It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 275 – Young Master’s Shocking Methods

Translator: Rilise

It appeared that they were about to fly into the mouth of the ancient blood dragon.

At this time,


In the void, there was the sound of guqin. Along with the melody,


The ancient blood dragon trembled and fell heavily to the ground.


There was a vibration.

The blood mist all around collapsed and disappeared without a trace.

“Young Master is here to save us again!”

“Young Master, you are so kind to us!”

“Young Master’s great favor, I can’t pay it off in this life!”

Chen Daoming’s group’s expressions showed how moved they were.

They regained their bearings, sat cross-legged in the sky, closed their eyes, and listened intently to the guqin sound in the surrounding.

The tune was like a stream, flowing slowly and pouring into the soul. After hearing it, their whole being felt an indescribable sense of comfort. At this moment, their strength, state, state of mind were improving rapidly.


Wen Renshi’s soul space kept shaking. The three claw-shaped severed limbs flew out of his soul space and began to merge with the wounds on his right arm and legs.

Enveloped by the guqin sound, the skin and muscles grow rapidly, covering the Wen Renshi’s.

The severed limbs were shaped like dragon claws, exuding a sharp and tearing aura.

As the guqin sounded, the dragon’s claws changed rapidly, turning into the shape of human fingers. The four claws became four fingers, and at the same time, one finger was generated.

From the outside, it looked like normal limbs.

Wen Renshi did not move and continued to close his eyes, quietly feeling the changes in his body and his soaring strength.

The only one suffering at the scene was the ancient blood dragon.


At this moment, it crawled on the ground, groaning and snarling from time to time. The sound was very horrifying, like the howling of a ghost in hell.


The blood qi on the ancient blood dragon burned with black smoke from time to time. Soon, his blood dissipated and dried up.


Its skin burned to black as if it was being smoked.

“Damn it, stop playing, stop playing!”

The ancient blood dragon struggled wildly. The huge body rolled on the ground, and every mountain it touched exploded into dust.

Shortly after, the land within hundred miles was flattened by the ancient blood dragon.

It fell into the dust without any strength to struggle.


The sound that was left was only the sound of its body being barbecued.

After a while, the sound of the guqin dissipated. The mighty pressure disappeared without a trace. 

The ancient blood dragon regained a little bit of its strength.

“Damn, damn! How can such a terrifying figure appear in this world! Who the hell is it? I never offend you, why did you hurt me like this? When I regain my strength, I must catch you, eat your flesh, and gnaw your bones! Finally turn you into a part of my strength!”

The ancient blood dragon gritted its teeth, The blood vessels in its body began to throb and recovered its injury.

In the sky, Chen Daoming’s group continued to close their eyes, and they sat motionlessly. The corner of their mouth’s were raised into a smile.

After a long time, they gradually opened their eyes, and their faces were filled with endless joy.

“I… I have a breakthrough? Become an immortal?” Xuanyuan Lie muttered to himself and clenched his fists as his body trembled with excitement.

He had been suppressing his realm for one hundred thousand years, never dared to break into Immortal Realm. Unexpectedly, he would have a breakthrough when listening to Young Master’s song today?

There was no discomfort at all, and it was only one step away from Abstruse Immortal!

The most terrible thing was not these but that there was no immortal tribulation at all!

Since ancient times, who has become an immortal without having to undergo the tribulation? Who could be this powerful in this world? This must be Young Master’s secret help!

Xuanyuan Lie muttered to himself, his face filled with gratitude.

Beside him, Xuanyuan Shi’s expression of excitement was not worse than him.

“Abstruse Immortal, I actually broke through two realms in a row! Unbelievable! Young Master, thank you!”

Xuanyuan Shi trembled with excitement, and it took her a long time to be calm.

On another side, no one was more excited than Wen Renshi.


Wen Renshi threw his head back and laughed, his hands clenched in excitement.

He stared at his limbs in a daze, with an expression of disbelief on his face.

“Sure enough, Young Master has sent me good fortune again! My right arm and legs feel very different! Especially this right arm, any immortal artifact can be torn apart with bare hands! Young Master, thank you very much!”

Wen Renshi muttered to himself, and he calmed down after a while.

“Elder Wen, it’s not bad, you obtained amazing fortune again!”

Su Yiling ran forward and looked up and down at Wen Renshi.

“Oh, it’s no worse than the other, everyone is the same!” Wen Renshi smiled.

“That’s right!”

Chen Daoming nodded and smiled, “I feel that listening to Young Master’s song today has opened the door to the road to the Immortal King!”


Everyone stared at Chen Daoming, shocked.

The Immortal King was unlike the ordinary Immortal, and it was difficult to become the immortal king, a hundred or even a thousand times harder.

The first step to becoming an Immortal was to find a Dao that suits you.

The second step was to sense the true meaning of the Dao and condense Dao mark in the center of the eyebrows.

The third was to survive the Tribulation of the Immortal King, and this step was the most difficult.

Because in front of the Immortal King Tribulation, the immortal was like an ant without the ability to resist at all.

Unexpectedly, Chen Daoming had already opened the door. In this way, he has found his suitable Dao?

“Leader Chen, have you chosen the Dao that suits you?” Wen Renshi asked.


Chen Daoming nodded and smiled, “Actually, I don’t have any other choice, I don’t know anything else except for Sword Dao.”

“Leader Chen, the Sword Dao is harder than the Double-edged Sword Dao. Are you sure you want to go this way?” Wen Renshi asked.

“I have decided, no matter how difficult it is, I will not give up!” Chen Daoming stroked a lock of silver hair, his eyes were firm.

The crowd gathered around and talked with each other.

Happiness was written all over their faces.



A ground-breaking dragon roar awakened the five people.

“It’s not dead?”

“Although it is not dead, compared with just now, if the strength is less than one-tenth, an Immortal King can kill it! Young Master deliberately left it alive is presumably to test us, this time, let me do it!” Wen Renshi stood up, his face brimming with confidence.

“Elder Wen, do you need help?” Chen Daoming asked.

“No need, you guys just watch!”

After speaking, Wen Renshi kicked his right leg, stepped through the air, and disappeared instantly. When he reappeared, he had already stood in front of the ancient blood dragon.

“Little reptile, say, how do you want to die?” Wen Renshi said.

These words made the ancient blood dragon stare directly at Wen Renshi, its two blood-red eyes spouting outrageous anger.

“A little ant dare to challenge me!”

“Today, I will make you fill the gap between my teeth! Come on, become my strength!”

The ancient blood dragon opened its big bloody mouth and sucked hard.


The infinite gust of wind howled swiftly. The horrible suction suddenly enveloped Wen Renshi.

“Be careful!”

When everyone saw this scene, they shouted with worry.

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