It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 273 – Resurrected Blood Dragon Destroying the World

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Xuanyuan Lie yelled as he looked at the opening in Dragon Tomb’s exit.

Xuanyuan Shi woke up in shock, took Xuanyuan Lie, ran quickly through the opening, and disappeared from Dragon Tomb. When they reappeared, they had come to the entrance of Dragon Tomb.

Looking up, they happened to see Chen Daoming’s group of three.

“Xuanyuan Shi?”

Chen Daoming was startled slightly, “Are you from Dragon Tomb?”

Xuanyuan Shi also looked startled, looking at the three of them, her eyes were filled with surprise, ‘They are all immortals, and I’m afraid they are not ordinary immortals!’

“Now is not the time to speak, we must leave here as soon as possible!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Why?” Chen Daoming asked.

“The ancient blood dragon escaped. I didn’t know who it was just now that threw three severed limbs, the ancient blood dragon regained at least a portion of its strength! I’m afraid that even an Immortal King wouldn’t be its opponent!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“What?” Their complexions changed drastically, and they secretly thought that it was not good.

It seemed that they had misunderstood Young Master’s intention.

It was unimaginable that the ancient blood red had recovered a point of its strength. However, the matter had come to this point, and it was the best plan to escape.

This matter must be reported to the Young Master as soon as possible.

Thinking like this, Chen Daoming put Wen Renshi on his back and yelled, “Run!”


The five of them turned into rays of light and fled quickly using the fastest speed they could.

Shortly after.


The mountain range at the entrance of Dragon Tomb began to tremble slightly. As time passed, the vibration became more and more intense.

Boom! Boom!

The whole mountain range burst into pieces. The soaring dust was torn apart. Infinite airwaves spread everywhere. The whole thing looked like the end was coming, terrifying.

The two blood-red eyes that exuded red lights from the deepest abyss were breathtaking in the thousand meters of dust.

A dragon howl resounded throughout the world. The sky trembled, and the earth shook. The beast prostrated on the ground while the bird soared into the sky.

As the whole world was shaking.


The blood light soared straight into the sky and the whole world was reflected in blood.


The ancient blood dragon looked up and roared.

The sound lasted for a long time.

“I am back! You ants should tremble! Children, come back!” said the ancient blood dragon, and he spewed out a bloody dragon’s breath to the sky.


The dragon’s breath scattered everywhere causing layers of ripples to appear in the sky. A monster that was ten meters tall and shaped like a tyrannosaurus(1) emerged from the ripples.

Each Tyrannosaurus had no skin, and the muscle lines were evident.


Tyrannosaurus gathered together, surrounding the ancient blood dragon, roaring from time to time.

They were so many and densely packed that there was no way to distinguish where they were connected at all.

“Children, go and hunt to your heart’s content!”

With these words, the tyrannosaurus dispersed and ran forward galloping horses.

They hunt in small groups.


The earth seemed to be unable to bear their pressure and kept sinking. Dust shrouded the world.

Seeing this scene, the ancient blood dragon roared with its head thrown back.

The howl stretched out throughout the world.

Along with the sound was an extremely strong blood qi. When the blood qi came, the coercion condensed.

Wherever they went, all the birds fell to the ground, constantly struggling on the ground, and couldn’t fly up again.


The blood qi spread rapidly, and Chen Daoming’s group was enveloped in an instant.


They were shocked, and their bodies seemed to have become hundreds of millions of times heavier, and they fell down involuntarily.


They fell to the ground, and the soil exploded.

After struggling to get up.

“not good……”

Chen Daoming’s face changed drastically, “Not good, Tyrannosaurus!”

“What? Tyrannosaurus? Isn’t this a savage beast of ancient times? How could it be possible here now?”

“There’s so many, at least hundreds have surrounded us!”

Looking at the blood-red eyes in the blood mist, everyone has a look of fear on their faces.

“Miss Xuanyuan, Senior Xuanyuan, you haven’t reached Immortal Realm yet, hide behind us!”

Chen Daoming guarded the two behind him, looked at Su Yiling, and said, “Elder Su, it depends on us now!”

However, Su Yiling walked forward as if she hadn’t heard his words.

“So hungry, so hungry!”

She pressed her belly and kept repeating these words.

“It’s dangerous, these Tyrannosaurus are all Earth Immortals!”

The words just faded.

In the next scene, Chen Daoming’s eyes widened in shock.

He saw Su Yiling release her hands and yell, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll eat, I want to eat!”

With this sound.

A terrifying roar resounded.

A Taotie phantom formed in the sky. The Taotie opened his bloody big and sucked hard.


Those ten-meter-high Tyrannosaurus around them flew out uncontrollably and were all swallowed into the Taotie’s stomach.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of tyrannosaurs disappeared. The Taotie phantom disappeared, and the surrounding area returned to normal.

“So full!”

Su Yiling touched her round belly with a look of contentment.

“Hey, where’s the Tyrannosaurus? Where did they go?”

When she turned around, she saw everyone was looking at her like looking at a monster.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Su Yiling was puzzled.

“You ate the tyrannosaur!” Chen Daoming said.


Su Yiling was surprised, “No wonder I am so full!”

“What do I do? Were these things edible?”

“Spit it out quickly!”

However, it was useless.

The warm current rushes all over the body, it was particularly comfortable, and the realm was unconsciously improving.

“Go, don’t be distracted, let’s run!”

Chen Daoming’s voice awakened everyone.

The others reacted and moved their legs to run quickly.

The dragon’s roar sounded again.

“Damn little bug, dare to kill my children, see if I won’t kill you! Children, give it to me!”

A few roars made the world tremble.

Immediately afterward.


The sound of galloping horses came quickly. The whole ground was shaking violently.

Chen Daoming’s scalp was numb, and their complexions changed drastically.

“Damn, these Tyrannosaurs have a speed bonus in the blood mist. Their speed is so fast that we can’t escape at all!” Chen Daoming said.

“Then what should we do?” Xuanyuan Shi’s face was full of worry.

“You run first, and I’ll hold them off!” Chen Daoming showed determination on his face.

“Leader Chen, how can we do this? I will hold them off. Anyway, I am already a useless person!” Wen Renshi said.

“It’s not the time to fight!”

Chen Daoming looked at Xuanyuan Lie, “Senior, please take Elder Wen!”

“All right!”

Xuanyuan Lie took Wen Renshi and carried him on his back.

“Hurry up!” Chen Daoming roared.

“Chen Daoming, you bastard, if you don’t come back alive, I will be a ghost! Bah! I will not let you off even if you become a ghost!”

The sound gradually disappeared.

Chen Daoming drew out half a machete(2), full of murderous intent, and walked back slowly.

  1.  Translated as T-rex or fierce dragon. But it talked about shape so I kinda choose T-rex, even if it was totally weird.
  2.  Previously translated as hatchet.

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