It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 266 – Immortal King Descended, Every Being Acknowledged

Qing Chi transformed into a human form. He looked at the broken Hunyuan Bell in his hand with eyes widened.

“How … is it possible? Isn’t this thing only possible to be damaged by Immortal King?” Qing Chi’s voice trembled as he was shocked.

He glanced at Central Prefecture Immortal City, suddenly his chest stagnated.

Anger rose from the bottom of their feet. White-hot rage burned fiercely in his heart. The blood in his whole body seemed to be boiling, his eyes were blood red, and he stared firmly at the cultivators of the Central Prefecture Immortal City.

“You dare to eat my people in front of me. Today, you must die, you must die! Go to hell, you ants!”

Qing Chi transformed into his original form again and let out an earth-shattering howl as he spat out the dragon ball.


The cyan dragon ball exuded shocking coercion, and it seemed to be capable of destroying the world.



The cyan dragon ball flew towards Flower Fairy uncontrollably and fell into her hand. The cyan light blooming on the dragon ball gradually extinguished as if it were sealed.

When Qing Chi saw this scene, his scalp went numb. At his moment, he seems to have discovered the existence of Flower Fairy.

“You…who are you? A flower demon dare to oppose my dragon clan?”

Qing Chi looked at Flower Fairy with gritted his teeth and roared.


Flower Fairy’s faint laugh was full of charm.

“Opposing you, can you represent the dragon clan? You have behaved atrociously to my human race for too many times, and the Godly Cunning Immortal cannot standby idly and watch any longer! 

You actually want to slaughter the Western Prefecture Immortal City because we eat your clansmen! Now that you want to slaughter the Tianluo Continent, do you think the Young Master will let you go? Today, no one can save you!”

Flower Fairy’s voice was like thunder, echoing back and forth between heaven and earth for a long time. When it reached the ears of the cultivators below, they all revealed a look of sudden realization.

“It turns out that the people who eat dragons are Godly Cunning Immortal! Awesome!”

“I was wondering who it was, and it turns out to be the god I admire the most!”

“I should have thought so, besides the Godly Cunning Immortal, who else can there be?”

“Oh, it’s so fragrant. This dragon meat is really chewy!”

Such a voice blasted continuously in Central Prefecture Immortal City.

When Qing Chi saw this scene, the corners of his mouth twitched as if his anger was about to explode his chest.

On the other side. When Xuan Lao, the ancestor of the tortoise clan, saw this scene, his expression changed again and again. Endless regret was written all over his face.

The campaign this time was like kicking on an iron plate and hurting himself. What should he do now?

Xuan Luo gave a gesture to all his men. They immediately retreated from the battlefield slowly.


“Did I allow you to go?”

It sounded like a clap of thunder echoing on their mind.

Xuan Lao showed a determined expression and turned away as a ray of light.


The sky shook, and countless orchids arrived quickly. In an instant, Xuan Luo was entwined and tied up into rice dumplings. No matter how hard he struggled, there wasn’t any result.

“Run, run!”

“It’s too late!”

The Divine Tortoises soldiers exerted all of their methods and fled frantically.

“Huh, offending humans, then come and go as you please! Don’t think about it!”

The loud shout made the heads of all the tortoises roar, and they trembled.

Whatever means they had have disappeared. They were wrapped in orchids in the sky.

“Ah, no!”


The screams and shouts were constantly intertwined. The whole scene was chaotic.

After a while, the orchid disappeared, and the only ones left were the huge roasted tortoises.


These tortoises descended from the sky and fell into the Central Prefecture Immortal City.

“Roasted tortoise? It smells so good!”

“I have eaten stewed tortoise, but this is the first time I have eaten roasted tortoise!”

“Such a big one is enough for me to eat for ten days!”

Such exclamations kept sounding.

The roasted tortoise was divided and eaten by everyone.

When Xuan Lao saw this scene, his old face twitched slightly. A hint of regret was etched on his face.

“You…you dare to eat my people, you will regret it!”

“My tortoise clan will definitely trample the whole country…”

The words hadn’t faded yet.


A slap landed heavily on his face, making Xuan Lao dizzy.

“Taking the villain’s side and still daring to speak conceitedly!”

After saying that, Flower Fairy slapped again.


Xuan Lao’s head rang, and his eyeballs rolled around, and it took him quite a while to be clear-headed again.

He lowered his head and said nothing.

On the other side.

Mu Shijie let out a few breaths and then calmed down.

The immortal was so strong and powerful!

“I have seen senior!”

Mu Shijie stood in front of Flower Fairy, holding his fists in respect.

“No need, as human’s guardian, we are fellow Daoist, you can call me Xiaolan!” Flower Fairy said.

“This…this, Miss Xiaolan is being polite!” Mu Shijie saluted.

“Cease your politeness, and I’m not dead yet. Don’t act as though I don’t exist!” Qing Chi roared.

“Since you want to die like this, as you wish!”

Flower Fairy smiled slightly, stretched out her finger, and tapped gently.


Countless orchids intertwined, circling and entwining each other, and soon they condensed into a big hand that could cover the sky.


The huge hand exuded a terrifying pressure, and it pressed down toward Qing Chi.



Both sounds sounded at the same time, and it made the listeners’ ears ring.

It exuded a dazzling light centered around Qing Chi.

The whole world was shaking violently.

Endless shock waves, spreading across the world, rushing in all directions.

After a long time, the sky gradually calmed down.

Looking up, their pupils couldn’t help but shrink, and their expression was one of disbelief.

“What? He’s fine? No injury at all? How is this possible?”

“None of this killed him? Does he have protective treasures on his body?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Qing Chi’s body, and they saw Qing Chi floating in the sky with a face full of astonishment.

“I’m not dead, I’m not dead?” Qing Chi muttered quietly, his face full of joy.

Flower Fairy frowned when she saw this scene. Her face changed indefinitely.

“Who? Get out!”

The flower fairy Billowed like a sudden clap of thunder.

After this sound.


A gust of wind passed, and a hole was torn in the sky.


One after another, cracks spread rapidly in all directions.

A circular hole spread out from the sky.

The golden light fell straight down like silk. It was very overwhelming, like a torrent of a river, reflecting the entire sky and earth into gold.

The sacred aura whistled from the sky in all directions, covering everything.

At this moment.

Everyone trembled, and their hearts were warm. The cultivators’ gazes were fervent.

They looked at the scene as though they were seeing god descend from the sky.


The rumble shook the world.

A giant in a golden robe slowly came down from the sky. There are wisps of golden light all over his body, making it impossible to look directly at him.

There was a golden mark on the center of the giant’s eyebrows, which was extremely divine.

At this moment, every being acknowledged it.

There was dead silence all around.

Flower Fairy looked at the mark on the giant’s eyebrows and couldn’t help but become startled.

“Not good, Immortal King!”

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