Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 39: I’m in a Broken State of Mind

On the Daoless Sect.

Standing on the main hall square. Chu Yuan raised his head and looked up, looking at the pitch-black sky.

He was eager to realize Ye Luo’s practice, but he saw nothing from noon to the night.

Oh, he saw it.

It was breezy today, clear and cloudy, the wind was northwest, the temperature was relatively high… Other than that, he didn’t see anything.

Another day was wasted.

Chu Yuan sighed.

Had I known that he would have gone to cultivate.

After at least three months of cultivation, he could still condense a trace of mana. It was a waste of a day, and there was nothing.

Chu Yuan used his divine sense to sweep one side of the Dharma Transmission Hall and saw that Zhang Han was still reading, so he couldn’t help but relax his heart.

Although this day was in vain, he was not depressed at all. Because this Zhang Han was too well behaved! Good enough to put his mind at ease.

Every day Zhang Han just sat there and read a book.

Not driven either. Chu Yuan really didn’t know what’s so good about some fake books.

It was just that it was good—a little more time to delay. When the time was up, he would get a realm improvement as soon as the system settled.

Chu Yuan did not know in the slightest this disciple had long since completed the backstab ……on him.

At this moment, Chu Yuan was muttering to himself.

“Then again, why haven’t I seen this Zhang Han eat? He obviously is mortal, but I have not seen him eat …… No, I also did not prepare food, it should be that he has his own dry food, and I am not watching him all the time, it should be that I did not notice him eating, forget it.”

“Anyway, this disciple is honest, so don’t worry about it.”

Chu Yuan stroked his chin, withdrew his divine sense, and no longer bothered about Zhang Han.

This disciple was honest. Honest to the point of reassuring him. Nowhere was the same as Ye Luo.

Chu Yuan felt relieved to Zhang Han. The first thing you needed to do was get a good idea of what you were doing.

Such an honest disciple could also backstab him.

Then he did not play anymore, he broke up on the spot and swallowed all the buildings up and down the entire sect.

Not with chewing.

Swallowed raw!

However, his Daoless Sect did seem to be a little deserted.

Chu Yuan took a look around. His Daoless Sect was actually very large. There were even many halls. The Dharma Transmission Hall was only one of them.

The other halls were closed by Chu Yuan because there was nothing there. Now it seemed that it would be better if those halls were opened.

In the future, when he recruited disciples.

If he could use these halls to delay the disciples, as long as the delay for a year after the system judgment, he would have successfully attained the realm.

Moreover, his sect indeed had a lot of halls.

He could set a rule that the disciples had to pass these halls first to get his heritage.

For example, in the Hall of Dharma Transmission, one had to stay in for three months.

How many months would it take to stay in this hall or that hall? This method, it would work!

To open more of those halls. It was just that before opening them, he had to go and prepare some fake goods before he could.

Chu Yuan already had a plan inside. He was going to go through a whole batch of fake weapons first.

Well, he was going to get some weapons that looked bullish on the surface but were actually trash.

Then opened a hall and tricked the disciples into going in and enlightening themselves, and they had to get the approval of a divine weapon before they could come out.

But these weapons were fake, how could the whole whatever approval was approved.

In this way, time could be procrastinated, and great things could be accomplished! Thinking like this, Chu Yuan nodded secretly.

The first thing you could do was to do it. He immediately set up the magic cloud and flew in the direction of Silver Moon City. Of course, he had to ask the shopkeeper to find out where to find this kind of weapon.

The shopkeeper was called ‘Bai Xiaosheng.’


Half a day later.

Silver Moon City.

In front of the Immortal Drunken Inn.

A carriage was parked in front of the inn.

At this moment, the innkeeper was directing countless underlings, carrying things, wiping sweat from his forehead as he did so.

He was leaving!

In fact, he should have left three months ago. It’s because the Nascent Soul expert was too terrifying and shameless.

He couldn’t afford to mess with it, so he planned to slip away!

But he was worried every day that the shameless Nascent Soul expert would come over, and when he saw the scene of him running away, he slapped him to death in anger.

So he dragged one day to another.

It’s been three months until today, but the Nascent Soul Great Master has not come over.

Only then did the shopkeeper get bold and prepare to slip away.

“That who, when you move it, move lightly. The stool you moved is very precious. It’s made of precious wood. You can’t afford it if you wipe it!!”

“Alas, I told you to be lighter. I didn’t tell you to be so slow, be lighter, be faster.”

The shopkeeper was standing there, directing his subordinates to carry things.

The sweat on his forehead almost drenched his clothes. It could be seen how anxious he was.

Just as the shopkeeper continued to direct, a voice came in quietly by his ear.

“Boss, aren’t you making things difficult for them? While telling them to move more carefully, but also want them to walk faster, how can this be done?”

The shopkeeper subconsciously waved his hand and said loudly, “I’m the one who spent money, how come I can’t order a couple of things?”

A figure standing next to him said indifferently, “But I didn’t ask you to do so, and I want people to move lightly and walk faster. If you can, can you show me the whole thing?”

The shopkeeper was instantly angry.

“I spend money! Someone else paid me again! No, who ah, in front of me beep to beep to beep, are you looking for a fight ……”

As the shopkeeper said halfway, the voice stopped abruptly.

The shopkeeper’s entire body suddenly stiffened, twisted slightly, and looked to his side.

He saw Chu Yuan standing aside with a smile, just like an average person, watching the servants carry things.

This god! When did he come over!!!

The shopkeeper’s heart was half cold, and his face stiffened as he said, “Da Da Da, big brother, when did you come over?”

Chu Yuan did not feel anything, stuck his waist, and watched these people carrying things.

“Just now ah, I see you were commanding so vigorously, so I am embarrassed to disturb you, continue to command ah, it’s fine as if I don’t exist.” Chu Yuan waved his hand rather casually.


He paused for a moment and asked, “By the way, where are you moving things to? You’re not going to move, are you?”


Should I say this?

The shopkeeper originally wanted to fool him through. Who knew that when he said this. Chu Yuan’s eyes lit up on the spot.

“The branch is good! How about opening it at the foot of my sect’s mountain. I will give you a piece of land, and it has beautiful mountains and clear water, it is a good place, how about it, want to consider it?”

“As for the rental fee of the place, I count you one million gold a year. What do you think?”

The shopkeeper, “……”

My state of mind is broken.

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