

In Lie Shang’s eyes, a fierce light burst out.


The man flew uncontrollably and fell into Lie Shang’s hands.


His scream resounded through the world.

“Not good, the Patriarch is restrained, come on!”

“Something happened, something happened!”

The entire Golden Crow City was instantly chaotic.

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