The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 147 – The Ancient Lord of the World

One of the young men threw a fierce punch at the Buddha’s tomb.

“Dang,” there was a loud sound.

The light of the tomb’s stone monument shook greatly, surprisingly shaking that young man backward.

The several young people were dismayed.

“A great restriction formation?” Zhang Chang’an, who was dressed in gold, glanced at the stone monument in surprise.

“What a strong great restriction formation, I wonder who the person who set up this great restriction formation is.” Feng Xin, another youth who was traveling with him, spoke up.

Zhang Chang’an stepped forward, looked carefully at the words of the stone tablet, and read, “Tomb of the ancient evil Buddha, Buddha Shizun, Friend: Qiang Liangliu!”

The crowd was stunned.

“A great tomb from the ancient times? But looking at the appearance of this great tomb, it is obvious that it was only recently piled up.” Feng Xin was puzzled, “Have you guys ever heard of any ancient evil Buddha? And who is this Qiang Liang?”

“What ancient evil Buddha, I also ancient world daddy.” The face of Jin Tianhong, who was shaken back from blasting the tomb just now, was not very nice and grunted.

Ancient Evil Buddha was not among the top ten experts of the Ancient Ten Thousand Gods Era, separated by countless eras and a long time, so now in the Nine Heavens, few could know about the Ancient Evil Buddha.

Not to mention Zhang Chang’an, Feng Xin, Jin Tianhong a few juniors, was from the Saint Demon era, and they would not even know the warring heavens era’s many oldies and old monsters.

Hearing Jin Tianhong talk about the name of the ancient world leader, Zhang Changan, Feng Xin, and the other Zhang Guangsen’s face changed.

“Tianhong, don’t talk nonsense.” Zhang Chang’an said.

Jin Tianhong did not care, “Who knows if the Ancient Evil Budha is dead or not, a name only, do we need to be afraid like this?” Then he stepped forward and stared at the stone tablet, “I don’t believe that I can’t demolish this tomb!” Having said that, he once again blast out a fist.

The fist force broke the air, the golden light trembled, and the power of the Heavenly God was vast.

The light of the stone monument formation shook, and once again shook Jin Tianhong backward.

Jin Tianhong was shaken so much that his Qi and blood surged, and his arm was hurt.

The three people were surprised.

Jin Tianhong’s strength, the three of them knew it was not much different from theirs, although he was an early Heavenly God, but he had cultivated nearly 20,000 Heavenly God Laws.

Just now, Jin Tianhong used his full power punch, but still, could not break the stone monument formation?

Jin Tianhong was shaken back, his face turned red, and an additional golden giant hammer was in his hand.

“Golden Light Hammer.” Zhang Changan was surprised.

Feng Xin said, “The Golden Light Hammer is a super grade divine weapon, I didn’t expect that Elder Golden Light had even passed on this Golden Light Hammer to Brother Tianhong.”

Jin Tianhong smiled smugly, “Just a Golden Light Hammer, my father said, if I can cultivate the Golden Light Great Technique to the fourteenth level, he will give me a heavenly spiritual treasure!”

Speaking of this, walking towards the great tomb, his right hand was infused with the power of the Heavenly God, the golden light hammer shone greatly, the hammer body rotated, emitting a whistling sound, astonishing power burst out from the golden light hammer.

“Give me a break!” Jin Tianhong leaped up and blasted down with the Golden Light Hammer in his hand.

The astonishing power surged wildly. It slammed down violently towards the Great Tomb.

However, just as Jin Tianhong’s golden light hammer was about to come down with a bang, suddenly, a golden flame broke through the air and chopped on top of the golden light hammer.

Jin Tianhong was impacted by the force, fell down from the high altitude, his body could not be controlled, fell to the ground. His throat was hot and was spurting blood.

Zhang Chang’an, Feng Xin, and Zhang Guangsen were surprised and looked, only to see three figures coming through the air.

The three people who came, it was Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Huang Jiu.

After leaving the Mystic Pavilion, not long after, Ao Yixuan, Ao Bi, the two father, and son left the Nine Heavens and returned to the divine land.

Since the matter of the old store in the Mysterious Ancient City was finished, Lu Yiping then let Hao Bi go back to the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Lu Yiping and the three of them arrived at the top of the Six Eyes Mountain in the blink of an eye and then landed themselves down.

Seeing that the Buddha’s tomb was intact, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull breathed a sigh of relief and turned its head over, looking at Jin Tianhong with cold eyes.

Jin Tianhong got up from the ground, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked angrily, “Who are you?”

Since he was a child, he was raised well, wherever he went, he was flattered, no one dared to make a move on him yet. He demolished a tomb, surprisingly all met nosy ones.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at Jin Tianhong coldly, “Break your own arms, and then you can get lost.”

Jin Tianhong, Zhang Changan, Feng Xin, and Zhang Guangsen were stunned.

“What did you just say?” Jin Tianhong smiled broadly when he heard that, “You told me to cut off both of my arms and then roll?”

Then he asked, “Do you know who I am?”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull coldly said, “I don’t care who the hell you are, even if your old ancestor, your grandfather was the Nine Heavenly Overlord, my words, I don’t want to say them twice.”

Jin Tianhong was extremely angry, the golden light hammer in his hand fierce hammer to the dragon horn golden ox a hammer blast out, the power of the heavenly gods urged to the extreme, the golden light hammer whistling.

The golden hammer shot out a circle of golden light.

The two golden flames of the phoenix chopped the golden light circle, and then the body flashed, it has come to the other side, the phoenix golden flame chopped a swing, then saw that Jin Tianhong’s arms broke off.

Jin Tianhong screamed. Especially at the place where his arms were cut off, the phoenix true fire burned, making him feel pain.

The incident was so sudden that Zhang Changan, Feng Xin, and Zhang Guangsen were frozen.

The few people could see that Huang Jiu was also an early Heavenly God, but the battle power was so strong that Jin Tianhong did not have the strength to fight back.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the miserable Jin Tianhong and coldly said, “You should be glad that the Buddha’s tomb is not broken. If the tombstone and tomb were broken a little, I would rub you bit by bit now!”

 “Roll!” The sound was like heavenly thunder.

Jin Tianhong once again spurted out a big mouthful of blood.

Zhang Chang’an, Feng Xin, and Zhang Guangsen only felt their brains booming, and they were shocked, and the three of them helped Jin Tianhong up.

“Tianhong, let’s go.” Zhang Chang’an advised.

Jin Tianhong also knew that with his own strength, he was not Huang Jiu’s rival. With hatred, he and Zhang Changan, their few people broke the air to leave.

After Jin Tianhong left, Lu Yiping waved his hands, and countless large formation runes continued to pour into the tombstone, strengthening the tombstone formation.


After Jin Tianhong left, he flew towards the nearby city.

Inside a luxurious mansion in the city, Master Jin Guang said was comforting a beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman, none other than his sister Jin Meijuan, was also the wife of Kun Peng Divine Sect’s Patriarch Fei Jie.

“Sister, don’t be too sad, Lord Lei Hao has made an appointment to fight Lu Yiping, he won’t live long!” Master Jin Guang said.

Jin Meijuan said in a hateful voice, “I just hate that I can’t kill this Lu Yiping with my own hands!”

The two were talking in the main hall when they saw Jin Tianhong, Feng Xin, Zhang Changan, and Zhang Guangsen enter.

“Tianhong, what happened to your arms?” When the two men saw Jin Tianhong’s arms were broken, they couldn’t help but get up in shock.

“Father, aunt.” When Jin Tianhong saw the two, he said in a hateful voice, “We just ran into three people at Six Eyes Mountain, and my arms were chopped off by one of the young men.”

“Oh, Six Eyes Mountain.” Jin Guang was surprised.

The Six-Eyed Mountain was not far outside the city.

“Father, they should still be at Six Eyes Mountain now.” Jin Tianhong said.

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