The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 145 – The Thunder Punishment Ancestor

When Ao Bi heard Sun Haiyin say that he had already slaughtered Ao Yixuan, his eyes turned red, and he cried out in sorrow, “Father!” Then he madly rushed towards Sun Haiyin, “I will kill you!”

Sun Haiyin laughed when he saw Ao Bi rushing madly, “Even your father is not my opponent, only you, still dare to kill me?” After saying that, without looking, he struck over.

At the same time, he said to a group of experts from the Lifeless Sect, “Kill these people as well.”

Several people from the Lifeless Sect came out and attacked Lu Yiping.

However, when the experts from the Lifeless Sect attacked Lu Yiping, suddenly, the space around them stagnated, their speed became slower and slower, and finally, almost stopped!

Even Sun Haiyin was no exception and finally slowed down like an ant.

Sun Haiyin’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

This is? Time and space stagnation? Who was it?

Even he, a Plane Lord, had been affected!

While Sun Haiyin was in disbelief, Ao Bi’s fist arrived and hit Sun Haiyin’s chest, and Sun Haiyin was smashed through the wall of the Mystic Pavilion Hall by this strike.

Kang Ning and the others were dumbfounded.

At this time, Huang Jiu stepped forward, and the Phoenix Flame struck out, striking on those experts of the Lifeless Sect at the same time.

When they landed, the phoenix flame instantly spread all over their bodies, and they screamed.

Sun Haiyin climbed up from the street, feeling the sharp pain in his chest, shocked and angry, he swept his eyes at Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. “It’s you guys?”

Ao Bi rushed out angrily and punched again.

Sun Haiyin didn’t dare to be careless anymore, his whole body’s plane combat power was frantically activated, forming a heavy defense on the surface of his body, and he met it with a punch.

However, just as he struck, suddenly, the surrounding space became stagnant once again.

Just like earlier, his speed became slower and slower, and finally, almost stopped.

This time, Ao Bi threw a punch at his head.


Sun Haiyin only felt a boom in his head and smashed heavily on the ground. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Sun Haiyin, a 40 million plane combat power Plane Lord expert, was on par with Zither God Fu Zhuo, but now, he was abused by Ao Bi, a Heavenly God!

Sun Haiyin climbed up from the ground, and when everyone looked, they saw that his left eye had been blasted open, and the entire left side of his face was swollen and black.

“It’s you guys! Who the hell are you guys?” Sun Haiyin looked at Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in shock and anger.

The space-time around him had been changed twice in a row. No doubt it was Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull who had made a mistake.

The first time was his carelessness. But the second time, he had already done his best to strike, and his movement was still frozen!

Undoubtedly, among the Lu Yiping people, one of them was stronger than him! Otherwise, it would be impossible to suppress the plane combat power of his whole body and change the space-time around him.

Lu Yiping did not answer, but looked at Kang Ning and said indifferently, “I gave you a million divine Spirit Stones to have your Mystic Pavilion inquire about Sun Haiyin’s whereabouts, and you knew Sun Haiyin’s whereabouts but did not inform me, and you even colluded with Sun Haiyin.”

“It seems that there is no need for this Mystic Pavilion to exist anymore!”

Kang Ning smiled angrily when he heard that, “Kid, don’t think that you control some space-time laws, so you can be free to spread wild in the Mystic Pavilion, be smart and leave now, the Mystic Pavilion is not something you can provoke in the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom.”

The Mystic Pavilion was the number one intelligence and information organization in the Nine Heavens. Its power spreads to every corner of the Nine Heavens, although it was not among the ten superpowers of the Nine Heavens, but, like the Peerless Tavern, it was a super existence that deters the Nine Heavens.

In the Nine Heavens, someone once said that it was better to mess with the ten superpowers than to mess with the Mystic Pavilion. This was a bit exaggerated, but there was still some truth in what was said.

Lu Yiping smiled when he heard that.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull also smiled when he heard that.

At this time, the experts passing by in the city saw someone making trouble at Mystic Pavilion and couldn’t help but stop and watch from afar.

“This year, there is really everything, how dare someone make trouble in Mystic Pavilion!”

“Offending the Mystic Pavilion, then they will pick up all your ancestral scandals and make them public, so that you will lose your reputation, be spit on, become a street rat, everyone shouting, then worse than death.” Someone laughed lightly.

Kang Ning smiled smugly and sneered. At this time, dark light surged from Sun Haiyin’s whole body then a fierce palm struck out Ao Bi.

Black waves rolled, corpse Qi surging, hidden evil ghosts screaming.

It was the Dark Demonic Poisonous Heart Palm of the previous Lifeless Sect expert who chased Ao Bi. Still, the previous Lifeless Sect expert only had more than three million plane combat power, while Sun Haiyin had more than forty plane combat power.

Under the power of Sun Haiyin, the power of the Dark Demonic Poisonous Heart Palm was undoubtedly more than ten times that of the previous Lifeless Sect expert.

Seeing Sun Haiyin’s Dark Demonic Poisonous Heart Palm, Ao Bi’s face was greatly alarmed.

But when Sun Haiyin’s Dark Demonic Poisonous Heart Palm was about to blast to Ao Bi, suddenly, space and time once again freeze, then, the Dark Demonic Poisonous Heart Palm vanished within the wave of the wind and scattered, as if suddenly disappeared completely.

Sun Haiyin was dumbfounded.

Even if it was spacetime stagnation, it could only stagnate the power of his Dark Demonic Poisonous Heart Palm, and it couldn’t possibly make his palm power dissipate, right?

Is it not spacetime stagnation? Are there other laws of power in it? But what is that power law?

As he was wondering, Ao Bi’s fist came and blew him away again, this time on the right side of his face, and his right eye was cracked, black, and blue.

Inside the city, many experts came to hear the wind.

When an expert arrived, he suddenly saw Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, his hands and feet all trembled in fear.

“Brother Ren, what’s wrong?” One of the experts who came with him saw his reaction and couldn’t help but ask.

That expert’s teeth chattered, “It’s the Thunder Punishment Ancestor!”


“Thunder Punishment Ancestor, Lu Yiping!”

Once this expert’s words came out, everyone looked at Lu Yiping and changed their expression in unison.

In the battle of Heavenly Tablet Town, Lu Yiping killed Lei Yu with the power of Thunder Punishment, so now many experts in the Nine Heavens have given Lu Yiping the title “Thunder Punishment Ancestor.”

Kang Ning, Sun Haiyin, and a group of experts from the Mystic Pavilion and the Lifeless Sect all changed their faces when they heard that the blue-shirted young man in front of them was the Thunder Punishment Ancestor.

“You are Lu Yiping!” Kang Ning’s voice could not hide the panic in his heart.

After the battle of Heavenly Tablet Town, now, the Nine Heavens were almost afraid to talk about Lu Yiping.

At this moment, Kang Ning wanted to cry. If he had known that the original search for the whereabouts of Sun Haiyin was Lu Yiping, he was willing to risk offending Sun Haiyin and also to inform Lu Yiping of Sun Haiyin’s whereabouts.

When he thought of the way Lu Yiping killed Lei Yu, he felt his scalp tingling.

He couldn’t help but glance at the dome of the sky. He heard that between Lu Yiping’s fingers, the dome of the sky struck greatly, and countless divine thunder fell with great devotion, endlessly, even the original Lei Yu could not escape.

“Do it.” Lu Yiping blandly said.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull, who was sharpening his spear, immediately stepped forward and slapped at Kang Ning.

Seeing the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Kang Ning retreated in fear.

In the Heavenly Tablet Town battle, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull performed the Nine Rotations Empty Fist to blow away the first expert of the Nine Heavens, Fei Jie, so he was now famous and his name was also resounding in the Nine Heavens.

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