The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 146 – The Buddha’s Tomb

Kang Ning had only just retreated in fear when the Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped him.

Everyone saw Kang Ning’s head snap out from his neck.  The Dragon Horned Golden Bull snapped off his head alive with a slap! And Sun Haiyin’s lower body was still standing there.

At the neck break, a column of blood shot out.

The Mystic Pavilion and Lifeless Sect experts saw this scene, and their hands and feet went weak.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, his eyes devouring blood, looking at the Misty Pavilion and the lifeless door experts, stepping out, then another slap out.

Hao Bi and Huang Jiu also took action.

At once, there were screams of misery and flesh and blood flying everywhere.

Where the Dragon Horned Golden Bull passed, the Mystic Pavilion and the Lifeless Sect experts were hit away, some were hit into the ground, and some, like Kang Ning earlier, were directly slapped so that their heads flew up.

Finally, the kill was tiresome, so two pairs of golden bull horns appeared from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull forehead, he directly pulled off the two pairs of bull horns and slashed them.

The two pairs of bull horns turned into two golden blades that kept flying back and forth between the Mystic Pavilion, and a group of experts from the Lifeless Sect slashed them all out.

After the blink of an eye, the two pairs of bull horns returned to the hands of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Only to see the Mystic Pavilion and the Lifeless Sect hundreds of experts who were standing there then fell to the ground with a bang.

The two people Hao Bi and Huang Jiu, were dumbfounded. It turned out that the bull’s horns could be used this way. The Dragon Horned Golden Bull inserted the two horns back into its forehead. Then, the two pairs of horns retracted back into its body.

The other sect experts looked dumbfounded.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the other sect experts in the distance with an impish expression, “You guys aren’t the helpers that Mystic Pavilion and the Lifeless Sect invited, are you?”

Being scared, the other sect experts watching the show in the distance immediately scattered as if they had four legs, as fast as possible to escape as quickly as possible. In the blink of an eye, the by standards crowd became empty.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull shook his head, “It’s just a joke, why are you so serious?.”

Huang Jiu and Hao Bi gave a look of a bitter smile.

Now in the Nine Heavens, who would dare to take the Dragon Horned Golden Bull words as a joke.

Finally, only Sun Haiyin was left.

Although Ao Bi was a Heavenly God realm, every time he could not blast Sun Haiyin, but one punch after another, Sun Haiyin was soon abused to the point of disfigurement.

Every time Sun Haiyin struck, the speed of space-time around him was changed by Lu Yi Ping, slowing down his movements by hundreds or even thousands of times, making Sun Haiyin empty of power but with nowhere to use it, a feeling that made Sun Haiyin unbearable.

Finally, Sun Haiyin was abused to the point of dying.

Although it was difficult for a Heavenly God to kill a late-stage Plane Lord, it did not mean that it could not kill a lord who could not fight back.

Under Ao Bi’s wild blast, Sun Haiyin’s entire body was shattered by his divine veins, his internal organs were cracked, and even his heart was blown through.

Of course, he reached the realm of the Plane Lord, the vitality surging extremely. Even if he suffered the most severe injuries, it was impossible to die as long as the soul was not destroyed.

Sun Haiyin looked at the angry Ao Bi in front of him and smiled sadly, “I never thought that I, Sun Haiyin, a plane lord, would end up dying in the hands of a mole.”

A Heavenly God powerhouse was just a molehill to a late-stage Plane Lord powerhouse. To die in the hands of a mole-like Heavenly God made Sun Haiyin resentful.

“Surnamed Lu, if you have the guts? just kill me.” Sun Haiyin said to Lu Yi Ping.

Knowing that he was bound to die, he had no fear in his heart for Lu Yiping instead.

Lu Yiping took Sun Haiyin in front of him and searched his soul. After searching his soul, Lu Yiping said to Ao Bi, “Your father is still alive.”

Ao Bi was stunned and then cried with joy, “Lord, really?”

Lu Yiping nodded his head.

Sun Hai smiled grimly: “Your father is not dead yet, his true dragon body has been cut up and eaten by me, and the dragon blood has been drunk clean, now only the dragon soul is left. Even if he is not dead, it is not much different from death. In the future, he can only survive in the world in the form of a dragon soul.”

“Not necessarily.” Lu Yi Ping said, retrieved a divine censer from Sun Haiyin’s body, then opened the large formation ban inside the divine censer. A dragon roar was heard at once, only to see Ao Yixuan’s dragon soul fly out.

Seeing Ao Yixuan’s dragon soul, Ao Bi’s face was joyful, “Father!”

At this time, Lu Yiping took out a Chaos Five Color Divine Stone from the Universe Cauldron, and then a flame emerged from his palm, turning the Chaos Five Color Divine Stone into a liquid form.

Then, when Lu Yi Ping flicked his hand, the liquid transformed by the Chaos Five Color Divine Stone swirled around Ao Yixuan’s dragon soul, and Ao Yixuan, who was only a dragon soul, began to grow a dragon head, a dragon body, a dragon claw, and a dragon tail.

Then, the dragon scales also grew one by one.

Sun Haiyin was dumbfounded.

“This can’t be!” He couldn’t believe it.

Even an existence that surpassed the Plane Lord could not possibly help a Plane Lord recover his physical body.

“There is nothing impossible.” Lu Yiping said indifferently.

He had already comprehended the Dao of Life and Death and the Dao of Reincarnation in the first Jade Disc of Creation, so helping someone shape their flesh body was just an easy task. Previously, when the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang only had the Ancient Demon Heart left, he was able to help him shape his flesh body out as well.

“This is the body of Chaos True Dragon?” Ao Yixuan felt the power of the newly grown flesh body and was surprised.

Sun Haiyin choked for a moment.

Not only had Lu Yi Ping helped Ao Yixuan shape his fleshly body, but he also gave the Chaos True Dragon’s Body to Ao Yixuan?

Ao Bi was also surprised, then went forward to introduce Lu Yiping to Ao Yixuan.

Ao Yixuan came in front of Lu Yiping and bowed in respectful gratitude.

“He is at your disposal.” Lu Yiping did not kill Sun Haiyin but sealed his power and then threw it to Ao Yixuan and Ao Bi, two fathers and sons.

In the end, Sun Haiyin was blown into a puddle of blood and flesh by Ao Yixuan and Ao Bi, and even his divine soul and divine personality were all blown up.

The news that Lu Yiping killed Kang Ning and others was soon reported to the ears of the Chief Pavilion Master of Mystic Pavilion.

“Lu Yiping killed the Kun Peng Sect, the Zither & Painting Sect, the Tai Qing Sword Sect, and now he is killing people from my Mystic Pavilion. He really thinks he can do whatever he wants in the Nine Heavens.” An old ancestor from the headquarters of the Misty Pavilion was furious.

The Chief Pavilion Master of Mystic Pavilion also looked angry and asked the person who reported the incident, “Why did Lu Yiping kill Kang Ning, the sub-pavilion master of Misty Pavilion?”

The expert hesitated and replied, “According to the investigation, Lu Yiping came to the Mystic Pavilion sub-pavilion master to offer a reward of ten billion divine spirit stones, entrusted to find the whereabouts of Sun Haiyin of the Lifeless Sect, but Sun Haiyin was an old acquaintance of Kang Ning and had saved Kang Ning, so Kang Ning accepted the money but did not inform Lu Yiping of Sun Haiyin’s whereabouts.”

“Not only that, Kang Ning and Sun Haiyin also colluded together.”

Speaking of this, that expert did not say more. What happened next, everyone should have guessed.

The old ancestor who had angrily rebuked Lu Yiping said nervously, “Even so, Kang Ning is a member of my Mystic Pavilion, to dispose of Kang Ning, it should also be my Mystic Pavilion.”

The tone of voice was no longer as strong as before.

Half a day later, several figures appeared ear the Six Eyes Mountain of the Great Void domain. It was Lu Yiping and his people.

Lu Yiping came by this time, to see the tomb of the ancient evil Buddha.

However, just as Lu Yiping and his people came over at the Six Eyes mountain top, a few young people looked at the tomb in front of them,  frowning.

“The Six Eyes Mountain is a scenic spot, who piled up such a big tomb here.”

“Blasted it away!”

“Flatten the tomb!

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