It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 269 – Doppelganger Commits suicide, the doppelganger Was Caught

Over the Central Prefecture Immortal City.

“Good, very good. In that case, die you ants!”

Huo Tun stood in the sky, he looked at the cultivators in Central Prefecture Immortal City and roared angrily.


He turned into a giant flame dragon that covered the whole world. The huge body stretched for miles, and the edge couldn’t be seen at all.

“These ants must be slaughtered today! Let’s start with you!”

Huo Tun looked at Flower Fairy, his killing intent soaring.

When Flower Fairy saw this scene, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, revealing an indifferent expression.

“Hehe, please do as you wish!”

She stood there and didn’t even mean to move.

“This little beauty dares to be so presumptuous, go die!”

Huo Tun snarled. A dragon ball spat out from his mouth. The golden flame exuded dazzling light, making it impossible to look directly at it.

The tremendous power shook and distorted the space. This power that could destroy heaven and earth made them unable to resist.


The dragon ball turned spun rapidly and came straight to Flower Fairy. The air around Flower Fairy was distorted. As though her whole being was imprisoned, she couldn’t move at all.

Regarding all this, Flower Fairy didn’t have the slightest panic on her face. She stood motionlessly.

Soon, the dragon ball would hit her and turn her into powder.

At this time.


The void shook, and a fishhook fell from the sky.


The power that imprisoned Flower Fairy’s body broke apart. The flames on the dragon ball were all extinguished.

“This is impossible!”

Huo Tun’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it. Words couldn’t describe the shock he felt.


Huo Tun roared furiously.

However, he was horrified to find that the dragon ball had lost contact with him and could not use the power inside.

In the next second, he trembled extremely.

Soon after.


There was a sound of cracking eggshells.

On the dragon ball, a crack broke open and spread rapidly to the entire dragon ball. As the hook fell, the cracks on the dragon ball became denser and denser.

“No! Don’t!”

Huo Tun let out an unwilling roar.

He rose into the sky and went straight to the hook.

The hook trembled slightly.


With a loud noise, Huo Tun flew out like a broken kite. He fell outside the Central Prefecture Immortal City, destroying a mountain range.

The sound could be heard for a long time, and dust enveloped the world.


There was another loud noise in the sky.

The whole dragon ball burst directly into pieces, becoming powder.

“This… this……”

Qing Chi stood in the distance, he stared at the scene in a daze and gaped for a long time.

His scalp was numb, and his back was cold. His body trembled involuntarily as if he was submerged in cold water. He knew exactly how terrifying the Immortal King’s Dragon Ball was.

It would have no problem destroying the world. Unexpectedly, the second brother clone’s dragon ball would be broken like this? Without even letting out a little bit of its power?

How could this be?

What kind of existence was this Godly Cunning Immortal?

So terrible!

“My Lord, you must never slaughter the human race, otherwise our race would be in danger!”

At this time, the high priest’s words kept ringing in his mind.

Qing Chi lowered his head, and his expression was particularly sad.

He didn’t amount to anything when facing with Godly Cunning Immortal. If he knew this, he would listen to the high priest and didn’t slaughter the human race! It’s his fault for being too impulsive.

Qing Chi’s face was full of regret.



There was a sound of something cutting through the air.

He looked up but saw the fish hook flying towards him quickly.

“This… this……”

Qing Chi’s scalp exploded, and his body trembled violently.

Without even thinking about it, he hurriedly fled with the secret technique.

However, it was useless.

The hook came in an instant and fell in front of Qing Chi.


Qing Chi had an expression of horror as he let out an unwilling roar.

The next second, his face changed from horror to one of fondness, and without even thinking about it, he bit on the hook.


The hook retracted and flew into the void with Qing Chi in tow.

At this moment, Qing Chi woke up and panicked. His body shrank rapidly and disappeared into the void along with the hook.

“Second brother, save me! I don’t want to die, and I don’t want to die!”

These two sentences kept echoing between heaven and earth.

Central Prefecture Immortal City.

A crowd of cultivators watched this scene, admiration was written all over their faces.

“The Godly Cunning Immortal is worthy of being a god, and his method is unmatched!”

“Too powerful, too powerful, too mighty!”

Exclamations kept ringing.

“Damn it!”

A roar broke through the world.

Huo Tun struggled to stand up and flew into the air, staring at everyone coldly.

“Godly Cunning Immortal, right? I remember you! Even if I die, so what? This is just a clone of mine. When my real body arrives, you will be scared shitless! No matter what, I will take you to perish with me!”

Huo Tong looked crazy and laughed with his head thrown back.

Golden light beams broke through him, covering his whole body. It looked like a golden hedgehog.

“Oh no, he will self-destruct!”

“What? The immortal king wants to self-destruct. I’m afraid within hundred miles will be razed down!”

“What are you afraid of? Can he self-destruct with Godly Cunning Immortal here?”

In Central Prefecture Immortal City, everyone gradually calmed down.

They showed an indifferent look at Huo Tun’s self-destruction.

“Damn ants, fear, tremble…”

Huo Tun swept his divine sense around, but there was no fear on everyone’s faces. They calmly divided the dragon meat together and ate happily.

“Damn ants, die!”

Huo Tun issued an angry roar. His body swells rapidly as if it was about to burst. He would explode soon.


In the sky, the fish hook quivered slightly. Huo Tun’s body, like a deflated ball, dwindled quickly.

“This is impossible!”

Huo Tun was horrified to discover that the power in his physical body was quickly dissipating.

“Just you wait, I will be back!”

Huo Tun exhausted all his strength and threw a slap over his head.


With a loud explosion, the whole body collapsed into dust and disappeared on the spot.


The hook did not stop and continued to descend.

After falling into the place where Huo Tun exploded, it penetrated the void again and disappeared.

All eyes stared motionlessly on the hook.

“This is?”

“What is this fishing line doing?”

“I don’t know, let’s just see!”

Shortly after.


An unwilling shout resounded through the world.

A giant dragon emitting golden flames was pulled out of the void. It was Huo Tun’s real body. Its body shrank rapidly, was pulled into the void by the hook, and disappeared.

Such a scene strongly stimulated everyone’s nerves. Their eyes widened, and they murmured dazedly for a long time.


The sound of inhaling cold air could be heard from time to time.

After a while.

“Dear ancestor, that… is that Huo Tun’s real body?”

“That… that goes without saying!”

“My God, it is said that Huo Tun’s real body is on Blood Wolf Star? He was caught from such a long distance?”

“The Godly Cunning Immortal’s methods are beyond imagination!”

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