Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 40 – Borrowing Money

Immortal Drunken Inn.

Second floor.

After the shopkeeper’s verbal refusal, only then did Chu Yuan give up on the idea of asking the shopkeeper to open a branch at the foot of the Daoless Sect’s mountain.

It was not that Chu Yuan wanted to, but there was really no way. The shopkeeper was so excited that he almost put the knife holder around his neck. This made Chu Yuan dispel his thoughts.

Looking at a table of delicacies in front of him.

Chu Yuan whispered while eating.

“Unfortunately, I thought I could eat down the mountain every day from now on so that the disciples of the sect do not have to worry about food and drink ……”

The shopkeeper who was waiting by the side almost accidentally fell down and took a deep breath.

Fortunately, I was decisive just now and took the knife holder by the neck. Otherwise, I was afraid that I would be ready to open a branch by now.

This shameless expert wanted to come every day to eat. Then what business was he still doing? Only waiting for the door to close.

The shopkeeper was thankful.

Sitting at the table, Chu Yuan did not think so much, after a few bites of food, he was ready to get straight to the point.

“Boss, this time I came not looking for you to have a drink and have fun. I’m ready to leave if I ask you something. You are well-informed, but I know it. If you know it, you can’t hide it from me. ”

Chu Yuan said with a smile, with a pleasant expression on his face.

Hearing these words, the shopkeeper was instantly refreshed.

Asking something and leaving? Not to rub food and drink in his store and sleep all night for nothing?

“Big brother, what do you want to ask? Just ask! If I know anything, I’ll tell you everything!”

“Even if I don’t know, I can go to other people to inquire, my Immortal Drunken Inn is the most well-informed place, no matter what information if you inquire a little, you can definitely know!”

The shopkeeper suddenly turned into a licking dog and replied with a playful smile. It’s a different person from the way he was dying just now.

“I want to know where there are weapons for sale, it’s the weaker kind of weapons, well, the kind that needs to be sold in bulk. ” Chu Yuan put down his chopsticks and said slowly.

Weaker weapons? Weapons? Sure it’s not a magic treasure?

With a status like that of a big brother, shouldn’t they all be playing with magic treasures?

The shopkeeper froze.

Chu Yuan waved his hand casually, and said again, “It’s okay, it’s okay, just think about it slowly. I’m not in a hurry, that who, Xiao Er, serve some more dishes. ”

The shopkeeper looked at Chu Yuan ordered another bunch of dishes, and his original smile suddenly disappeared.

Imagining that he was a Nascent Soul realm, and this person in front of him was a mortal, he will definitely pull out this person’s soul and put it back, then pull it out and put it back, giving him an infinite loop ……

Having grown up, he had never seen such a cheap powerhouse. Today was considered a long-term insight.

Do you still want to inquire from him? I’m afraid I’m dreaming.

The shopkeeper’s eyes turned, and he already had an idea.

Doesn’t this Nascent Souls expert want weapons and treasures? All right, I’ll find you a tiger’s den, see if you go over and lose half of your life!

The shopkeeper thought inwardly and said with a smile on the surface.

“There! I have it! You want weapons, don’t you, big brother? I know a good place that will definitely satisfy you, big brother!”

The shopkeeper’s tone was full of laughter. Only this kind of smile seemed conspiratorial.

Chu Yuan did not pay attention to this scene, raised his eyebrows, and asked again, “Are you sure? You thought of it so quickly, and I want weapons, weapons you know, right? And to wholesale the kind, you understand?”

The shopkeeper waved his hand on the spot and said, “I understand, I understand, I understand everything.”

This opening was the old understanding king.

So this guy really understands?

“So, what about the specific news?” Chu Yuan asked with some confusion.

“It’s like this, big brother, from Silver Moon City, go east all the way, and you can reach a lake. The lake is very large and conspicuous. As long as you arrive, you can definitely see it. Next to the lake, there is a blacksmith shop. There is an old man living in the blacksmith shop. He is a well-known weapon maker. He can have any weapon he wants. ”

The shopkeeper’s tone was slightly bewitching. In fact, there was indeed a blacksmith store next to a lake to the east of Silver Moon City.

It’s just that there was a hidden master with a very bad temper who lived there. If he meets someone who was destined, maybe that master would build a magic weapon, but most people will definitely return empty-handed in the past.

Moreover, if you offend the hidden master, you would most likely lose your life. What he wants is this shameless YuanYing realm to go over.

With this guy’s shamelessness, it would definitely cause some arguments. If this guy was accidentally attacked to death, then he could jump for joy on the spot.

Chu Yuan, who was sitting on the side, did not know that there was sdidn’t know so many twists and turns. After listening to what the shopkeeper said, he nodded his head and thought about it.

“That’s true, but the shopkeeper, I was in hurry to leave, can you first lend me some gold to use? I’m a little tight, I’m afraid I can not buy anything.” Chu Yuan said slowly. He thought that weapons could not be as cheap as books.

The last time he bought those books, they cost eight taels.

In exchange for the weapon’s weight, eight taels were hardly enough to buy a pile of scrap iron.

He didn’t have much money left on him. He couldn’t take his clothes off to cover the debt, right?

The shopkeeper reluctantly showed a smile and waved his hand, “What a big deal, it’s just gold, right? How much do you want,I will fund you. ”

Spend some gold to make the person in front of you disappear from here. The shopkeeper thought it was worth it!

Chu Yuan’s eyes lit up again when he heard the shopkeeper’s consent.

“Then, thanks a lot, lend me a million gold first!”

“One million???? Gold??”

“No? Then let’s take a discount, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine taels.”

“Big Brother, you don’t have a problem with math?”

“No problem, no problem.”

“How about this, big brother, I’ll give you a method, you slap the people of this city to death now, then say I did it, then wait for the reward to be issued over at the City Guard Mansion, then you kill me to collect the reward, there might be this reward money.”

“Nice method, I think it will work. Moreover, if we do this, all your current money is mine, and there is also a reward. Killing two birds with one stone, nice nice nice ……”


In the end,, Chu Yuan and the shopkeeper had a tussle. Only then did the shopkeeper give Chu Yuan 100,000 taels of gold, as well as a bunch of silk ……

And so it was.

A strange scene appeared.

Chu Yuan, who had no storage magic treasure, held a giant treasure chest in his hand and carried ten thousand feet of silk on his back. He also felt weird when he looked at his appeareance.

Well, it really should be allright.

Even if I hold a golden treasure box,= and carry silk. I ,Chu Yuan, am invincible in the world ……

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