Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 38: On How Deep the Licking Power of the Grand Elder Is

Under the mountain gate of the Empyrean Dao Sect.

Looking at the lofty mountain gate in front of him like a high mountain.

Ye Luo clutched his longsword, and his eyes narrowed into slits.

Although this mountain gate in front of him was quite a bit more massive than his Daoless Sect’s mountain gate, he felt that the Empyrean Dao Sect’s mountain gate was not as good as his Daoless Sect.

How to say it.

Daoless Sect’s mountain gate gives him a mysterious and mysterious feeling. The Empyrean Dao Sect’s mountain gate was simply magnificent. Ye Luo still felt that his Daoless Sect was better between the two.

“However, this Empyrean Dao Sect is actually a holy place in the Eastern State, which is a bit surprising to me.” Ye Luo murmured in a low voice.

He originally did not know about the Empyrean Dao Sect. Only after inquiring a bit later did he learn about it.

It turned out that the Empyrean Dao Sect was the Eastern State Holy Ground.

This couldn’t be blamed on Ye Luo. According to his previous level, it was good to know some big sects. For him, such an existence as the Empyrean Dao Sect was like heaven.

Just know that there was a holy land in the eastern state, where would he know the real name of the holy land in the eastern state was Empyrean Dao Sect.

Of course, these were not the reasons for Ye Luo’s surprise.

What really surprised Ye Luo. It was his master’s name for this Eastern State Holy Land.

Ye Luo remembered that before he came down from the mountain, his master learned about the Empyrean Dao Sect’s sect competition and told him to mess up when he had the chance.

He also said ‘trash sect.’

The hallowed Eastern State Holy Land, in front of his master, could only be called a garbage sect ……

What kind of arrogance is this?

But Ye Luo felt that in front of his Daoless Sect, the Eastern State Holy Land might really be just trash!

Do not ask; it was just that he believed in his master.

“But to mess up in the Eastern State Holy Land, it’s a little exciting to think about it.” A hint of excitement flashed in Ye Luo’s eyes.

Since his enlightenment, he had never fought anyone before and did not know in which realm his combat power was.

This time, he went down the mountain also had the purpose of testing his own combat power.

But then again. Why did this Empyrean Dao Sect go in to give a briefing for so long?

The Eastern State Holy Land hall, why they do things so slowly.

Just when Ye Luo was thinking about it.

A voice came from afar.

“Friend who come from far away, it’s a pleasure! Little friend Ye, it’s been a long time, how are you doing?”

Ye Luo saw the Grand Elder coming from beyond the mountain gate, that old face was full of smiles, without any trace of the usual solemnity.

“It’s you, old lick, cough, old senior.”

When Ye Luo saw the Grand Elder, he subconsciously wanted to address him as ‘Old Lick Dog.’ But after thinking about it, he still corrected his address.

At least it was the Eastern State Holy Land, and it was better to give some face.

After all, he was not a master like the supreme powerhouse who could call the Eastern State Holy Land ‘trash sect’ at the drop of a hat.

The old man saw that Ye Luo recognized him, and his old face couldn’t help but smile more happily.

A vivid zombie smile.

“It’s me, it’s me, look at you, little friend Ye, you’re dusty, you’ve come all the way here, you’re probably tired, right? Let’s go, let’s go, the old man is all ready for you, the old man has cleared out a mountain peak, configured thirty-six Foundation Establishment realm maids and seventy-two Golden Core realm guards, little friend Ye can live in peace.”

“Oh, yes, in order to facilitate the travel of little friend Ye, I also prepared a Golden Core realm immortal crane. Its flying speed is extremely fast and has good quality, and it’s very suitable for a handsome and dashing person like little friend Ye.”

The Grand Elder said with a smile.

Ye Luo clutched the longsword, and his hand inside the wide sleeves couldn’t help but tremble.

A familiar smell. This dog-skinned old man. Is this really the Grand Elder of the Eastern State Holy Land?!

The Grand Elder of the Eastern State Holy Land was actually a dog licker.

I’m afraid that no one would believe it if it was said out loud.

“Then senior, actually there is no need to make such a big fanfare. It is better to keep a low profile.” Ye Luo coughed twice and politely discouraged.

Hearing this, the Grand Elder next to him smiled boldly and said, “This is not a big fanfare. The Daoists from all sides who come to my Empyrean Dao Sect are all received with this kind of service!”

Once this statement was made, Ye Luo also could not say anything else. He and with the Grand Elder then ready to enter.

Before entering the mountain gate, a conversation on the other side of the huge mountain gate attracted Ye Lu’s attention. Only to see a team of people ready to enter the mountain gate, but was stopped by a few disciples.

The team took out the invitation.

Several disciples, however, still did not allow them to enter.

“Excuse me, those who are invited to come are not allowed to enter and live inside my Empyrean Dao Sect. Go down the mountain by yourselves and find a place to live, huh? What? Servants? No servants, you have to provide your own guards? What are you thinking? You deserve to be protected by guards from the Empyrean Dao Sect?”

This was what one disciple said. Next to Ye Lu, who was ready to enter: “???”

Grand Elder, could you lick more obviously?

When the Grand Elder saw this scene, he acted as if he didn’t see it and pulled Ye Luo inside the Empyrean Dao Sect without any embarrassment.

Ye Luo could only let the Great Elder lead him in. He was spitting madly in his heart.  Don’t you have any backbone in the Eastern State Holy Land?

Ye Luo could only secretly admonish himself, and this was definitely not what the Eastern State Holy Land looks like, the licking dog must only be the Grand Elder.

Other people in the Eastern State Holy Land must be the proud generation.

Until the evening.

Ye Luo’s last impression of the Eastern State Holy Land in his heart was completely shattered.


The evening of the Empyrean Dao Sect was very mysterious. Because of the geographical location. In any mountain peak of the Empyrean Dao Sect, one could clearly see the whole process of the Golden Crow falling in the west and the Great Yin rising in the east.

Ye Luo stood before a lofty and gorgeous palace and watched the scene.

When he saw the last bit of light remaining on earth disappear, the night was like a ravenous beast madly occupying the sky, and he could not help but feel some emotions.

Vaguely have some understanding. But do not know from where to rise.

Ye Luo originally wanted to watch the sky here to understand some, to see if there was any harvest.

Before he began to comprehend, a beautiful-looking maid came over and said, “Dear lord, there are quite a few people outside of Clouds Haze Peak who want to visit you, are you think willing to see them or not?”

Ye Luo was curious about who would visit him, so of course, he chose to see them.

“I’ll see them.”

Ye Luo said in a soft voice. He didn’t remember that he knew anyone in the Empyrean Dao Sect. Or rather, in the entire immortal cultivation world, he didn’t know anyone other than his master and junior brother Zhang Han.

“Yes, my lord, the servant girl will have those who wish to visit my lord come up.” The servant girl replied and excused herself.

Ye Luo also didn’t move and continued to look at the sky.

After a while.

The maid returned again, stating that those who wanted to visit were coming up. Ye Luo also did not ambiguity, and he walked straight into the hall.

When he glanced over, the sight froze him.

Looking around, the entire hall was filled with people, each with the image of an old man, and the breath was very majestic.

If these were just these, Ye Luo would not have felt anything. But this one old man’s face is showing how the aunties smile ……

This smile, Ye Luo was so familiar. The exact same as the old licking dog Grand Elder.

He ……Is it really the Eastern State Holy Land that came? Did you not go wrong?

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