It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 268 – Where Does the Young Master Needed to be Let to Win??

In the Blue Lake.

“Help, help!”

The ancestor of the tortoise clan, Xuan Lao, kept shouting and issuing distress calls. Deep fear was etched on his face.

“I was wrong, let me go! Who on earth has such strength? Lord Immortal King, spare my life!”

Xuan Luo repeated as he got closer and closer to the water’s surface.

“What? A mortal? A mortal dare to catch me, shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Xuan Lao was about to fight back, but when he swept his gaze away, his face changed drastically.

“Immortal, all of them are immortals, and the weakest ones are all Abstruse Immortal, my ancestor! It’s over, it’s over!”

Xuan Luo muttered to himself, his face covered with ashes.

At the Blue Lake.

“Did you see it? I caught a tortoise!”

This sound awakened everyone. All eyes were focused on Sun Hao.

Old Man Jiuyou squinted, his eyebrows raised, and the expression on his face changed uncertainly.

‘This…this tortoise, this is Divine Tortoise! The strength of this Divine Tortoise has obviously reached the Immortal Realm! Young Master just threw the fishing rod down and caught a tortoise? It’s incredible!’

The Old Man Jiuyou muttered to himself, looking at Sun Hao worshipfully.

‘There are obviously no Divine Tortoises in this lake! That to be said, did the Young Master fishing by using the Transformation Dao, Space Dao, Void Dao… The combination is so perfect. Who can reach this Fishing Dao? I still want to yield to the Young Master, let the Young Master win?’

Where did the Young Master need to be let to win?

Where’s his face?

At this moment, Old Man Jiuyou’s face flushed involuntarily. He lowered his head in shame and didn’t dare to look at Sun Hao.

“Nothing is unachievable! It’s the same with fishing, and you need to pay particular attention to the heart! No matter how strong you were before or how good you are in other areas, you must maintain an empty cup mentality and a learning mentality!”

Sun Hao’s voice struck Old Man Jiuyou’s ears like thunder.

He sat there with a dazed look as if thinking about something. After a while, his face brightened, “Young Master, I understand!”

Not far from him.

Zhongli Lang took out the jade slip and stared at the message above.

Unexpectedly, the Immortal King that arrived couldn’t even catch Young Master’s fish hook. This old tortoise deserved to end like this.

Who told him to help someone he shouldn’t dare to help the dragon clan. Moreover, you had to fight against Young Master. What was the difference between this and death?

‘It seems that I am worried for nothing, Young Master has completely predicted everything! So that’s what Young Master meant when we came to fish!

‘He has already set up the overall situation in Central Prefecture Immortal City, waiting for the big fish to get the bait!

‘Young Master is so amazing!’

Zhongli Lang looked at Sun Hao, revealing an expression of incomparable admiration.

In the admiration of everyone’s eyes, Sun Hao put Xuan Lao into the fish basket and dropped the fish hook again.

“Fishing, in fact, is difficult when you said difficult and easy when you said easy! The main focus is on the moment the fish bites the hook. The time is short, and the fish has not swallowed the bait. When the time is long, the fish will swallow the bait and escape!”

The crowd listened to Sun Hao’s explanation of fishing and nodded from time to time.

Under Sun Hao’s feet, in the fish basket.

Xuan Luo lay inside, motionless. He looked dejected.

“Say, what agreement did you reach with the Dragon Race?”

At this time, a rumbling sound came into his ears. He looked up just in time to see Huang Rumeng’s knife-like gaze.

The calm expression concealed a great danger.

Xuan Luo could confirm that if he answered incorrectly, he would die immediately.

“You… you are?” Xuan Lao asked.

“Huang Rumeng!”

This sound blasted Xuan Lao’s mind like a thunderstorm.

“You…you are not…”

“Not dead? Is that it?” Huang Rumeng’s voice was cold.

“Yes, no, yes… I’m sorry, Eldest Princess, I have no intention of offending you!” Xuan Luo said.

“I’ll give you another chance to tell the agreement reached with the Dragon Clan, otherwise you’ll die!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Ai, Eldest Princess, kill me if you want, I will not hold a grudge! Anyway, this has already ended. Please give me a straightforward death, and I also want to thank you!”

Xuan Luo closed his eyes and waited quietly for death.


Huang Rumeng’s chest felt suffocating, but she didn’t expect this old guy to be afraid of death. Could he have no weakness?

“Want to die? It’s not that simple. I will take you and slaughter your people clean!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Eldest Princess, you can do as you wish! I know you are not the kind of person who kills innocent people indiscriminately. I advise you, don’t go to the turtle clan, otherwise, you will not be able to bear the consequences!”

After saying this, Xuan Luo closed his eyes and retracted his limbs into the shell, motionless after saying this.

Huang Rumeng did everything, yet that guy didn’t say anything.

Huang Rumeng frowned and kept thinking. Her face morphed into worry.

“I wonder what happened to mother emperor? Shall I tell Young Master to go to Demon Ancestor Mountain tomorrow? No, Young Master said that Penglai Continent seems to have something important! Young Master’s important business can’t be delayed! What should I do?”

Huang Rumeng muttered to herself, and she hesitated for a long time.


Suddenly, there was a vibration. She picked up a transmission jade slip in her right hand.

Seeing the message in the jade slip, Huang Rumeng’s pupils shrank, and her face changed drastically.

“Damn it!”

Huang Rumeng shouted angrily and put away the jade slip.

She glanced at Sun Hao and saw earnestly explained the knowledge of fishing, and she slowly disappeared from her place.

When she appeared again, she had already arrived at the Great Demon Mountain.

In front of Huang Rumeng, Hydra fell to the ground, his body covered with bruises. Of the nine heads, only eight were left. One of them was also cut in half.


Seeing Huang Rumeng’s arrival, Hydra struggled to get up.

“What’s going on? Why are you hurt so badly?”

Huang Rumeng frowned, worried.

“Ma…Master, run…”

After saying this, Hydra fell to the ground, and after a few twitches, there was no movement.

“Has it been discovered? Do they know that I’m still alive? What happened to Demon Ancestor Mountain?”

Huang Rumeng frowned, her face full of doubts.



Something cutting through the air sounded.

A ray of black qi shot towards Huang Rumeng. The black qi burst and surged rapidly, enveloping Huang Rumeng instantly. However, after the black mist touched Huang Rumeng’s body, they were blocked by her clothes, unable to get close.


The black mist let out a sizzling sound of being burnt.

“What? Supreme Immortal Clothes!” An exclamation sounded from the black mist.


Huang Rumeng snorted coldly and lightly grasped her right hand forward. A worm emitted black energy from top to bottom was pinched in her hand.

“Why do you want to kill Hydra, and who ordered you?” Huang Rumeng’s voice was cold.

“Hahaha…… I won’t tell you!” said the black worm.

“If that’s the case, then go to hell!” Huang Rumeng released her aura, and the black worm could not move.

“I’ll say it, I’ll say it, I was ordered…”

The words hadn’t left his mouth yet.


The body of the black worm was directly burst into powder.

“Destruction Curse?”

Huang Rumeng watched this scene with worry on her face.

“No, I must return to Demon Ancestor Mountain as soon as possible! Tonight, I will bid farewell to Young Master!”

Thinking like this, Huang Rumeng’s figure flashed and disappeared instantly. When she reappeared, she had already come to Blue Lake.

She saw that Sun Hao continued to explain the Fishing Dao.

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